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Screed with expanded clay: the dignity, the device processes

floor screed with expanded clay

Immaculately flat floor - criterionquality repair, component of comfort, mortgage technically correct execution of the subsequent laying of the surface. Gross errors builders, significant differences make it difficult to lower the surface levels of the installation of door structures and walls of plasterboard, forced to resort to various tricks for finishing walls. There are right ways to deal with a given, not always lying on the conscience builder. One of the most effective and economical methods eliminate irregularities and height differences - floor screed with expanded clay. It enables not only perfectly smooth the surface, but also improve the insulating characteristics.


  • The goals and objectives tie
  • Possible ties with expanded clay
    • Thorough preparation - step to success
    • Two ways screed with expanded clay

  • Self-leveling floor with expanded clay aggregate

Sometimes indeterminate visual deflection andshortcomings subfloor exclude the possibility to equip the premises with the help of selected materials. The uneven surface is not compatible with the laying of flooring, linoleum practical. The impossible becomes the unit of floating floors made of natural materials, Impossible lined floor ceramic tiles. In addition, the floor - the most conservative interior surface, at least the rest of it is repaired. Because his finishing are like thorough, thoroughly preparing the interior element to the long-term operation. Durability and technical advantages of the screed with expanded clay convince the majority of homeowners in apartment buildings and owners of country villas to choose this kind of arrangement.

Smooth floor laid on top of the screed with expanded clay

Impeccably smooth surface - the result of the qualitative performance of the screed

The goals and objectives tie

The dominant purpose of floor screeds -leveling the surface. Performing screed using expanded clay simultaneously solves a number of additional tasks. In the process not only eliminates the depression, bumps, leveled level, but also significantly reduced the penetration of sound vibrations. Possessing excellent insulating properties amorphous material remarkably performs the barrier function of the heat loss. Through the use of expanded clay reduced costs during the heating season and in the summer heat does not require active use of air conditioners. As a result, screed with expanded clay, belonging to the middle price segment, by reducing turn into tangible cost savings.

The reasons justifying the choice of the equalization scheme with expanded clay as the most rational way:

  • difference floor level in the room is more than 10 cm;
  • laying the basis for gender are reinforced concrete or concrete slabs;
  • supposed improvement flooring, on the aesthetic qualities and performance which will affect the strength of the subfloor imperfections;
  • the floor is equipped with infrared or electric heating system;
  • required to reduce the consumption of cement mortar;
  • necessary to increase the sound insulation;
  • in the area of ​​the lower floors housed communications, laid hidden way.
The advantage of the screed with expanded clay - the possibility to lay any floor covering

floor screed The advantage of expanded clay - great job with any floor covering

The advantage of a floor screed with expanded clay iscombination of lightness and strength. Through the use of expanded clay pellets, gravel, sand or aggregate minimizes the load on the ceiling. Low specific weight of the material does not interfere with the floor adequately resist static and dynamic load. Over the long-term quality of the intensive use of the floor does not suffer.

Priorities expanded clay proved its specificityproduction. Fusible finely divided clay, foamed in a special way, are subjected to high temperature firing. As a result of sintering pellets produced light with a solid outer shell, excluding the penetration of moisture. Low thermal conductivity and excellent insulation quality ensures that voids and air bubbles, they do little to explain the proportion of indicators. The porous insulating material embodied priority properties of wood and stone. Expanded clay lightweight, durable, humidity resistant, inert, works perfectly with any of the building materials.

Expanded clay - economical and efficient material

Expanded clay - lightweight durable wear-resistant aggregate for floor screed

Expanded clay material is divided according to the criteria of fractional size and content of the acute-angled elements, it is presented:

  • sand with a particle size up to 5 mm, obtained after sieving the fired amorphous mass;
  • gravel, comprising rounded or oval particles whose diameter is 40 mm;
  • rubble comprising angular particles with a diameter of 40 mm.

Often the floor screed with expanded clay is carried outusing fractional mixture, thereby increasing the density of insulation and leveling layer. Since the predominant number of cases, expanded clay coated layer self-leveling floor, plaster-fiber or other sheet material for the alignment, size and particle configuration is irrelevant.

Note. If you want to minimize the weight of the structure, it is not necessary to use the expanded clay sand. By increasing the density of packing material weight also will be increased.

However, there are options when the floor arrangement involves only the use of small-fraction of the material, for example, when laying parquet.

floor screed with expanded clay sand

Finely-fraction expanded clay aggregate for floor screed

Featuring a minimal shrinkagematerial - an indispensable component of the arrangement of the floor with the big level difference with a height difference of 10 cm and more difficult to perform alignment of the floor area used expanded clay sand, because it gives the little shrinkage..

