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How to cut tile: tools and cutting methods

How to cut tile

Tile - kind of finishing material, havingmany advantages. Strength, fire resistance, long life, easy maintenance and good looks help to expand the scope of its application. In the process of lining the walls and fireplaces, floor finishes, cover the garden paths, protection of facades and plinths of buildings inevitably the question arises - what to cut ceramic tile? Tools for cutting, there are many, but in order to choose the most suitable, you should get acquainted with the peculiarities of each of them.


  • Tools for cutting tiles
    • How to cut glass cutter
    • Rules for working with Tile
    • Tile Cutting grinder
    • How to cut tile cutters
  • The cut granite tiles?
  • How to do a round hole?
    • Cutting tile hole saw
    • Application Ballerina

Tile - fired ceramic plate, oftenall covered with glaze. Cutting the size needed for a perfect fit to create all sorts of different kinds of songs or technological openings for plumbing, communications, etc.

Tools for cutting tiles

For cutting ceramic tile, or you can use a tile cutter, roller glass cutter, pliers, grinders, Ballerina, hole saw. Consider these options in more detail.

How to cut glass cutter

Glass cutter allows for both direct and figured cutting of tiles.

Glass cutter for cutting tiles

Glass cutter for cutting tiles

  • pencil or marker markings made tile that is placed on plywood;
  • pressed tiles with your left hand, hold the tool in a given direction once. If there is uniform pressure groove;
  • under the plywood laid wooden bead. Slightly pushing the tiles on both sides, we break it.

It is important! Steklorez should be kept at an angle of 90 degrees. Note that the cut line should be no closer than 1 cm from the edge of the tile. To get a perfect result, experts recommend to soak the tiles before use in water for 1 hour.

Rules for working with Tile

Tile can be manual or electric. Hand used for cutting tiles is not greater than 6 mm.

Technique Tile Cutting manual

Technique Tile Cutting manual

  • marker applied to the surface of the section line;
  • tiles should be laid on the substrate Tile, combine wheel with the line;
  • with one hand hold the tile, and the second - to make a single pass through to make a mark;
  • to separate "wings" tool must be installed at the base of the handle (at the level of the lower third), pressing on the handle with the thumb of the left hand, gently hit on her right hand;
  • if necessary rough edges handle grinding stone.

It is important! For thin tiles allowed to use manual tile area with plastic, but for cutting thicker tiles need Tile metal.

Electric tile cutter is ideal for cutting any tiles.

Diamond blade produces a smooth cut with slightly rounded edges. Such a machine for cutting tiles will make your work not only accurately, but also quickly.

Electric Tile

Electric Tile

  • work must wear safety goggles;
  • tile, with a pre-applied marking, should be laid on a platform promoting a blade;
  • during operation of a tile should be tightly pressed against the platform.

It is important! Keep an eye on the liquid level in the sump needed to cool the disc. Do not forget to change the water, because it quickly becomes clogged with crumbs tiled.

Tile Cutting grinder

The Bulgarian is used for direct andshaped incisions. If we compare it with the Electric tile, the advantage is a compact size and without the need for installation. However, the tool does not cut very carefully - avoiding subsequent doshlifovki unlikely to succeed.

Technique grinder

Technique grinder

  • Wear goggles, mask, gloves and headphones;
  • securing the diamond wheel, turn on the grinders for some time to drive up to speed;
  • make an incision along a predetermined path.

It is important! Reflecting on the problem of how to cut tile grinder, remember safety - on the grinder should be housing that protects against a split disk. Keep the work area clean, invite a partner with an industrial vacuum cleaner, because it will be a lot of crumbs.

How to cut tile cutters

Cutters are indispensable if you want to get a section of irregular shape, for example, when fitting tiles around pipes, casings, furnace.

To achieve extremely accurate fault, you can use cutters with carbide jaws. The top clamp is optimal for cutting glazed surface, the bottom - to keep the tiles.

cutting nippers

cutting nippers

  • circuit is applied to the smooth side of the tile;
  • start "nibble" small pieces necessary to the edge;
  • clamp pliers set parallel to the line, with only part of the terminal to be in contact with the mark, or control the process will be difficult.

It is important! The rush when working with wire cutters do not need - "bite" should slowly from the edge to the center.

The cut granite tiles?

If working with a conventional tile, usuallyIt does not cause problems, how to cut stoneware tiles - a question that may be inexperienced wizard to confound. Porcelain tiles - hard material, requires a special approach. Hand tools will not help here, need a "heavy artillery."

The preferred Electric tile work, which cuts porcelain smoothly and accurately. You can cut grinder, perfect quality but the edges will not be easy to achieve.

How to do a round hole?

tiles into pieces, and breaching cutouts of different sizes and shapes for finishing is often not enough. But what if required round holes? And in this case there will be helpers!

Cutting tile hole saw

Hole Saw good at cutting out roundholes, and therefore indispensable for laying tiles around pipes and faucets. The tool easily cuts are not only soft, but hard tile. Perhaps it is worth noting disadvantages of the time duration of the process and the possibility of thermal shock to the ceramic tiles.

Hole saw

Hole saw

It is important! To avoid thermal shock, the tiles should be from time to time moistened with water. This not only cools it, but also prolongs the life of the working tool.

Application Ballerina



For breaching round holes allowedBallerina use, which is convenient in that the blades are adjusted manually, ie hole will strictly specified size. The only negative - the edges are not smooth, so need resurfacing. In general, the Ballerina is ideal for metal, but if the tiles are not so many, and you can use it.

Now cutting tiles is not a problem, causing panic - in fact choose the right tool for cutting, depending on the purpose and the materials used will not be difficult.

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