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Tips for parquet care: a complex of measures for long-term service

Tips for parquet care

You can admire endlessly chicparquet, just laid hands of a master. You can cherish it, parquet, of course. You can criticize the home of accidentally spilled coffee or juice. And you can just lay a parquet carpet, hoping to keep it for many years under the protection of the thick fluffy. But do not hide their treasure as it does not protect, sooner or later going to happen that will happen - your flooring will lose its chic look, begin to dry and grind, and you will be endlessly blame themselves for not having been able to do anything. To none of this has happened, you need quite a bit, because the care of the parquet does not require special knowledge and skills, and it does not require expensive facilities for cleaning and washing, it requires only a drop of your concern.


  • So, care about the rules
    • The humidity level and temperature
    • Using water repellents
    • Transparent mats for furniture
    • The special "parquet" furniture
    • Carpets and rugs on the parquet
    • Felt pads on furniture

  • Caring for different types of flooring
    • Floor with polished surface
    • That requires lacquered wood

  • Removing stains from the flooring
  • Tips for the "newcomers"

So, care about the rules

We will start here with what. Before, when there were still very long communal apartments, parquet was not a luxury - it was everywhere: in the rooms, kitchen, corridor. With him no one was considered not contacted - parquet simply not noticed. Naturally, in this regard the appearance of luxury, by today's standards, floor left much to be desired. His mercilessly washed with bleach, rubbing brushes, went to the shoe, and even rode bicycles - a place in the communal were "heaps".

Now everything has changed dramatically - parquetIt considered a luxury, and it can not afford one. But if managed to save money for a treasure, then cherish it forest apple of his eye. But here's how to take care of floorboard, Not everyone knows, I can even say, everyone knows, but do not know how all. Let us understand that love parquet, and what is not.

The humidity level and temperature

Parquet does not like cold, heat and moisture, so it is important to monitor these indicators and ensure that they are all year were within normal limits.

The optimum values ​​for the comfort flooring in your home include:

  • temperature - 20-25 degrees;
  • humidity level - 50-60%.

Very often in the beginning of the heating seasonclimate changes in the apartment - air becomes drier and, respectively, the moisture level is reduced. It is important that during this period the premises were subjected to periodic airing, and if you can, buy a humidifier - your flooring will be grateful to you, and you yourself will immediately feel the difference between what was and what was.

Using water repellents

Parquet does not like water, it is not easy to endurecan. At the mere sight of his wet puddle starts to mangle and warp. Therefore, it can not be washed with plenty of water. Well, this truism, probably everyone knows. But the fact that there are special funds for the care of parquet flooring, water repellent, know one.

Of course, buying a polish (as the language specialistscalled water-repellent) and treating them flooring, you will not be able to pour buckets of water on him, or rather, you can, but your floor will not survive. Polish only forms a thin protective film on the lacquer surface and makes it from abrasion and a small amount of water. And yes, if the gap between the dies poorly sealed, the vehicle will also come to help - it does not give the water to seep inside, of course, in reasonable quantities. For example, accidentally spilled juice, tea or coffee just stay on the surface and not be able to "slip" to the place where he is not welcome.

And now in more detail about how to properlyuse water repellents. Polish the first time it is used is consumed immediately, so just buy a couple of bottles. Dilute it should be strictly according to instructions, and you rub the parquet floor you can whatever you like, as long as you feel comfortable. Reprocessing means is held in about a week and a half, while the number of polisha breeding it with water drops significantly, so you can not worry about your wallet. Yes, do not forget that after the processing of parquet it can not go on for half an hour, which means that you need to choose the right direction, otherwise you may find yourself cornered, where he will spend the next 30 minutes.

parquet impregnation

Ointment parquet wax and impregnation repellent

To summarize, water repellents protect flooring from

  • attrition
  • moisture
  • dust.

Moreover, the latter may almost half a year to forgethow it was great to lie on a warm floor as well as a fine polish "keeps a blow". But to wash the floor still need! After all, it may turn out to be dust (sooner or later), and the dirt, and even the whole bunch. So, after processing repellent flooring can be cleaned with plain water with soap. Rub a bar of soap on a grater and pour a little into a bucket of warm water. When the flakes dissolve, you can use a soft cloth to clean the floor to start, but do not overdo it - well wring out the rag and make sure that there are no puddles.

Transparent mats for furniture

Furniture on wheels spoil the appearance of the flooring,and not only it. Every flooring suffering because of those same wheels. What to do? Fortunately, the sale is a special transparent polycarbonate mats that will not only save your flooring from scratches and dark traces left by furniture, but did not spoil the look of the room - they are after all clear!

Transparent mat flooring

Mat made of polycarbonate protect your flooring from the chairs on castors

The special "parquet" furniture

Do not think that this is some sort of special furniture, itthe most common chairs, chests and other items on the wheels, but the wheels are made of special material - soft rubber, which does not leave on the surface of the floor covering of black traces and does not scratch it. To find such furniture is not easy, especially since many sales assistants in shops and never heard of such innovation. But as they say, "Seek and ye shall find."

Carpets and rugs on the parquet

But these home furnishings evoke parquetdifferent emotions, some of them positive and the other negative. What's the matter? And the fact that different types of carpets have different bases - some are made of natural fibers on a soft base, which does not harm the wood floor - a carpet have the liking of your lacquered treasure, while others have a tough adhesive base, which is in walking continuously poured on the floor . These hard pieces of glue taken away from the Palace scratch varnish, which eventually leads to its abrasion and loss of gloss. Such a "goose" you is not a friend! Remove it immediately!

