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Rules on laying laminate flooring - make excellent floor

Rules laying laminate flooring on

Tired of the old flooring? Want new floors without too much hassle, but with a chic result? The ideal option in this case - the laminated flooring. laminate stacking technology is simple and convenient, and to make such floors under any force. You only need to clearly follow the rules, allowing the result to get a strong and beautiful flooring.


  • Preparation of a draft surface
  • Preparation for laying laminate
  • We choose the substrate and stacked
  • Tools for artist
  • Laying laminate: technology improvement of the old wooden floor

Preparation of a draft surface

The most important thing to prepare the floor for laying laminate, is to align and strengthen the surface. And since we're going to lay a laminate floor on top of the flooring, the talk is about him.

Old parquet must be checked for stability. All broken or cracked parketiny or replaced with new ones, or delete, and recess, remaining in their place, shpatlyuem. Those parketiny that are loose or squeak, fix stronger (glue or put on a filler).

Surface of the parquet is leveled (best floorTo dig out). Differences in the height of the leveled floor should be about 2-3 mm per meter. All the cracks must be shpatlyem. As a result, we should get a whole flat surface.

You're nothing at all - to remove all the debris and dust. Our old parquet floor should be clean and dry. To subfloor longer served as a basis, it should soak vlagoottalkivayuschey primer and allow to dry. Humidity wooden base under the laminate must not be more than 10%.

Stela laminate their own hands

Laying laminate - do yourself

Preparation for laying laminate

Now is the time to prepare himself laminate. By the way, it will take plenty of time, so at this stage should be given at least 3 days.

In any case, you should start as early as the shop whereyou buy a laminate floor. Make sure that all the visual material was intact. Do not take the laminate in damaged packaging, even if it is just slightly dented. It is possible that under such a dent laminated chipped panel or on it went crack. You understand that due to defective material and the floor will be the same.

After buying unopened packaging laminatekeep in the room, where it will lay a new floor, about 2 days. Packages are placed horizontally on the floor, face up. The room temperature must be normal for your apartment, but not below 18 ° C, and the humidity also, but not more than 75% (preferably 50-65%). If the temperature and humidity in the room is not too different from those on the outside (on the way out of the store), the acclimatization of the laminate can be reduced to 36 hours, if the difference is large (heavy frost or heat), then it is better not to hurry. During this "downtime" laminate just get used to the new conditions and the possibility of strong deformation when forming the flooring will be minimized.

Remove packaging before the start of laying andfull check on the integrity of the board and match in color. If the seller to make a complaint after laying the laminate defective you back just will not accept.

Materials for laminate flooring

Laminate flooring - the necessary materials

We choose the substrate and stacked

Before starting to lay laminate flooring,prostelit necessary support. Selection of the substrate depends on many factors - from the humidity of the room, where there will be a laminate floor, the load on the floor (the minimum load on the floor in the bedroom, the maximum - in the corridor), finally on your financial capabilities. Therefore, the choice you have to make yourself. Just remember that the substrate absorbs the load on the laminate, allowing to reduce the deformation of the laminated cover. Of course, different types of substrates have other useful properties, such as noise reduction, thermal insulation, protection against moisture, mold and mildew.

In any case, the support you have chosen and purchased. Now you need to put it - the flooring is joint to joint and secured with tape. In the case of polystyrene substrate need scotch tape aluminum foil. By the way, if you have a simple cork substrate, it is primed with water-repellent composition and dry.

With laminate flooring on a wooden subfloor paroizolyator (polyethylene film, which is placed under the substrate) is not needed.

Hammer and boss - egged when laying laminate

Hammer and boss - egged when laying laminate

Tools for artist

  • Jigsaw Wood (preferably electric)
  • hammer (somewhere on the shelf)
  • boss (tamping bar, can be wooden, but plastic is better)
  • metal square
  • Roulette (not less than 7.5 m)
  • construction pencil
  • restrictive wedges (made yourself or bought)
  • drill or a hammer - for drilling (for pipe or other architectural projections)
  • metal clamp (a device for tamping the last panel)
The bracket for tamping the last panel in a row

Metal Bracket - inciting the last panel

Laying laminate: Technology

Here we come to the last stage of ourrepair. Immediately it should be clarified that the laying of the laminate to the floor is no different from the usual styling, because all the necessary preparations have been made. So we move on to concrete action.

The room is medium in size (if the longestthe wall is not more than 8 meters) laminate is laid perpendicular to the windows that light falls along the long side of the slats. However, if you have already had to deal with the laying of laminate, you can try more complicated configuration - for example, diagonal laying.

Another important consideration when laying laminatecompliance will be mandatory indentation of the walls. The gap depends on the size of the room (at 1.5 mm laminate meter), most often a distance of the order of 10 mm. These intervals then easily concealed plinth. If these gaps are not done, then when you change the expanded "floating" floor temperature can warp.

Stages laying laminate

Laying laminate - Mounting

Boards stacked in rows. Each row is formed slats connected end faces. After connecting a new board (comb each subsequent slats set into the groove of the previous at a slight angle (25-30 °) and goes down, snapping the lock) to gently tamp it already installed. Fully assembled a number in the same way (the comb in the slot) is connected to the previous one. Remember that the next row of panels should be offset with respect to the previous panel at least 40 cm should get chess (or brick) styling. In most cases, this turns out styling itself when sipped with the latest series of the board begins the next.

That's all. If during operation you follow these rules, you will have a wonderful floor laminate, which for a long time will delight you with its smoothness. Good luck!

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