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Technology laying parquet boards with your hands: the recommendations, standards

Technology laying parquet boards with their own hands

For those who want to emphasize their status, wealthand good taste in the choice of flooring should pay attention to the floor. It has high reliability, environmental friendliness, good wear resistance and excellent appearance. The process of laying flooring has always been one of the most difficult types of work, but with the advent of massive floorboard everything was much easier. Laying wood flooring - it is simple enough, and it can fulfill yourself, more importantly, know how to use tools and to follow certain rules and guidelines.


  • Types of wood flooring
  • The specifics of installing floorboards
  • Preparing the ground for laying
    • Prepare the wooden floor
    • Preparing the draft of concrete foundations

  • How to lay parquet board
    • Parquet and "warm floor"

Types of wood flooring

Today the market is represented by two types of wood flooring: solid and multi-layer parquet flooring. They differ in the method of production.

Massive flooring made from a single piece of wood with a tongue and groove on the edges. For its manufacture are used both deciduous and coniferous wood.

Multi-layer parquet board

Multi-layer parquet board is made up of different types of wood

Multi-layer parquet board created by combining several typeswood with different characteristics, thereby achieving exceptional performance of the board. For the first layer of slats used rock solid and valuable species of timber. It was from the first layer will depend on the appearance and durability of the floorboard. The second layer of slats is perpendicular to the first, and take softwood for him. This layer is used as connecting element for the panel and for neighboring. The third layer is made from plywood or slats of pine or spruce to 4 mm thick.

On top of that flooring is sold already withapplied at the factory pokrytiemi impregnation against fungi and rot. Regardless of the type of wood flooring on its durability and strength directly affects the observance of production technology, storage and stacking. And if in the manufacturing process and storage conditions affect not possible, the packing process can control, and it is better to perform it yourself.

The specifics of installing floorboards

To create a strong and durable floorcoverage of the floorboard of skill in the use of the tool is not enough. If during the work does not adhere to the laying of technology, a reliable and beautiful parquet will not work. So before you laid floorboard, you must perform a number of preparatory activities and adhere to certain technical requirements.

  • First and foremost, you should paynote is the base on which is laid parquet. It should be smooth, firm, free of cracks, holes and drop. The maximum allowable height of 2 mm to 1 meter. If the base is damaged, it must be repaired or re-equip.
  • The second important point, which should bepay attention to is the level of humidity in the room. Parquet board does not tolerate high humidity, so its installation in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen undesirable.
  • Third, after the purchase and deliverywood flooring it is necessary to give a complete rest in a room for 48 hours. It was only after the board "get used" to the indoor climate, it is possible to start laying.
  • Fourth, to get a really strongand durable coating during laying indoor observe a moisture level in the range 35-65%, and temperature - not below +18 ° C.
Driving parquet floor

Driving installing floorboards

Another requirement for laying floorboardis the presence of the substrate and the sealing independently from the type of substrate and flat. Directly floorboard should be laid in the direction of the rays of light to hide the shadows on the joints.

Preparing the ground for laying

Align the surface under the floorboard

Before laying the wood flooring surface is leveled with a mixture of self-leveling

Installation of wood flooring can be carried out both onconcrete, and the wooden base. The main requirements to it are durability, reliability and a smooth surface. Therefore, before laying the foundation necessary to carry out the audit and conduct work on its repair if necessary.

Prepare the wooden floor

If the flooring will be laid on thewooden floor, you should check it for dips, drops and scratches between the floorboards. If the floor is in good condition, but there are small differences and gaps between the floorboards, then it needs to be leveled. To do this, the surface can be potsiklevat and putty, then sanded and ready to further work on the installation. If the floorboards creak or a little loose, they can be attached to the joists with screws, and the surface potsiklevat and putty. But if the wood floor falls through, it would have to disassemble the log, flatten or partially replace them, and then re-assemble the entire structure.

Preparing the draft of concrete foundations

With concrete base situation is somewhateasier. Its surface should be checked for cracks, drops or depressions. If they are present, the surface must be cleaned of debris, pour the self-leveling compound and allow to dry for several days. But if the concrete is cracked, it turned to dust, and sometimes loose, then you have to remove with the help of punch to the base of the old concrete floor and pour a new one. It was only after the concrete has dried, you can start laying the floorboard.

How to lay parquet board

Before you put the floorboard, you must decide on the method of its installation. There are only two - the glue and glueless (floating).

Bonding of wood flooring

Gluing the floorboard to the ground creates a monolithic structure

Glue laying method allows you to create strongand reliable coverage in areas with a large area. The process itself is quite time consuming and requires special attention and accuracy of the work. Everything else, if you need to replace a single panel, have pretty tricky and possibly replace several neighboring panels. Glueless method is the most simple and fast. The panels themselves are interconnected in locking and stacked on a substrate, thus sometimes glued lock connection.