But not all so smoothly, because even the softestcarpet, which seems to be no harm to your parquet cause can not have one unpleasant feature - during the wet cleaning using detergent cleaner water particles fall under the carpet and become a cause of debate parquet - its color changing nail erased and you will not learn in this ugly cover its chic lacquered floor.

Care of flooring

Carpet or parquet?

Felt pads on furniture

Sometimes there is an urgent need somethingmove or relocate. As a rule, the furniture at the same time drags and dragging on the floor may remain traces of this turbulent and irresponsible activities. To such incidents from happening, paste special felt pads on the "sole" of your furniture or buy a printed cloth of the same felt. Heels screwed into the cabinet legs, sofas, chairs, etc. and do not give your furniture to spoil the floor.

Moreover, even just standing cabinet or chair can apply pressure to the floor, causing cracking of the varnish, and the lining or heels will not give the slightest chance of furniture.

Felt pads for furniture

Felt pads for furniture save your parquet

Caring for different types of flooring

Consider two options for flooring: polished and lacquered; and particular care.

Floor with polished surface

Polished parquet differs from lacqueredin that its surface is coated with varnish. To protect it from moisture, dirt and dust use special impregnation beeswax and vegetable oils which are able to penetrate into the timber by a few millimeters. In addition, they do not form a surface film that allows breathing parquet. Impregnating prolong life and improve the parquet top layer abrasion resistance.

Care of flooring

Application of impregnation to the floor

There are special oils for parquet - they perfectly preserve the natural beauty of wood flooring, wood texture emphasize and deepen its color.

Care parquet. Drawing oil

Applying oil to the floorboard

The use of these funds increases stabilityyour floor to various stresses, but still do not expect that after the application of oil impregnation or you can absolutely painless for parquet convene a crowd of friends and friends who will be walking the whole evening and dance shoes. No, parquet, of course, would react to such a "godsend" scratch-and perhaps even dents.

Care polished parquet isregular dry cleaning, vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth. And in order to keep it in "fighting condition" for him to arrange periodic sanitary days - two or three times a year treatment composition flooring with natural wax.

Polished parquet

Polished parquet - brushed beauty

That requires lacquered wood

Laminated parquet in the first 7-10 yearsIt does not require you to some movements in their favor, with the exception that regular dry and wet cleaning. But ... It does not mean that it can do anything. Naturally, flooring must be cared for and treated him gently.

After a specified period of time (maybe a little earlier than mightlater, in general you will see for yourself when) the varnish will have to either upgrade or remove all to apply a new, fresh layer. In the latter case, you will have to carry out the procedure of parquet sanding and only after that will be a re-cover the floor varnish, or change the type of coating on the oil, for example, or impregnation.

Laminated flooring

Laminated flooring - gloss and perfect smoothness

Removing stains from the flooring

In any house always occur various troubles- The child is so engrossed in painting that appeared on the floor of gorgeous colors or funny faces, then Dad accidentally spilled to the floor the engine oil, which somehow kept in the closet and not in the garage, then my mother fell to the floor lipstick. Get rid of the stain should be immediately after their occurrence, otherwise they can stay there forever.

Care floorboard

A soft cloth should always be at hand

Thus, to remove enough blood parquetthe usual cold water and rags, but the oil stains, chocolate, shoe polish, soot, or God forbid asphalt destroyed by cleaning agents based on alcohol or kerosene.

Markers, paint, crayons, lipstick - these colored specks easily descend if they wipe solution of methanol and water in a ratio of 50:50.

Chewing gum and wax from the candles are removedby ice or something out of the freezer (chicken, frozen vegetables in the package, and so on). Simply apply a few minutes on a cold piece of the problem area and then gently with a rubber scraper to remove the frozen gum or wax.

Tips for the "newcomers"

If you just finished laying parquet and still do not know how to care for it and when all start doing this, carefully read what is written below.

After laying parquet can not immediately on itgo - he must, within two or three days "lie down" and come to life, and if you have caused him varnish, then an additional 12 hours you have to put in painful anticipation. Do not forget to close all the windows and doors - drafts can damage the coating.

Waiting is finally complete drying parquet,do not rush immediately to drag furniture on it, stomp your feet, run and jump - another in at least two weeks, you need to follow a gentle mode of operation. If you decided to put the furniture, do it gently and slowly, and during its assembly enclose a dense material such as corrugated cardboard or hardboard to accidentally scratch or bruise fresh coating.

Wash new parquet water can not be! Remember this for life!

After the assembly of furniture, immediately remove the substrate, since if left for a long period, then there may be a darkening of the floor in those places where it was covered with a dvp or cardboard.

Two weeks after the laying of flooring and coatingvarnish can gradually begin to take care of him, of course, if you have already finished parquet stele, that is varnished at the factory, something about it and not talking - it can be washed from the first day. Lacquered parquet boards be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush, or vacuuming, but the use of powders and materials containing abrasives, absolutely contraindicated - it will inevitably damage the lacquer, which will lead to the penetration of wood moisture and dirt.

Well, if you inherited from former tenants got parquet in an ugly state, or you yourself are not too zealous care, "put in order" to help cover expensive scraping.

We hope that all the advice given in this article will be useful to you in life. Take care of your flooring, take care of it and it will serve you faithfully than one decade!

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