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Laminat care rules: extend the service life of the floor

Terms of care for laminate

Laminate - remarkable in every respectflooring. It is eco-friendly, beautiful, practical, affordable, perfectly compatible with all types of designs and finishes. Therefore, it has become incredibly popular in recent years.

One of the indisputable advantages of laminateIt is the ease of maintenance. Knowing a few simple rules, you can learn how to perform proper care of laminate flooring, thereby extending its life. These rules are not so many, in addition, the modern market offers an abundance of the latest products for this amazing care coverage.


  • Laminate and laminate floors
  • Dependence on climate
  • Preventive measures to protect
  • Caring for laminate
  • Cleaning laminate from dirt

Laminate and laminate floors

Choosing laminate flooring, it is important to consider the appointment of the premises for which it acquired, since the performance of the coating depend on the group and grade laminate.

Caring for laminate flooring

Laminate is selected in accordance with the appointment of the premises

So, for the 1st group includes laminate flooring,used in residential premises. 2nd group laminate used in offices. Most inexpensive - a bright flooring (beech). They generally have a smooth surface, requiring more care, since it has more and more traces remain divorces appear.

Laminate darker tone (eg oak) is more expensive and has a textured surface that mimics the structure of the tree. Such a laminate is more durable and wear resistant.

The most expensive are a laminate coating,imitating the parquet from valuable timber. They have the best performance is less influenced by moisture and have a longer service life. But no matter how high-quality laminate was correct care of it it is of great importance for its preservation.

Dependence on climate

Create indoor climate

Laminate does not tolerate fluctuations in temperature, sensitive to excess moisture, because the most suitable for the installation in bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms

Floor Safety depends largely on theindoor conditions. In the room with laminate flooring temperature must be maintained at between 18 - 23 ° C +. Humidity should not exceed 50-60%, which is good for health. Such conditions are optimal for the operation of the laminated coating, because at higher moisture particleboard laminate layer tends to swell, in general, as well as other materials from the timber.

If high temperatures are combined withvery low humidity (in the presence of a system of underfloor heating and the air conditioner), this will lead to shrinkage deformation floor. Therefore, including the heating system, it would be nice to use and humidifiers.

Preventive measures to protect

Laminate - not granite, it is not as resistant toshock, abrasion and mechanical damage. Therefore, you should try to cover as much as possible to protect against such influences, following some "some simple wisdom."

To protect the laminate from dirt from the street it (small pebbles and sand) as well as to prevent other damage, you need to take some steps to do this:

  • put the front door bristly mat that will retain large dirt;
  • put the mat also indoors to re-wipe the shoes;
  • do not walk on the laminate in shoes with sharp heels (generally it is advisable not to walk in the shoes and soft slippers);
  • prevent falling to the floor hard and sharp objects.

To avoid scratching the floor when moving furniture,it is desirable to equip the legs with rubber wheels, fabric mini-covers, or at least lay beneath a thick cloth. This will prevent dents and scratches.

If, however, with time on the surfacelaminate floor appeared minor scratches can be repaired with tinted pastes. If the laminate has been damaged in a conspicuous place and do not have spare boards, this item can be replaced by another identical from under the bed, for example, or out of the cabinet.

Caring for laminate

To protect the laminate from premature aging and wear of the surface must be protected from dust, dirt and various layers.

Caring for laminate

Caring for laminate flooring is "dry" cleaning is not recommended to frequently clean the floor with a slightly damp cloth once a week

To do this, you need to clean it daily with a broom or vacuum cleaner, 1-2 times a week to carry out wet cleaning, taking into account some of the rules:

  • cloth must be wet and damp;
  • Water should be warm and clean;
  • after wet cleaning is completed, the floor should be cleaned again with a dry cloth.

Important! You can not use to care for laminate steam cleaners. As a result of their actions inflated flooring and come unstuck.

Cleaning laminate from dirt

Sometimes, after a fun-filled holiday on the kitchen floor are stains from food. Or spilled cup of coffee can deliver unpleasant chores, especially if the light laminate. What is it to wash in this case?

It is necessary to put on a special spot cleaningmakeup or spray and leave for a while to the polluted solutions. After that, the remnants of the composition of pollution is removed with a damp soft cloth. If necessary, action can be repeated. Compositions for cleaning parts of the building are sold in stores. They are best purchased in advance, at the right time were at hand.

Caring for laminate

To care for laminate floors will need to purchase a special tool and a special brush with soft nozzle

Attention! In no case do not use the "toxic" chemical cleaners and abrasives for removing stains from laminate!

Stains on drinks with dyes, chocolate, berries,vegetable oils, cosmetics absorbent removed with a damp cloth. You can use this for any means for laminate care, then wipe the cover with a dry cloth.

If adhered gum or wax on the laminate flooring fromcandles (familiar situation!), you will have to wait until the hardened dirt, and then carefully remove it with a scraper, and scratches to cover restorative paste.

Cleaning laminate from dirt

Contamination is removed with a scraper and scrapes sealed reducing paste

To clean the traces of pens, pencils, ink, cigarette, lipstick and shoe polish can use methyl alcohol or household solvent.

It is important to know! It is strictly prohibited to polish the laminate floor wax, mastic or paint! This procedure is unacceptable, because these substances form unpleasant blurry spots, which then have to be removed by means of degreasing agents.

Polished surface of the laminate is much more difficult to scratch and stain than the material surface without polishing.

So, everyone who laid in the house laminate floors,should know that proper care of the laminate, including the preventive measures and regular cleaning, the floor will keep in excellent condition throughout the life of the put.

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