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How to cut tile different instrument: Learning to cut beautifully and precisely

How to cut tile different tool

Regardless of the extent of the repair, it is difficult to get aroundthe various finishing works. Manufacturers of materials for finishing offer the widest range of any category of consumers. There are many criteria according to which all these materials are different. One of them may be called the degree of ease of processing. When it is carried out with a minimum of labor, financial and time losses, it allows you to complete the repair much faster and more efficiently. So if you are wondering about how to cut the tiles, it is necessary to begin to stock up on special tools.


  • Tools for cutting tiles
    • How to cut glass cutter
    • Using the manual tile
    • Electric cutting machine
    • The use of other tools

Tools for cutting tiles

Tile - a fairly commonmaterial for dressing rooms. Typically, it is used for wall and floor tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It is in these areas often prevent its installation engineering services, in addition, there are cases when an even number of tiles can not be placed just on the surface of the wall or floor. In such situations, it is recommended to use a particular tool from the following list:

  • glass cutter;
  • Tile manual;
  • Tile cutting machine.

A great help will be:

  • Sander;
  • jigsaw;
  • drill with a core bit;
  • pliers;
  • abrasive mesh.

Select a tool for a tile, based on the goalsprocessing features tile and installation of the nuances. Consider the most widely used tools and cutting technology of the finishing material.

How to cut glass cutter

Glass cutter is recommended if youStack wall tile in small quantities. cutting technology is very simple. You will need only pre-soak tiles in water for about 1 hour. Then, using a pencil or a marker of significant planned line of the desired cut.

It is necessary to remember: you can not make cuts if the distance to the edge of the tiles less than 8 mm!

Then it takes the glass cutter, followed by,gently pressing down on the tiles, cut its labeling. Thus tile itself must be positioned at the maximum level and stable work surface. Using this tool allows you to get a shallow incision in the coating materials. Oblomov tiles by a cut line can be, if you combine it with the edge of the work surface and gently push on both sides. For the same purpose can be used by ordinary pencil. He was also laid tile, which should put pressure on both sides.

Glass cutter for cutting tiles

Tools for cutting tiles - glass cutter is used for facing of small rooms, mainly for cutting large tiles

It is necessary to emphasize the fact thatthe tool for cutting tiles are not suitable for use if you are going to handle the floor tiles. This is due to the fact that it has high degree of strength, and an ordinary glass cutter with it just can not cope. Do not approach it for large volumes of work. So, cutting more than 10 tiles will be time-consuming and extremely long. An alternative could be a manual tile cutter.

Using the manual tile

Handmade Tile will be a good assistant indecoration, if you stacked floor tiles or the number is quite large. The main difference between this tool from the glass cutter is the larger size of the cutting wheel. Typically, its diameter is 15 mm. This allows you to make a deep cut, but the work itself is much faster. Externally, a bit like Tile nippers. This association occurs due to the presence of a special mechanism that allows crush cut after drawing a tile.

Sawing tile manual tile

Handmade Tile for processing tiles are given the opportunity to quickly and accurately cut a large number of tiles

When cutting tiles corner on the bottom of the Tile should be metal. For wall cladding material and will fit a plastic version.

cutting technology represents the nextprocess: a tile is placed on the base of the instrument and is fixed with a special rule. Then lifted his arm, and a cutting wheel mounted on a strictly pre-scheduled cutting line. Arm movement is carried out in the direction of "the". When you reach the edge of the tile, it is enough to click on it a little bit and product faults in the desired location.

Electric cutting machine

For large volumes of work it is advisable toto use the machine for cutting tiles, that is, an electric tile cutter. It allows you to cut the required number of tiles without difficulty, regardless of its strength. Moreover, it can be even cut narrow strips of product without difficulty, the width of which is only 5-6 mm.

From a technical point of view TileElectric is a circular saw with a diamond blade, which has a firm and level surface. Most models are equipped with a tray and water. It is essential in the process of cutting the tile to prevent the appearance on the surface of the tile cracks and chips. In addition, the tile cutting occurs at a considerable temperature in the place of cutting, so the water also cools the good stuff.

Electric Tile Tile

Electric tile cutter for cutting tiles is essentially a circulation saw, used in the decoration of public spaces, sports, shopping malls

When working with an electric tile cutters do not forget about safety precautions!

You must be gogglesEye and special headphones that protect against noise. When using this product, observe the following sequence of actions: a tile is placed on the base Tile and moves slowly toward operating the saw. If necessary, perform the cut approximately in the middle product is recommended to keep both hands on either side of the saw. If you cut a narrow strip, that is to keep the tile only with the widest side. Otherwise there is a risk to damage the arm.

The use of other tools

Tools that are useful for working withtile pretty much. So, if you want to break off from the notched thin strip product, you can use ordinary pliers. Cutting floor tiles in an arc without too much difficulty can be performed using angle grinder, but it must be equipped with a disc on the concrete. After cutting it is necessary to align the edges of the product, which uses a sander or abrasive material.

To perform a circular hole in a tile,for example, for laying the pipe, it is placed on a firm, flat surface, and then use a carbide drill. The ideal core bit is designed specifically for the tile. In its absence, along the perimeter of the future holes conventional carbide drill holes carried out at regular intervals. Then, using the blade for jigsaw ( "cord"), you need to cut all the bridges between the prepared holes. The edges of the resulting holes are processed sander.

Thus, a bit of time, knowledge and necessary tools allow you to maximize the correct cut tiles for walls and floors.

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