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Tips for painting concrete and wooden floors, the nuances of preparation and staining

Tips for painting concrete and wooden floors

The final touch - the most important stage in the creationor interior renovation. Properly executed the final work can emphasize the high decorative and qualitative indicators or to nullify all previous efforts. The last stage of finishing and repair of housing in new finishes - paint the floor, requiring careful preparation, proper selection of the colorant composition and compliance technologies.


  • Cleaning before painting
  • Paint concrete floor
    • Specificity of surface preparation
    • Rule concrete staining
  • How to paint a wooden floor
  • Useful tips handyman
  • Choosing the paint for the floor

Most often, the owners of apartments, garages, cottages,suburban estates need to be painted concrete or wood floor. Fundamentally similar processes paint concrete and wood surfaces do have a number of differences. The important value has a degree of wear the floor, the presence of defects, irregularities and cracks. Their repair and elimination in the presence of wooden and concrete floors is carried out using different methods and tools.

Compositions intended for repairing floors beforeColoring and for the subsequent finishing, choose in view of forthcoming operating conditions. The selection of all consumables focus on the specific qualities of the material from which the floor is made.

Floor Painting can decorate or ruin

Properly painted floor - finishing touch to the interior composition

Cleaning before painting

There are processes, the implementation of which must bejust prior to the application of the concrete surface as a floor coated particle board, plywood, MDF boards or they simply do not need. However, no matter from which it was taken the floor, be sure to provide a thorough cleaning and cleaning, removal of furniture and all the extra space in front of his painting subjects. Wash the floor thoroughly to remove dust and dirt using a brush.

The floor should not be grains, animal fur, hair, since after the imposition of paint they are "forever" are locked on the surface, and will spoil the impression until the next repair.

Before you will be painting concrete floor or wood flooring requirewash dirt made with fat substances, machine, household oil. If floors are treated with wax to the water to wash their need to add baking soda. Oils and fats, prevent staining quality, interfere with the normal adhesion of paint components to concrete and lumber. Fat and oil stains from the wooden floor is removed by washing with basic washing powder, which is applicable for minor contamination of the concrete floor. Which penetrated deep into the porous concrete surface oil and fat is much more difficult to launder. Sometimes to flush fat particles on the surface of the compressor units are required.

Cement glue peeling old paint,damaged layer of varnish was removed by sand-blasting equipment. To clean the surface of the old paint and varnish materials, you can use quick-drying gel specifically designed for this operation.

Paint concrete floor

To clean the concrete surface beforestaining use a steel brush. Using it eliminates not only dirt, dust and debris, and remove the top layer of the weak - the fragile "concrete milk". It is obtained as a result of the deposition of heavy large concrete particles in the lower layers of the tie during solidification.

Specificity of surface preparation

  • Not resistant top layer is not able to adequatelyresist the load, so it is removed or "cut" a special grinding equipment. Grinding machines need to prepare badly worn concrete surface with potholes and chipped.
  • There were also manifested during the preparationcavities and micro-cracks should be sealed designed to repair concrete floor putty. In order to strengthen the porous surface, and increase adhesion of paint on a concrete floor is applied primer.
  • After removing the damaged top layer and elimination of defects often made of concrete or polymer plate, on top of which the paint will fall perfectly.
  • To the concrete floor pylil not, it is treated with a stabilizing solution.
  • Apply a primer that improves the adhesion of concrete to the dye composition.
On the concrete floor is applied to two / three coats of paint

On concrete floors is usually applied two / three coats of paint

Rule concrete staining

Concrete floors are painted in two / three steps, between which the floor should dry as much time as specified by the manufacturer.

Often, the final stage of work is the painting varnish the floor, fulfilling the function of decorative and protective coating.

How to paint a wooden floor

  • Start with a thorough preparation is necessary to survey the wooden surface. Speakers cap fastening nails, shaky boards, knots, panels need to nail down, bring in perfect condition.
  • The remains of paints and varnishes with wooden floor is removed with a spatula.
  • Carefully clean up the garbage and accumulated dust from the cracks between the planks, boards, panels. Large cracks that have appeared on the drying timber, sealed with putty.

Wire processing wood surface with warm linseed oil, which is the floor covering of wood is processed regardless of the status and age.

  • Wooden floor after applying the varnish twice shpaklyuyut.
  • To form a perfect geometrical plane just-laid wood floor sanding is carried out.
  • After removal of the work appeared in the dust and debris on the floor again applied varnish.

Upon completion of a full cycle of preparatoryPaint wooden floor operations can be started. Paint the floor start from one of the baseboards, it is better to make a small brush. Apply evenly paint on large areas in the middle of the room, you can roll it optimally distribute the coloring composition.

Near the baseboards and wall paint is applied with a small brush

The peripheral zone of wooden floors stained a small brush

Typically, in order to avoid weakdyed segments and the appearance of original divorce, wood floor paint twice. It is desirable that the coloring composition for the first layer was a thick consistency.

The paint of the upper layer to perform dilutedsolvents that are compatible with the applicable means. For information on these manufacturers often point to the bank. After drying, the floor wash it with hot water.

Useful tips handyman

  • Dry floor - one of the basic conditionslong term service deposited ink, as well as the full expectation of each of the drying and coloring ground layer. The extent of the concrete floor moisture artisanal check is very simple. To the surface prepared for painting the floor tightly applied a piece of plastic film with the approximate dimensions of 1 m ?, he tightly secured with tape. If after a day under the film will be accumulated moisture, the floor is not enough prepared for painting. To accelerate the process of reducing the percentage of moisture will increase the air temperature.
  • To protect the walls and built-in furniture from falling paint located close to the surface of the floor of their best to seal with adhesive tape.
  • The paint must be periodically stirring toto achieve a uniform consistency. It is best to mix the building mixer. Needless dense composition must be diluted with a solvent, said ink manufacturer.

Choosing the paint for the floor

Consumables for coloring selected in accordance with the operational characteristics.

  • for finishing the floor garages, outbuildings,concrete landscaping elements using funds intended for coloring of industrial premises, they are based have solvents and epoxy resins;
  • staining housing floor to be preferred formulations made water-based;
  • corridors agencies floors in offices, on the balconies covered with two-component polyurethane elastomers;
  • if necessary to ensure elasticity and water resistance of one-component polyurethane coating using dyes.
The combination of different colors for wood - original effect

The original decision to paint the wooden floor

For staining of floors of wood usedaqueous acrylic, oil, alkyd paints. Variants of color formulations are now many, choose the most suitable product will help the manufacturer information about the possibility of processing certain types of wood, and compatibility with existing coating composition.

The consistent implementation of all phasessurface preparation for painting, compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations and given in the article will provide tips painted wooden and concrete floors decorative appeal and the maximum duration of service.

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