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Wiring laminate own hands: save wisely

laminate with their hands Wiring

The floors are a critical component of an apartment orat home. More twenty years ago, many have heard only about the floor or linoleum, but in our time, a completely new type of coating was developed, called laminate flooring. Laminate flooring can be installed in any of the rooms - the bedroom, nursery, living room. A mounting laminate coating depends on the class and its physical characteristics.


  • The design of the laminate elements
  • Preparation for floor installation
  • Methods device laminate flooring
    • Installation on a "plank to plank"
    • Paving with «Click» locks
    • floor unit with «Lock» locks
    • Mounting adhesive laminate

  • Useful information, tips

In place of natural materials for the floor camemodern coating - laminate. Creator of the laminate is considered a Swedish company Perstorp. Specialists of the company's coating has been designed to work surface kitchen furniture. The term "laminate" combines two names - melanin, which is produced from the coating and lamination, ie the method of processing the melamine.

What is laminate

What is laminate

The design of the laminate elements

Laminate flooring in appearance not worsehardwood, and their technical characteristics are much better than other similar materials. A significant advantage is considered and the fact that to put laminate flooring is much easier than, for example, parquet.

By itself, the laminate - is paper, which hasstrong wrapper, so the moisture coating is frightening only at the interface - that is, on the sides. Laminate flooring is made up of several layers. The top layer is a transparent wear-resistant film with a digital index. Classes 31-33 Room designed for a lifetime of about 20 years. Who it is in the development of class 34, and it is planned that it will be for life.

What are the layers of the laminate is

What are the layers of the laminate is

Next is a few layers of paper,impregnated with resin. Here on it and applied pattern that affects the aesthetic value of the coverage and consumer choice. Below the carrier layer is composed of large density fiberboard impregnated with a moisture-resistant.

In this layer there is a castle thatIt is intended for fastening laminate plates among themselves. Thermal insulation, noise insulation, durability of the future floor depends on the density, thickness and quality of the slab. The lock, in turn, allows you to easily remove and replace the damaged part of the laminate floor when a need arises.

The best locks are capable of withstanding the loadto 1200 kg per meter. An acceptable result is 700-900 kilograms per meter. The fourth layer - a substrate that has high sound insulation and fully absorb the sounds.

Preparation for floor installation

By self-installing laminate flooringshould begin only after the electrical and finishing work, papering the walls of wallpaper or paint. In carrying out such work as the installation of laminate video and photo gallery will help you understand the meaning of the procedure. Before you lay laminate own hands, we must examine it carefully. Marriage is all items with scratches and chips on the surface, with the castle defects and breach of the lacquer layer.

Must ensure that the basis forinstalling laminate floor was smooth and dry. The coating can be placed on the laminated floor of PVC, linoleum and parquet board, but it is important to avoid cracking and peeling. If you plan to lay laminate over concrete, its moisture content should not be higher than 2%.

Mounting options for laminate flooring

Options layout laminate floor planks

It is strictly forbidden to put laminate on carpetcoating. To avoid creaking floors should be finished between the laminate and the old coating to put the so-called carpet layer, which is the felt paper or penopropilenovuyu gasket. If the reason for placing the concrete surface is then added to it should be put in order to waterproof polyethylene film or a substrate made of polyethylene foam.

should conduct further if necessaryFloor alignment using a special mixture. Paul need to vacuum, clean up all the bumps and bumps, and only then pour self-leveling mixture, during which it is recommended to make sure that does not sag formed. Knead the mixture must be for a couple of hours prior to laying.

Methods device laminate flooring

Laminated floors are laid in different ways, the choice of which is dictated by the specifics of the locking system, as well as the use of adhesives or rejection of them.

Installation on a "plank to plank"

Stack laminate floor can be on the "strip to the plate" technology, which consists of a sequence of actions:

  • Lay laminate necessary, from the mostangle remote from the entrance to the room. The long side of the panel should be directed parallel light rays falling from windows. Thus, the side panels are obtained parallel to the walls and the room. If the room has a circular shape, only need be guided by the light.
  • The gaps between the rows of panels and walls must assume such a relation: 1 m 1.5 millimeter gap space, which then in general should not be less than 10 millimeters.
  • Next is to determine the width of the last row. To do this is to measure the length of the room, taking into account gaps. If the width of the last row in the calculation turns out less than 5 centimeters, you must chant the board so that the first and last rows have the same width.
  • The walls are put wedges that correspond to the size of the gap.
The panel should be directed parallel light rays

The panel should be directed parallel light rays

Paving with «Click» locks

In this case it is necessary to put aside all the tools. For laying laminate «Click» locks is:

  • Take an angle of 30 degrees a second panel, insert the product in the end groove of the previous panel and pressing the second panel to the floor latch.
  • Move Mechanical joints of the third row 30-40centimeters with respect to the seams of the previous row. Rows of stacked piece panel that remained from the previous row. If the first piece of a length less than 4 cm, it is recommended to cut a new, equal to half of the panel. Stacked in staggered surface that provides for even pressure distribution panel.
  • Raise the second row and enter it at an angle of 30 degrees in the groove of the first row. The most important thing is not to stop the process until you hear the familiar click.
Installing laminate type lock

Installing laminate with lock type "click"

Lock type

The process of connecting brackets with locks click continue to sound - click

floor unit with «Lock» locks

Installing laminate «Lock» locks with his own handsIt is the most economical option. The changes concern the first paragraph of the previous instruction: connect the panels need to be placed horizontally. The grooves also coincide. The panels are joined together using a hammer hitting the bar from the tree, that the charge of the opposite edge of the connecting bar. It must be heard the sound of "lock".


On completion of the "lock" brackets connection with the lock must also inform the beep

Mounting adhesive laminate

If you decide to install laminate adhesive, thenIt is to buy a good water-repellent glue. Flooring laminate flooring is made floating manner, which implies connection of the individual elements along the ridge and groove. Cover tightly to the sub-floor is not fixed.

For every 12 square meters is consumed closehalf a liter of glue. It is applied in excess, without saving, the entire length of each slot next panel. Next should come gently to sound "plyam-plyam". Using a damp cloth, remove the excess glue that is used to protect joints against ingress of moisture and allows you to disassemble in case of coating required.

Mounting adhesive laminate

Not worth saving, buying cheap adhesive composition must be chosen in accordance with the recommendation of the laminate manufacturer

Cheap PVA glue is better not to use becauseit will only bring deplorable results, and then have to buy a new laminate. Before operating the start of coverage should be given a break of 10 hours.

Useful information, tips

Correctly and competently installation of its laminatehands implies the preliminary preparation: The material should be placed in a room with a temperature of not less than 18 degrees and humidity around 75%. Before to lay the first row is along the wall to pull the rope and carry out alignment on it.

If you have a rough wall in the room, the firsta series of laminate flooring should cut it out along the contour of the wall. If the work is done with the help of the usual saws, the material is placed face up, through the use of a circular saw - face down. When laying laminate flooring is to focus on the first two rows. And they need to get even.

Laminate Flooring on base

Laminate Flooring on base

Laminate perfectly protected from dust, cleaning costsjust vacuum the floors. However, the material must always be dry, and if suddenly he spilled something, you should wipe off the liquid immediately. When cleaning laminate flooring is not very advisable to use abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the top layer of the decorative laminate. In addition, the floor is not necessary to move heavy furniture, because it adversely affects the decorative layer of the laminate.

Installing laminate flooring with interlocks requires compliance with the technological sequence of laying planks, which shows a video:

So, you have got to install laminatethe floor with his hands. If during this process you will comply with the above instructions, you should get a very attractive cover that will faithfully serve you for years to come.

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