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The nuances of laying laminate diagonally - installation specifics

The nuances of laying laminate diagonally

Intensive development is not onlythe segment of the production of finishing materials, but also in their application. For example, all have long known that laminate flooring - high quality floor covering that attracts beauty, excellent properties and ease of installation. But for those who want to bring some flavor to the interior, bar, able to emphasize the individuality of the situation, you can suggest a simple way of decoration, for the implementation of which is enough to know how to lay laminate diagonally. Among other things, the diagonal styling visually increases the volume of the room, which is very important in light of the constant shortage of coveted square meters.


  • A set of essential tools
  • Prelaunch surface
  • How to lay laminate diagonally
  • Nuances diagonal laying
    • How to cut extreme Panel
    • How to connect a series of laminate
  • Laying laminate diagonally - Video

A set of essential tools

In order to once again not to be distracted from the installation works, you need to take care in advance of the presence of the following tools:

  • a hammer;
  • tape measure, a pencil, a ruler;
  • jigsaw;
  • bar for podbivaniya laminate;
  • distance blocks for gaps.

Prelaunch surface

Laying laminate diagonally, as, indeed, andother installation methods require the preparation of a base. It is necessary to align the floor, remove debris, dust, pebbles. For alignment is recommended to use special self-leveling compounds, which are easy to use and allow you to achieve a perfectly flat surface. You may also want to sweep the floor, and only then begin to strengthen with the help of primer. Next, the surface is covered with plastic, which keeps the substrate or cork sheets.

Surface preparation - the key to the perfect styling

Surface preparation - the key to the perfect styling

It is important! Difference in height should not be greater than 2 mm / m2.

Before laying the laminate need to hold the room for several days. This will help avoid swelling and shrinkage.

How to lay laminate diagonally

So, when the preparatory stage is complete, you can proceed directly to the Chief - installation.

It is necessary to choose the direction of the course finishingworks. The best in this situation is to choose the angle of 35-45 degrees. For example, our room has a size of 3x4 meters, the direction is 45 degrees. Installation will be carried out by panels 1380h156 mm.

It is important to determine the direction of work

It is important to determine the direction of the work, as the walls of our homes is not always join hands at an angle of 90 degrees

Between the walls and the edges of laminate panels shouldput wedges 10 mm thick, which are extracted after. Wedges are installed on the one hand, does not allow the laminate adhere to the wall completely and form the expansion joint.

It fits most of the first three panels areNatural right, because the angle between the walls of 90 degrees - a rarity. Puts three rows, we orient the resulting layer and start marking and cutting. During cutting, take care to cut off a piece was the beginning of a new series.

The main difference from the traditional direct placement inthat the first panel of each new series will have to choose individually. It should be controlled in order to end joints do not coincide between the rows. Laminate flooring be laid in a staggered manner. With the passage of parallel walls, laying it does so, to the last one of a number of beams automatically become the first boards of the other.

Placement is made in staggered

Placement is usually done in a staggered manner, thus achieving maximum traction floor elements

Do not miss the moment when the walls startnarrowed since stacking being then in turn, from one end when the reservoir is automatically transferred to the top on the opposite side. So, according to the scheme ending, the panels 24, 27 and 29 located on the right main series, will be used as start opposing rows 24a, 27a, 29a. Similarly laid 32, 34 and 36 rows to the left, they will serve as start ending three consecutive rows 32a, 34a, 36a on the other side.

It is important! When working with laminate brands Kronotex, Berry Floor, Tarkett, Witex, Pergo is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the product, such as, for example, requirements for offset design of the lock size. In the event of difficulties in connection, it is recommended to lay panel whole rows, alternating assembly for short and long locks.

If done correctly, you will need 56 panels (1380h156 mm) for stacking 3x4 m space to us that will be 12.056 sq.m. laminate / 12 square meters. m. floor.

Nuances diagonal laying

Laying diagonally has some features that you should consider when installing.

How to cut extreme Panel

Measure the distance to the wall, not forgettingtemperature weld. We transfer this size on the panel. We measure the distance on the opposite side. Keeping close to the entire panel, so as not to deviate from a straight line. Note the length of the sheet in the laminate. The resulting points are connected. Cut the best jigsaw on the reverse side, which prevents chipping on the front surface.

How to cut extreme Panel

How to cut extreme Panel

How to connect a series of laminate

To lay a number of locks to connect all end. Insert one panel to another at an angle and pressing on the floor snap lock. Connect so all the panels of the series. Now we need to combine the long sides, and the longer the number, the harder it will snap. Technique is the same.

Slightly lift the opposite end, insert the bar into the lock and pressing the floor latches. Gently shake the plate, so she found a position. It is better to make these manipulations with the assistant.

How to connect a series of laminate

Technology engages panels on front and side seam

And to represent the stacking process more clearly, you can see the video shown below, which will solve all difficulties and help implement laminate installation Diagonal quickly and easily.

Laying laminate diagonally - Video

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