Possible ties with expanded clay

Expanded clay aggregate, which allows toreduce the amount of binder used when aligning the floor in various ways. At this time, in the process of construction, during restoration and repair work used three technologies:

  • leveling and floor insulation using expanded clay and cement-sand mortar;
  • self-leveling floor with the use of expanded clay aggregate;
  • dry screed with expanded clay.

Produced according to processrequirements and construction standards ensure long service operation floor located underneath communications systems and flooring. The owners will not be problems in the operation for a long time do not need to be cosmetic and major repairs.

Leveling the floor with the use of expanded clay

Alignment and floor insulation using expanded clay backfill and pouring cement-sand mortar

To align the sub-floor can be orderedservice workers of construction and repair organization. A simple, but time-consuming process can be performed independently by purchasing the required number of materials. Calculate consumption should be, focusing on the data given by the manufacturer in the instructions. Based on the technical information about the material, taking into account the volume of the floor aligned calculated material requirements to be approximately estimated. You can see clearly how to perform a floor screed with expanded clay - videos, photo collections with the description help to present and examine in detail the sequence of works on the floor arrangement.

Thorough preparation - step to success

The beginning of works on the floor leveling traditionallyIt is the dismantling of the flooring and the preparation of the cultivated area. Paul understands to the ground, then you need to remove the entire amount of debris. Openings in the floor must be carefully cleaned, there are cables and wires wrapped polyethylene. engages polyethylene insulation Places need to tightly wrap the tape in order to keep out grit, dust or solution.

Waterproofing do under the subfloor Self-leveling floors and for alignment withcement-sand mortar to fill. The material can serve as a special mastic. The most commonly used thickened thick polyethylene film, Izolan or flashing. Waterproofing materials:

  • create a damping layer between the wall and the screed;
  • prevent adhesion of the solution with building materials, often becoming a cause of cracking during drying screed;
  • reduce the transmission of sound waves coming from the coupler to the partitions and the joists.

Waterproofing - a must when coveredcoupler insulation under parquet device when processing overlap in contact with the basement. Roll insulation materials are placed 15 cm above the marked level floor screed with expanded clay. Upon completion of the unit floor, they are cut off at the level of the upper plane.

The final stage of preparation is fieldingbeacon that guides the surface alignment on one level. Lighthouses can be ordinary or special screws, metal accessories of T-shaped, produced everything for the screed. The correct layout help make laser level, the price of which allows you to purchase a useful device for continuous home use, or a simple homemade gidrouroven made of transparent Schlag. Beacons put into account in accordance with the marks left on the walls during the execution markings.

Two ways screed with expanded clay

  • First option. I fall asleep, compacted and leveled expanded clay aggregate, the surface of which should not reach the floor, marked by beacons. The distance between the marks, and a layer of expanded clay should not exceed 2 cm. Then the whole cultivated area is filled with liquid cement "milk" to fix the position of expanded clay granules. After curing, filled with cement mortar, which can be prepared independently of the sifted sand and cement with the marking M 400. In order to avoid mistakes with the proportions can be purchased ready-mixed screed.
  • The second option. LECA is initially introduced into the solution by using a kneading mixer construction. For ease of application, the room floor is divided by a lighthouse on the card - specific segments to be consistent processing. Laid mixture constantly expanded clay is spread using the tool rule. In place of formation of pits and puddles add cement. floor screed with expanded clay under the scheme, as well as on previous technologies, starting from any of the walls, you need to move to the doorway.

Both versions are suitable for subfloor device under any floor covering.

Self-leveling floor with expanded clay aggregate

Self-leveling floors provide ideal formationa flat surface due to the ability of the composition spontaneously flatten. Full cure occurs a maximum of one week, which is 3-4 times faster than the two methods leveling cement-sand mortar. Now you can buy ready-mixed with expanded clay for device self-leveling floor. The composition of her except expanded clay still contains a number of additives that improve the characteristics of the floor structure.

If not used ready for everythingthe composition, the tie begins with a uniform distribution of scattered all over the area of ​​expanded clay. When laying expanded clay on a dry basis do not necessarily waterproofed. Tamped and leveled similar to previous methods of hiding material with plastic wrap or other insulation. Then the solution is poured from which to expel excess air via the needle roller.

The cheapest and fastest way that does not require long waiting floor hardening, this practical dry floor screed using expanded clay. Stages of work on this technology include:

  • the layout of the future floor height;
  • laying of the waterproofing layer on the substrate;
  • Mount the damper films on processed perimeter of the premises;
  • backfilling, compacting and leveling layer of expanded clay;
  • installation of gypsum sheets on top of expanded clay with the processing of PVC glue joints and fixing elements of the self-tapping screws.

floor screed with expanded clay also performsseveral important functions: it increases the aesthetic and thermal performance space. Floor, equipped with one of the methods with the use of expanded clay, do not have to be repaired. Covering, immaculately laid on a flat surface, will last much longer than those made over an uneven base.

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