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What combine cork floors in the interior of the apartment: scope, design possibilities

What combine cork floors in the interior of the apartment

The interior design is important every detail: covering ceilings, walls, floors, physical properties and color of the materials used. For the floor the most interesting solution is the cork. Presentable appearance, natural beauty and warm shades of cork texture look great in a modern interior and a classic. Cork flooring in the interior goes well with many other natural materials such as bamboo, flax, reed or wood. No less impressive looks like a combination of textures cork and glass, artificial stone, metal, opening up opportunities for the creation of copyright interiors.


  • What is cork?
  • List the advantages of cork
  • Types of cork flooring
  • Cork - Health & Beauty
    • Where can I put the cork on the floor?

What is cork?

Cork - it is treated in a special waycork. It is ground and heated under specified temperature and compressed. Glued granules form a porous substrate. The internal structure of the cork causes its useful qualities for which it fell in love with the master-finishers and interior designers.

The structure of the cork

It looks like a cellular tube structure

Tube volume consists mainly of "empty"cell filled with gas and this creates a natural "foam" material. It was she, and provides properties such as elasticity, flexibility, lightness, excellent heat and sound insulation, durability.

List the advantages of cork

According to its quality cork - a unique finishing material.

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork goes well with wood

In addition to all the decorative properties, cork has many functional advantages compared to other finishing materials:

  • environmentally friendly, because it is a natural material;
  • does not rot, is resistant to burning and the solvent (these properties provide its constituent complex fats, lignin, wax, organic acids and alcohols);
  • on its surface does not accumulate static electricity, so it does not collect dust;
  • has high thermal and sound insulating properties - retains heat well and dampens sound;
  • Easy: plug-finished design is not loaded;
  • after deformation easily restores shape and volume - this contributes to its cellular structure;
  • being a natural polymer, it has high elasticity.

In addition to these advantages, the cork is still very beautiful.

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork flooring complements any interior

Coating of cork floor and walls will decorate any interior.

Types of cork flooring

A variety of existing today cork floorshuge. There are about 40 shades, quite diverse and the shape of the deck. By way of laying cork floors are divided into two main types - sticky and floating.

Adhesive floor - a square laminatedtiles, often with the dimensions of 300x300mm. The basis of this tile is pressed cork, which is covered on the front side decorative cork veneer, the surface of which is protected by a transparent polymer based on vinyl. Lead can have a natural coloring or be painted to look like marble, granite or other natural materials.

Another type of adhesive cork flooringare 900h150mm plate sizes. Their front side is covered with veneer of valuable tree species -. Walnut, cherry, oak and other pink plate, respectively, it is more expensive cork tiles. Since the thickness of the tiles and plates the same (3.2mm), and their sizes are multiples of these two types of adhesive floors can be combined to create unique compositions of interest. Flooring Adhesive mounted mainly on large areas.

Cork flooring in the interior

Adhesive cork floors installed mainly in large areas

"Floating" floors are available in the form of panels900h185mm the size and thickness of 9mm. They have an extra layer of MDF, in which the base is attached cork underlay. The rest of the structure is the same as that of adhesive cork floor tiles. "Floating" floor is not glued to the ground floor, and is secured by the principle of the puzzle - "tongue and groove". The joints of panels glued with white glue and fit these floors easily without pre-training base (you can even set them on the old parquet, linoleum or carpet).

Cork flooring in the interior

Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic cork, do not collect static electricity - the best option for arranging housing

Easy to install floating floors are very popular in residential areas.

Cork - Health & Beauty

Cork floors have become incredibly popularToday. In addition to aesthetics, they make the interior warmer and softer. On cork floors pleased to stand comfortably and quietly walk, sit comfortably or lie, for they are easy to care for. Each step on the floor cork maintains health of the spine and joints.

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork flooring in the nursery - a very good solution, because the younger generation spends much time sitting and playing on the floor

Where can I put the cork on the floor?

Unique cork texture accentuates the beautynatural material. On the one hand allows the use of cork stoppers functional benefits, on the other hand - visual (fine wood). This floor looks like parquet, but so soft and elastic, as if under it there is a thick layer of rubber. With good sound insulation, cork floor - photo of interiors of various options presented in this article - is the ideal solution for the room, where the home theater or living room, where the friendly feasts are held.

Since the tube provides excellent thermal insulation and does not fade in the sun, it can be used in the loggias and glazed balconies.

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork flooring can be used in the loggias and glazed balconies

And if you put a cork not only the floor, but also the walls, the cold room will not only be more beautiful, but also much warmer.

As is well known, cork is characterized by such qualitiesas resistance to rotting, moisture resistance, not moldy and does not develop the pathogenic microflora, it does not eat rats and mice. On this basis, the cork floor can be safely put in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork flooring in the bathroom

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork flooring in the kitchen - the perfect solution!

Cork flooring - a photo is easy to color, while preserving the rich natural pattern.

Cork flooring in the interior

Painted cork gives originality and uniqueness of the design space

The choice of bright, lively colors and delicate, pastelshades allows extremely diversify the interior. The current trend is a bleaching cork, which, combined with furniture and bright colors dairy krupnovorsovym textiles creates an incredibly elegant look.

Cork flooring in the interior

An exquisite combination of bleached cork with breast furniture

Possible combinations of colors and textures cork floor in the interior are numerous and limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Cork flooring in the interior

The idea of ​​design - a combination of cork flooring with different colors and texture

And no matter what the style of your home, cork flooring takes pride of place in any interior.

Cork flooring in the interior

Cork flooring looks great in the interior of any style

Choosing cork flooring for your home, you will enrich its interior with natural colors make the room cozy, warm and environmentally friendly.

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