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Terms of care for parquet board: daily and preventive action

Terms of care for floorboard

When choosing a floor covering modern man often sacrifices existing newfangled trends and preference for such a traditional and time-tested materials such as parquet and flooring. There is no doubt that the floor covered with parquetthe board will be eye-catching pattern of natural wood, and the perfection of a smooth surface. Furthermore, parquet flooring is considered almost the most durable element finishes premises. But that such a coating retains its glamor and justify the title of longevity, it is necessary to create certain conditions and learn the rules of care for floorboard for him. Only in this way will be able to maintain the original appearance of the coating and its unique charm.


  • The structure, use, quality
  • Terms everything subfloors
  • Terms of installing floorboards
  • Types of protective films floorboard
    • Varnishes, parquet Oil-wax formulations
  • Operating conditions and general care
    • Caring for the board with oil-wax finish
    • What do I need a board with lacquer finish

The structure, use, quality

What is different from the parquet flooring? Traditionally parquet is made entirely of wood. Parquet board is basically a three-layer. First, the top layer - this fine wood, the second consists of the needles and the third - a plate of plywood, do not miss the water. Beautiful appearance and durability of wood flooring is provided with wooden top layer of fine wood. The thicker the layer, the more expensive but more durable and will flooring.

The structure of the floorboard

The structure of the floorboard

Made with modern technologiesflooring has many qualities of natural solid wood (unique pattern, natural colors), and sometimes even surpasses it. This applies particularly to its ease of installation. Parquet board fits much faster than the parquet.

Laying floorboard

Gender of the floorboard going clip-lock connectors

Due to the fact that the flooring is muchcheaper flooring, it is very popular among consumers. Parquet board will be cheaper, if its production for the upper layer is not solid wood is used, and the glued pieces. It is called this two-board, three-, four-lane.

A variety of colors and textures of wood flooringallows you to create a special atmosphere in any room:. in a house, apartment, office, etc. Parquet board from oak, acacia, beech, maple and other exotic woods accentuate individuality of the owner, its unique charm and refined taste.

Gender of the floorboard

Parquet from exotic wood will emphasize the individuality of the owner, its unique charm and refined taste.

Parquet board has a number of positive qualities. It:

  • improved water resistance;
  • good resistance to decay;
  • constancy of size - minimum deformation (layers constrain each other under the influence of temperature and humidity);
  • nonsusceptibility cracks and chips;
  • ease of stacking;
  • High soundproofing;
  • no need for additional machining after assembling floor surface - this is done at the factory;
  • diverse design.

Terms everything subfloors

For parquet floors and served for a long time did not arise in the future with him any problems, you need to comply with certain conditions in the regeneration of the sub-floor (bases under a parquet floor):

  1. The rough floor (multilayer substrate) must isolate the coating from moisture as much as possible.
  2. It should also provide noise insulation facilities to floor parquet flooring is not destroyed by impact and airborne noise.
  3. To the floor did not miss and retains heat, it is necessary to ensure proper insulation, which significantly reduces the heat loss from the room - up to 20%.
  4. The basis under the parquet should be perfectly horizontal and flat (height irregularities should not be more than 2 mm).

Laying floorboard can overpower everyonesince such a floor is going to clip-lock connectors. The essential point is that immediately after the laying of the floor is ready for use. No need for sanding, sanding and application of protective compounds. All these procedures were performed at the factory.

Terms of installing floorboards

  1. Following the acquisition of the floorboard is recommendedleave for a few days in the room where the installation will be carried out. This is to adapt to the floorboard temperature and air humidity. This procedure will greatly facilitate the process of laying and ensure continuous service coverage.
  2. The temperature in the room should be from 18 to24 ° С, and relative humidity - within 40-60%. The values ​​of these parameters should be kept constant during the operation of the floors. Thus, humidification and air conditioning is necessary not only for the person, but also for this floor covering.

When mounting the cover on the "warm floor" is necessary to adhere to the advanced options:

  • coating the surface temperature should not be higher than 27 degrees, and the difference of its daily - not more than 5 ° C;
  • temperature across the surface of the coating should be as uniform.

Important! In the "warm floor" is not advised to be laid floorboard with a top layer of maple and beech.

Specialists in principle, not recommended to lay a coating of parquet boards in the system "warm floor".

Types of protective films floorboard

Today, to the floorboard as protective coatings are applied:

  • lacquers for parquet;
  • oil-wax composition.

Varnishes, parquet

Parquet varnishes form a sufficiently solid andvery durable layer on the surface of the floorboard. They are water-based solvents and synthetic. Lucky on classical synthetic solvents emit a pungent smell to solidify, causing choking and allergic reactions. It is therefore important that they are applied to the floorboard at the factory, where compliance with all the required features (some wear-resistant coatings in the process of fixing require ultraviolet light) .To improve the water resistance of the coating of wood flooring, immediately after laying the floor, you can still apply a more an additional layer of varnish.

Gender of the floorboard lacquered

To increase the moisture resistance after laying floorboards can cause one additional layer of lacquer

Oil-wax formulations

To protect the coating also used an oil-wax mixture. Penetrating deep into the wood, they fill the pores, creating a unique look and emphasizing the uniqueness of the type of wood.

Gender of the floorboard

Oil-wax mixture creates a unique look and emphasizes the unique type of wood

This method of protection came to us from time immemorial,but remains relevant to this day. With proper care floor procedure should be repeated about once a year. It does not require special skills. How it's done?

