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Dedusting concrete floor: the purpose and means of achieving

Dedusting concrete floor

Dusting - one of the few negativefactors accompanying maintenance of premises with concrete floors. From intense impact load violated structural connections of the top layer of concrete pavement. Because of this artificially created stone floor begins to break down, to spread the dust. Harmful slurry pollutes electronics machines with sophisticated software control. It is deposited on clothing, furniture, products to the respiratory tract and the people in the room. To prevent the unwanted spread of dust suspension will dedusting concrete floor, as a result of which simultaneously accomplishes several important tasks.


  • Concrete dust removal technology
  • Types of impregnation for dedusting
  • Standard Milestones

The essence of concrete dust removal process isprocessing special penetrating compounds. Due to this, not only stops the spread of harmful for people and equipment dust suspension, but also increases the strength characteristics of the material. Measures to protect against dust prevent premature wear of the top layer of the concrete floor, eliminate the appearance of cracks and other defects.

Dust-free concrete floor - perfect hygiene, operational and technical quality

De-dusting of concrete floors is carried out in order to improve the technical characteristics, to ensure ideal conditions of hygiene and life extension

Concrete dust removal technology

Deep penetrating into the porous structureartificially created stone, special impregnation interact with the components concrete. The resulting insoluble crystals filamentous destruction processes starting block and secured finely-dispersed particles that do not have strong structural bonds.

However, already appeared filledmicroscopic cracks rapidly absorbing water and chemicals capillaries, voids, pores. That is, the concrete floor surface acquires the ability to resist, both mechanical and chemical, biological, moisture effects. Besides dedusting impregnation treated concrete floor begins to firmly keep the thermal shocks and does not respond to the sharp and frequent temperature fluctuations.

As a result of the processing of concrete floors dedusting compositions:

  • formed resistance to aggressive factors of chemical and biological origin;
  • provides resistance against abrasive substances;
  • increased water repellency;
  • extends the life of the concrete floor;
  • eliminates dust dissemination;
  • improved aesthetic component;
  • facilitates maintenance processes.
Dedusting impregnation - operation

The operating principle of dedusting impregnation

floor processing special impregnations,designed for protection against dust and strengthening of concrete structures for a long time "will delay" the need for repair or replacement of worn cover, ensure the required standards for working conditions.

Types of impregnation for dedusting

To improve the technical performance, wear resistance and decorative performance of concrete floors are used two kinds of impregnating composition is:

  • Impregnation by an organic based, forwhich include acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy materials. With their help has made filling cracks, capillary channel chain organic molecules.
  • Flyuaty - impregnating materials havinginorganic base. Protective reinforcing concrete processing using flyuatov produced by converting a soluble substance to an insoluble compound containing silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2). The most stable glassy silicon compound with oxygen improves strength and density of the concrete floor, prevents the penetration of corrosive chemical components.

Now manufacturers offer impregnationsuitable for the treatment of floors, made of any brand of concrete. Choose the appropriate composition can be for highly fissured surface worn and just laid new tile floor. Work on the processing and recovery Performance Concrete floors can be performed at any temperature conditions in the premises for any purpose.

Dedusting is carried out on the premises of any purpose

Perform dust removal of concrete floor at any time on the premises of any purpose

Standard Milestones

Depending on the degree of attrition and destruction of concrete, as well as the objectives pursued by the owner of the premises, the number of stages is determined dedusting.

Part of the activities need not be performed if a new floor is being processed or if the esthetic criteria are not important to the owner. Basically the full cycle of works includes:

  • surface grinding through which removed the upper brittle layer of worn concrete floors or cement milk laid two or three weeks ago coating;
  • repair defects, dents, cracks or deformationjoints is performed using the primers and epoxy repair mortars with organic base, thereby further increasing defect is suppressed at portions destroyed;
  • dust cleaning is performed using specialized equipment, impeccably collecting all the dust and sludge generated in the process of grinding and repair of concrete floor;
  • application of impregnating compositions, reinforcing the concrete lining the surface of the floor, creating a protection against unwanted intrusion into the pores of water, chemicals, foreign inclusions;
  • priming polymeric materials, carried out if necessary to strengthen the floor made of concrete with a weak bearing capacity, and also with a significant amount of damage;
  • colored industrial floors, if it is assumed as a decorative coating, which uses epoxy resin and dyes;
  • varnishing mosaic concrete floors with granite or marble chips, realized through the application of protective and decorative polymer coatings.
Painted and dust-free cement floor

Dust-free and durable painted cement floor

In order to reduce the sliding friction lacquered or painted concrete floors often to de-dusting coating is well-screened small fraction quartz sand.

Work on the dedusting of concrete floors helprestore the performance of the worn surface, to protect the new floor from premature destruction. In any case, de-dusted and strengthen significantly cheaper than eliminate serious injury or equip new premises flooring.

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