Repair floor

Repair of the parquet floor: correct defects in their own hands, restore the parquet

Repair of the parquet floor

Parquet - one of the most expensive, durable andwhile the most whimsical flooring. During its operation it is necessary to comply with certain conditions, otherwise the parquet floor repair will be inevitable. In order to parquet served the entire term, characteristic of this material, it is necessary to maintain a certain atmosphere in the room and in a timely manner to carry out the necessary restoration work.


  • Terms of operation and maintenance
  • Methods for eliminating defects
    • The appearance of moisture on the parquet surface
    • Fluctuation parquet floor
    • Scrape the coating strips
    • The formation of slits between the bars
    • Small cosmetic defects

  • Restoration of old parquet

Terms of operation and maintenance

Parquet, as well as any other wooden material,very affected by climate change, so the first thing it needs to be protected from the abrupt change in temperature and humidity conditions. Best parquet flooring retains its properties at a temperature of 15-24 ° C and 50-60% humidity. Increased humidity can be reduced by using an air conditioner or heating incorporating and reduced lead to normal, or by installing humidifiers placed in the room for a while a few open water containers.

I wonder: to quickly raise the humidity in the room can be briefly hanged in it a couple of wet towels or sheets.

Parquet must breathe, so inTo prevent mold and mildew can not be covered with waterproof materials for a period of more than 3-5 days. This coating has a very easy to care for him. To maintain the cleanliness of the surface of the floor is sufficient to clean with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Chemical preparations for the care can never be used, but if there is such a need, it is necessary to pick up special formulations designed for varnished parquet.

For parquet needs care

The service life and appearance of the parquet depends on how accurately and correctly it is treated

To avoid damage to the lacquer layer, should betry to avoid walking on the parquet floor in high heels, walking in the room large pets with bare sharp claws and dragged furniture movement.

Parquet is very afraid of water, so it is unacceptable long-term flooding of any liquid. This may cause swelling and buckling straps.

Methods for eliminating defects

The appearance of moisture on the parquet surface

Sometimes, some time after the start of operation on the parquet surface moisture begins to speak. This happens because of lower heat-insulating properties of the coating for a few reasons:

  • high humidity or inadequate insulation layer;
  • seal insulated material under the weight of the floor;
  • laying insulation on an uneven basis;
  • bad sealing of joints between the slabs of insulation;
  • defects in thermal insulation material;
  • humidity insulation.

This is one of the most complex defects requiringalmost complete floor alteration. In this case, it could not avoid parsing the entire parquet: completely removed all the finishing coating, as well as thermal insulation and waterproofing. During this process, the insulation defects are detected. Waterproofing stretches again in compliance with all the rules, and heat-insulating material is placed in view of the errors found. Further parquet repair turns into a new paving, the same technology, with Scratching, putty and then varnishing the surface.

Fluctuation parquet floor

This defect is not uncommon, and that it is necessary to avoid even during installation to observe a few rules:

  1. Mandatory application of a primer on the base. This will improve the adhesion surface of the base and parquet planks with an adhesive composition.
  2. If for bonding parquet use mastic, it should be used only in hot water. Otherwise, a good adhesion can not be guaranteed.
  3. Insulation materials should be positioned as straight as possible.
  4. If the base concrete actsscreed, before laying the floor it is necessary to hold out for at least 30-45 days to complete drying. Failure to do so may complete destruction of the base.

In addition to the backlog of parquet strips can lead and mold, which appeared on the ground.

Floating parquet

To eliminate the fluctuation of flooring must be removed all the floating planks and check the integrity of the base

If the base is not broken, then fix itdefect can be fairly easy. It should be using the chisel carefully remove the loose boards, clean the subfloor and paste the new strip on hot mastic. If, however, the base fell into disrepair, you will need to release all of the damaged section of the finishing coat and make the restoration of the foundations. Then strap fit again, the site is primed, shpatljujut gap between parketinami, and their surface is varnished in several layers.

Scrape the coating strips

The creaking parquet dangerous only in that it has irritating effect for the residents, which is why it seek to get rid of as quickly as possible. There are two reasons for this defect:

  • formation of voids under the parquet blocks;
  • the destruction of the cardboard layer sandwiched between wooden base and finishing coat.

In the first case, you can get rid of the squeak, notexamining gender. To do this, the smallest drill makes a small through-hole in the bar, and under it with a syringe inserted needed to fill the voids amount of glue.

In the second case it is necessary to remove and replace the creaking parketiny cardboard, after which strips are glued in place.

The formation of slits between the bars

Over time, each formed in the parquet floorgap between its planks. This happens because of the deformation of the bars as a result of seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as if the installation was used too wet flooring.

Completely avoid the appearance of cracks practicallyit is impossible, but you can try to delay the process. To do this, before installing the new coating material to leave for a few days in the room where it is planned to lay. Typically, a time sufficient to parquet moisture level was the same as in the room.

Cracks in the floor

Cracks up to 5 mm overwritten mastic suitable color

If the gap of less than 5 mm, then perform such repairsparquet with his own hands in the cellar. It is enough to clean well every crevice with a knife or any other sharp and thin object and fill it with putty or filler. If the distance between the two bars is more than 5 mm, then the gap will need to be further deepened, carefully align and clean the edges with a chisel, and then put it in a specially carved wooden box suitable color, greased with mastic or adhesive. After that, the defect is polished and varnished.

The most terrible considered cracks around baseboards. More specifically, between the first row and second plates. Before their incorporation is necessary to remove the plinth and make sure that the cause of the defect was not relaxing Expander wedge between the wall and flooring. If this is so, the wedges should be set again, and only then proceed to sealing of cracks. Recently, many builders are used in place of assembly foam wedges. If this is your case, it is still suggested to overcome the first row to the wall and insert into the expansion joint a few spacers wedges.

Small cosmetic defects

Most of these defects are formed duringcareless attitude to the parquet. These results in the movement of furniture on the surface, the use of the care of potent chemicals, walking on the floor in high heels, falling to the floor of acute and heavy objects and more.

Small scratches can be maskedspecial retouch pencil and cover with a thin layer of restorative varnish. Larger scratches and small dents are filled with putty having a color as close as possible to the shade covering. After that, the defect is polished and varnished.

Elimination of potholes on the floor

After filling the scratches and dents with putty damaged area thoroughly polished

If the damage is large parquet area, it is best to ottsiklevat floor again and cover it with fresh layers of lacquer.

Interesting: People have a way to solve minor external damage: section ironed iron to the minimum position control through wet paper for ten minutes. Then steamed defect easily erased with a swab of coarse cloth. At the end of the damaged area ironed again iron through a damp paper, but now it is well warmed up, and varnished.

Restoration of old parquet

Renovation of the old parquet

When restoring old parquet do without scraping machines

Renovation of the old parquet is highlylabor-intensive, but it is usually the result becomes flooring is no different from the one just laid. For sure require scraping the machine by means of which comes off lacquer layer and the upper layer of old wood, to the same level off the floor surface and on it will disappear all the bumps and scratches. After sanding shpatljujut all the cracks and parquet is polished fine-grained sandpaper, primed and coated with three layers of lacquer.

Council: it is not necessary to buy special equipment for sanding. It is unlikely that you will need it in the near future once again, and this unit is quite expensive. Therefore, if you can not take the car from scraping acquaintances, it is best to hire a professional.

Remember that the durability of parquet completelyIt depends on the proper and accurate operation. By following the above rules, you do not just extend the life of your flooring, but also greatly save your finances and money.

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