First, a uniform layer of oil is applied, and thena mixture of wax and butter. This method is harmless to health, as both components are absolutely harmless (oil - from flax or wood Chinese wax - vegetable or animal origin).

It is important to know! If you want to go from butyric waxy protective layer to the lacquer, you must first remove all the wax composition by grinding, and then apply a primer and paint. Otherwise varnish will not be fixed.

Operating conditions and general care

Care floorboard

On the floor can not be placed flower pots, in order to avoid condensation

General care for floorboard floor is to ensure its protection from mechanical damage during cleaning and maintenance of:

  1. The feet of furniture must be supply pads made of felt or other soft tissue. Under furniture on rollers need to lay a transparent plastic mats.
  2. Since flooring suffers from abrasivethe impact of sand that entered the street shoes at the entrance to the room is necessary to arrange the protective portion. For this purpose, two types of mats: Hard - for particulate matter, and soft - to absorb the mud, especially in autumn and winter. Street shoes must be changed to the home.
  3. To maintain the cleanliness of the room with parquet flooring using conventional vacuum cleaner.

    Care floorboard

    Clean room with parquet floors supported by conventional vacuum cleaner

Sometimes you can wipe the floor with a damp (not wet) cloth or mop.

Care floorboard

Parquet board is wiped with a damp but not wet cloth

Do not allow water flooding. Heavily soiled areas can be cleaned only with special means provided for protective and decorative flooring.

So you can not do! Flooding water parquet floor is not allowed.

Attention! To clean the floor of the floorboard is not recommended to use cleaners and detergents for dishes, solvents and paint thinners, gasoline, alcohol. In extreme cases, you can apply a mild detergent.

Caring for the board with oil-wax finish

  • Wood oil-wax formulations, unlikeparquet lacquers do not form an outer film, and just fill the pores, preventing the penetration of moisture and various impurities. To restore the oil-soaked floorboard, grind only the damaged areas, which are then re-coated with oil. This procedure can be performed per day.
  • The wet cleaning the floor of the floorboard, the treated oil impregnation, produce, using aqueous soap solutions. Paul rubbed with a well-wrung cloth parallel to the grain of the wood.
    Care floorboard

    Parquet floor wiped with a well-wrung cloth parallel to the grain of wood

    This purification is carried out to the extent of contamination. At floor drying it takes 30 minutes. Thereafter, the floor polish may be universal tools that combine the functions of protection and purification.

  • Flooring, where there are increased loads,It needs to be updated every six months. The apartments where people are home slippers shoes, the floor can be updated 1 time in a year, sometimes less. It uses oil for periodic maintenance of hardwood floors.
  • Hygienic maintenance of wood flooring,treated with wax, only dry cleaning method. Care of waxed floors is carried out using products containing solvents or wax. The use of soap solutions containing alkali can lead in this case to change color of the floor.

If you choose the correct method of careparquet floors, protected with oil or wax mastic, it will serve more than one generation of owners of the house. The main thing is that in the process of operation will not be necessary to grind the floor, inhaling wood dust or suffer the acrid smell of varnish. For this flooring can look using only cleaning compounds that do not require polishing - enough to wipe the floor with a cloth.

Preventive actions

oil and wax wood flooring processing in the first year of operation is carried out once in three months. The order of the following procedures:

  • wash clean the floor, let it dry well (6-7 hours);
  • oiled floorboard using a special brush;
  • remove unabsorbed oil after 5 minutes using the napkins;
  • a day after the processing of oil put on the floorboard protective wax;
  • when wet cleaning the floor of the floorboard in the water need to add soluble protective wax;
  • later (after 1 year) Parquet perform processing as needed.

What do I need a board with lacquer finish

Means for the care of parquet board

It is desirable that all the purchased care products floorboard were from the same manufacturer

To eliminate traces of contamination fromDuring operation, the surface coating of lacquered wood flooring, apply the so-called "Cleaner" - special cleaning agents. Some of them are produced as concentrates which must be diluted with water, others are available in ready to use aerosol containers. These compounds are characterized by the chemical neutrality of the composition of the varnish. All major manufacturers of parquet products are in its range of cleaners for varnished parquet. It is advisable to apply a cleaner was released by the same manufacturer as the paint used to protect the parquet flooring.

Means for the care of parquet board

To preserve and protect the varnish used wax

Whatever may have been durable parquet lacquer, withOver time, its surface covered with micro-cracks inevitably appear worn, the other floor defects. Therefore, varnished floorboard is recommended to periodically apply a protective coating. This time in particular should pay attention to the owners of pets as claw marks can spoil in a short time the surface layer, besides urea getting spots on the leaves and wood destroying lacquer layer floorboard.

To save varnish wood flooringcurrently used two kinds of protective equipment. Firstly, it polishes containing wax, and secondly - a substance similar in composition strongly diluted varnishes. If you use them diluted with water.

Preventive treatment

  1. "Freshener" - a special composition is used to remove stains and restore the lost luster of wood flooring with varnished surface.
  2. In order to protect from moisture action every two months is recommended to polish the parquet.
  3. To resolve the local abrasion of the lacquer layer is used lacquer spray.
  4. It is recommended to completely renew the lacquer coating of the parquet board after about 12 years from the beginning of operation (all depends on the degree of load on the floor). Rules of the device of a floor

Now you know very well how to take care of your favorite flooring. So we can safely plan laying in rooms where the floor is not even the floorboard.

In this article, you learned about parquetboard, its structure, features of operation and care for her. By following the rules above, you can be sure: parquet floor will delight you and your loved ones for many years. Now the beauty of your floor depends on you.

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