Installation of wood flooring carried out as follows:

  • on a concrete or wooden base laidwaterproof polyethylene film. Fabrics laid film overlap (15 - 20 cm) and glued together with adhesive tape. Also do overlap 10 - 15 cm to the wall with adhesive tape and glue;
  • plank over a film substrate. For this purpose, use can be foamed polyethylene, polystyrene or cork. Foam or cork are sold in rolls and polystyrene - in the form of mats. Cloths polyethylene foam and cork spread out along the entire length of the room and glue tape. Polystyrene mats laid end to end and "vrazbezhku" sizing the joints with duct tape. If the plans for the creation of an absolutely environmentally friendly floor covering, then you should use the plug as a substrate.
Plywood base under the floorboard

The adhesive method of laying floorboard requires a base of water-resistant plywood

Important! If you plan to glue method of laying floorboard, then used as a substrate waterproof plywood. Her sheets are placed directly on the base and fasten with screws. Getting laid off the walls, moving to the middle of the room so that the last row of sheets lay between two previously laid.

  • Now you need to spend a small calculationsthe number of rows of the floorboard. If you need to trim the last row, and its width is less than 5 cm, then have to make the first and last row of the same width;
How to put the first row of parquet boards

The first series of wood flooring laid on the wall spike (spike previously cut away)

  • laid panel of the first row of thorn to the wall;

Important! For a snug fit a spike on the longitudinal side panels need to be cut.

  • since the tree has the ability to expand orshrink depending on seasonal humidity levels, it is necessary to leave a gap of 10 - 15 cm between the wall and floorboard. To during installation to maintain this gap, insert special pegs. On the longitudinal side of a panel put three pegs, and two narrow;
How to finish the panel floorboard into place

For a snug fit parquet boards with a hammer finish off

  • panel of the first row are interconnected to the castle. To do this, each subsequent panel at a slight angle we start a thorn in the groove of the previous and snug finish off with a hammer through a wooden bar;
Fixing pnevmogvozdyami the groove wood flooring

In addition to adhering floorboard to the ground anchoring it into the slot pnevmogvozdyami

Important! If you apply the glue laying method, whereas prior to laying each new panel in place of its styling Apply glue and flatten it with a notched trowel. Panel additionally secured by pnevmogvozdey in an inconspicuous location - inside the slot. Make sure that the flooring panels on the narrow joints are not formed ledges or ramps.


For greater strength laying parquet boards must be carried out "vrazbezhku"

  • parquet to be reliable and durable floorcoating, it must be placed "vrazbezhku". Therefore, the second row start to be laid with a shorter board. It will have to cut the board so that it was 2/3 of the normal length;
  • a second series of panels connected together sosame as the first, and then moves up to an entire row and the first connect. The panels of the second row at a slight angle plant in the groove of the first row for a snug finish off panel with a hammer through the bar. We do it gradually, first the first panel, and then the second and so on until the end;

Important! The last panel in each row should finish using the clamp. When the glue method of stacking the second row is placed by dialing. For this purpose, glue is applied to the installation site and immediately laid parquet panel which achieves a hammer, and only then is placed next. The second row of panels further anchoring the same as the first.

If the glue is partially addressed in the joints, it should be wiped with a damp cloth.

  • third row start to stack panels from the board, the length of which is 1/3 of normal. After that blow carried by the algorithm of the first and the second row;
  • fourth row starting stack with the entire panel. Each subsequent row should be laid, completely repeating the above-described algorithm of laying the first four rows;
  • laying floorboard near the doorways, it is necessary to make cuts in the board so that it fits snugly against the uprights of the door frame;
  • special attention should be paid to places inthe room where the heating riser pipe passes. To make laying in places on the floorboard must be applied to the layout position of the pipes. Thereafter Drill hole for the pipe diameter is 2 mm longer than the pipe itself, and cut off the center part of the board strictly openings. Now laid in place much of the board, we fix it. At the ends of the cut pieces of glue is applied and put into place. Around the pipe laid special plug of the same color as the parquet;
  • when the flooring will be laid across the floor area, remove the spacer pegs between the wall and the first row;
  • the final stage of work on the laying of parquetthe board is to install baseboards. Plinth itself is mounted on a special fixture - klyaymer. To install the plinth first cut with a knife protruding portion of the substrate and waterproofing. Then set the first klyaymery at a distance of 15 - 20 cm from the corners, the following klyaymery set in increments of 40 - 50 cm. Klyaymery themselves for plinth mounted to the wall with dowels and screws.

Important! If glue is used during installation, you need to let it dry for a day, after which the floor of the floorboard will be ready for operation.

Parquet and "warm floor"

Parquet board itself is quite goodinsulation material, among other things, provides additional insulation substrate. But if there is a need for additional heating, the floorboard can be placed on the "warm floor" system. The main thing to consider is the type of "warm floor". It must be a water heater, but not electrically. The fact that the "warm floor" with electric heating too quickly gain a high temperature, and as a result, the tool joint of wood flooring starts to crack from the drastic temperature drop.

Also, before you start packing process is necessaryturn off the system in advance and give the floors to cool to room temperature, and only then start packing. Upon completion of all work on the installation of wood flooring system "warm floor" can be switched on not earlier than 7 days, and raise the temperature to the same gradually, 2-3 degrees in the day. On top of that the floor of the parquet "not led" boards over the entire surface temperature should be the same. If the system "warm floor" is installed in all the rooms, it is necessary during installation to make sure that in each room parquet floor ended in doorways.

Parquet served as an alternative toclassic parquet floor, which made it possible to create beautiful and natural flooring yourself, have been significantly saving on the wage of masters services. But as with any natural material, parquet requires thoroughness of work and compliance with all regulations, requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer, following which you can create a reliable and durable flooring.

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