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What could be the design of the floor tiles: to study, evaluate, select

What could be the design of the floor tiles

A couple of decades ago, when the words "floorstiles "imagination painted bleak picture of public toilets, standard white, beige or light blue walls bathrooms with conspicuous seams or hospital environment. Now the situation has changed radically. A huge number of variants of the ceramic flooring, distinguished by color, thickness, texture and even the form, you can create the most amazing design floor tiles. This material is not dull and boring, it fits into the most exquisite luxury interiors truly luxurious rooms.


  • Types of ceramic floor tiles
  • The floors of the same tiles
  • Proper combination of colors and patterns

Types of ceramic floor tiles

Entering the store construction materials to the department with the tile, just get lost among its diversity. It is hard to imagine that, it turns out, only floor tiles, there are about a dozen species.

And they differ not only in appearance but also in its composition:

  1. Let's start with granite. It's not quite tile, but rather a tiled floor, which has a very high resistance to mechanical damage and the effects of many chemicals that can be used in the most severe conditions. It is ideal for rooms in which a high level of traffic. You should not fear that the floor design of granite will look boring and formal. Such flooring can look like wood or even artistic floor, covered with a patterned carpet.
  2. Dimarmi - it's environmentally friendly ceramictiles are extremely resistant to high temperatures. The undoubted advantages include its still low conductivity, which allows you to safely use it in rooms with high humidity. The edges of each tile Dimarmi resemble the vine, and their connection with each other is formed visible gaps.
  3. Cotto - durable neemalirovannaya tiles single-fired. The rough surface makes it indispensable for use in bathrooms and saunas.
  4. Kottoforte - double-fired tiles, covered with an opaque glaze. Sometimes bright colors and with a variety of drawings.
  5. Clinker - tiles made by extrusion, making possible the production of tiles of various shapes, suitable for decoration corners and difficult surfaces.
  6. Metlahskoy tiles - ceramic melkoformatnyeplitochki all shapes and various colors. They have a high hardness, wear resistance and resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. From this, you can create an amazing tile floor surface, reminiscent of bright multi-colored oriental rugs.

    One type of floor tiles - Dimarmi

    Floor tiles Dimarmi characterized by low conductivity, making it preferred to finish the floor in wet areas with a large number of household appliances

The floors of the same tiles

Someone might think that the floors of a monochromaticTiles may not be original and unique. This again is a big misconception. Modern tiles can be painted in more harmoniously into each other colors, so the floor every time it turns out the intricate and fascinating in its own pattern. In addition, this floor allows more willingly take to interior design, combining it decorative elements of different colors.

Same floor tiles

If the tile is painted in several colors, the floor of it looks very original

If you purchase the tiles of the same color, butdifferent sizes are available graceful floors, speaking about the wonderful taste of the owners. In this case, you should use the same texture tile only, or floor will turn into something absurd and tasteless.

Solid flooring tiles

Floor tiles with a smooth surface always looks luxurious and impressive

If the interior of specificity is that under itideal flooring wood or stone, but to the floor surface of the high demands in the shops there is a tile that mimics the laminate or parquet.

Proper combination of colors and patterns

Well, when a person is well developedcreative thinking, and there is a wonderful artistic taste. This owner can successfully combine in a floor covering a variety of colors, making incredible patterns that give the charm of the whole interior.

If there is no such ability, then, of course, can beturn to a professional designer who is able to turn the floor into a work of art. But as a rule, his services have been significantly hit the pocket. There are a few secrets that can help to put yourself beautiful multi-colored floor tiles.

Original laying floor tiles

Designers can create unique patterns of the tiles

In the DIY stores can now be foundalready selected compositions often represent figures of several fragments, framed tiles calmer tones, but matching colors. With proper selection of the interior, such floor will look as good as arranged by professionals.

Floors made of granite with ornament

Floors made of granite with ornament

It looks wonderful checkerboard pattern of tilescontrasting colors. If in this case to use a tile with a rough edge dimarmi, the floors will look like unusual veil, made in the "patchwork" style.

Floor tiles of contrasting colors

The combination of contrasting colors are always a winning option

The combination of tiles of different shapes always looksamazing, especially if it is specially designed by designers, and unique cutouts and projections are perfect for each other, forming a pattern on the floor fascinating.

Floor tiles with a rough edge

The original combination, plus an interesting shape - beautiful floor tiles

The main thing when choosing a tile for the floor, do not try toreconcile the irreconcilable and to avoid combinations that person you are in doubt. Given the overall color scheme room, select a suitable design of the floor tiles will have no difficulty.

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