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Simple Tips for caring for cork floors: Operating rules and guidelines

Simple tips for cork floor care

If you want to be close to nature and asfloor covering choose the most natural and environmentally friendly materials, do not plug will bypass their attention, because the care of cork flooring is simple enough, but its beauty is preserved for many years. Accepted provide the following activities for such a coating care: prevention and elimination of defects directly.


  • We protect the beauty of the "early age" plug
  • Removes dirt from the mind
  • Preventive care of cork flooring

We protect the beauty of the "early age" plug

So, you have purchased a cork floor,laid him, arrange the furniture and various accessories - you can admire the interior! Handsomely? Undoubtedly. However, you must understand that to preserve this beauty you will not succeed for many years without taking into account some of the nuances. It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, that the plug - quality material that is resistant to most external influences. It almost is not afraid to mechanical damage, high humidity and household cleaning products. These features facilitate the task before you.

Experts recommend immediately after installation of cork coverings to hold a series of preventive measures that will preserve its original beauty and natural pattern.

First, make sure that the floor to anyIt does not accumulate moisture, for example in the joints of the panels. Unnoticed for a long time, it can lead to loss of aesthetic appearance and deterioration of cork its operational properties, not to mention the propagation of harmful microorganisms and fungi. Secondly, regularly change the protective coating layer, be it paint or sealant. Do not wait for the moment when he starts to fade, and appear unattractive "bald spots" on your floor.

Typically, the protective layer of cork floor in the dwelling changed every 2-3 years enough.

Third, be careful with thatprotect the floor from damage and scratches, which are formed by furniture legs. It's enough to clothe them in a special felt "shoes" -nasadki or glued on pieces of cork are suitable in size. Fourth, to prevent scratches on the surface of the cork from the sand and mud, brought from the street, help special cleaning mats that are placed at the entrance. Experts point out that these products should not have a rubberized base, because it can be left on the floor unsightly and stubborn stains.

Nozzle on furniture legs - protect plug from scratches and dents

Nozzle on furniture legs - protecting the floor from scratches, deformation and damage of the surface

Of course, these measures are quite effective andhelp protect the natural coating on a variety of negative effects of the factors, but usually you can not avoid contamination. That is why special attention should be given to washing cork floor.

Removes dirt from the mind

It would seem that complicated to eliminatedirty spot on the floor or wipe it to remove the surface layer of gray dust? Enough to take the floor cloth, bucket, mop (optional) and proceed to wash. However, cork flooring is somewhat different. Your goal is not just removing dirt and competent removal, which does not damage the coating. That's why the nuances of the following should be considered:

  1. Use to wash the floor just well wrung out slightly damp cloth.
  2. You can use the usual doormat, mop, but excluded from the arsenal of cleaning the vacuum cleaner.
  3. For washing, you can apply a variety of cleaning suppliesand household cleaning agents. However, they should not contain abrasive particles. It is strictly forbidden to wash cork flooring products containing solvents.
  4. Today on sale there are special funds forcaring for cork floors. They not only protect the surface, but also to give the coating a fresh new look, shine. These tools allow you to effectively remove the fat from the surface of the plug and many other type of pollution.
  5. If the floor has seriousPollution, for example, stubborn stain from ink or oil, you can use sandpaper with fine abrasive to remove them. After that you need to treat this place with wax and cover new layer of varnish.

It is worth noting that the majority of producerscork flooring give their recommendations for the use of certain means for floor care. Moreover, they ensure the preservation of cork beauty and its operating properties only if the use of these funds in the recommendations.

Preventive care of cork flooring

A special feature of cork coverage is thatwhile being under direct sunlight is soon subjected to burnout, respectively, it loses its former pristine color and appeal. This can be avoided if the advance worry about coverage protection - in solar time of day window must be closed curtains or blinds. In places with high traffic load and functional, for example, about a computer table, it is advisable to stack mats.

Caring for cork flooring - protective mat from abrasion

Protecting cork from abrasion by a rug

Another nuance is the humidity levelAir. Specialists say that its optimum value is 40-60% at an air temperature of no higher than 20 ° C. However, in the cold season, when we actively operate heating appliances and heating system, the humidity level decreases. Usually this leads to such a negative phenomenon as the drying of the floor and the formation of ugly slots. To prevent this, additional humidification of the air with the help of special household humidifiers will help.

Therefore, to comply with a number of fairlypreventive measures and regulations with the direct care of cork flooring to maintain its attractive appearance for years to come and delight guests the luxury of a natural material.

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