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Cast 3d floor with their hands: embody the original idea

Cast 3d floor with their hands

Self-leveling floor 3d ... Probably, there will be nothe man whom this type of floor covering can remain indifferent. Appearing recently on the Russian construction market, these floors created a furor. Even viewing their photographs causes delight and admiration, but what about the emotions that are experienced by people when walking on them. Just imagine, you are taking a shower surrounded by frolicking dolphins ... or pitch on a huge fluffy dandelions ... or relax on the banks of bubbling mountain streams ... all limited only by your imagination and budget.


  • The incarnation of your dreams - 3d
  • Technology for creating liquid 3d floor
    • Substrate preparation
    • Priming - exclusion of defects
    • Fill the base layer
    • Application of a 3d image
    • Fill topcoat
    • Application of a protective layer

The incarnation of your dreams - 3d

It all started with artists drawing on the pavementspecific volume figures, collecting a lot of spectators. These images were so real, that it was hard to believe that they are drawn on a flat surface. But the illusion of volume (3d effect) is created only when viewing pictures from a certain angle, and figure the more is revealed, the longer it reaches.

The sample is self-leveling floors with 3d effect

Agree, it's hard to believe that the floor surface is flat

Currently, the technology application volumeImages allows you to create exclusive flooring, filling the room a cosiness, comfort and owners who grant a good mood and a sense of satisfaction from the possibility of realization of their wildest dreams and fantasies.

Self-leveling floor 3d photo which in large numbers can be seen onvarious construction sites of companies offering their services to create flooring come in different colors and various textures. They can be transparent, carry a certain image, sparkle luminous colored sparks, contain small items that complement the overall interior style.

Initially, the 3d floor fillers price wasis so high that such coverage has been an elusive dream of the vast majority of people in our country. This was due to the novelty of the Russian market of services, lack the necessary experience, many construction companies and the high cost of materials.

Sample self-leveling floor 3d

The image is so realistic that you can not get rid of the feeling of being on a glass floor

Of course, technology is creating a self-leveling floorIt is still characterized by a complex and requires certain skills, but still with a strong desire, you can even create a self-leveling flooring 3d hands. Though actually do it's still not worth it, because even the minimum error can lead to a pattern of deformation, cracks and many other problems to fix which will be quite difficult, and the cost is in the rather big amount. Therefore, the "Caesar - Caesar", and self-leveling floors 3d - only high-end professionals.

Technology for creating liquid 3d floor

At first glance, the device self-leveling floorsthree-dimensional image - a fairly simple process. But in fact, on the 3d floor leveling technology is very complex and has many nuances. Let us consider the main stages of installation this exciting flooring.

Substrate preparation

Substrate designed forfloors, should not only be perfectly flat, but at the same time rough. This will ensure better adhesion between the base and the base layer. In principle, you can arrange such floors and wooden and ceramic-based, but the best result is still obtained on the concrete.

If it is decided to install self-leveling3d floor on a wooden base, you should check the humidity. The value of this indicator should not exceed 10%. The surface is completely degreased and cleaned of dust and fine particles of debris. It is best to grind the tree. The main drawback of placing self-leveling floor on a wooden surface - the possibility of cracking the structure as a result of the deflection boards under the weight of the finished floor.

When installing the water inlet design on ceramicsyou need to carefully check the attachment of each tile. Loose items you want to delete, and formed holes carefully zashpatlevat. Then the surface is degreased, thoroughly cleaned and primed.

Humidity of the concrete base must not exceed5%. If it has cracked the place, it is best to fill the entire surface of a special self-leveling compounds, and only after the complete drying of the base is polished and cleaned.

Tip: special attention should be paid to the oil stains on the concrete. In such places may lag self-leveling floor.

Priming - exclusion of defects

Many defects in the surface self-leveling floorhappens because the air supply to the surface. That is why the foundation should be thoroughly primed. The composition is more convenient to apply with a spatula or a small roll with a short nap. For the best effect it is recommended to put at least two layers of primer. At the end of this process, the entire surface must be clean and sprinkled with fine quartz sand (to enhance roughness). After that, wait a full day before the base dries.

Fill the base layer

Most often, the polymer acts as the floor of the base layer. His excellent performance characteristics make it ideal to put on any image.

Pouring of the polymeric layer

The polymer composition as the base layer

Divorced for instructions polymer compositionis poured, spread evenly over the entire surface. If floor space is very large, the pouring produce several bands. Do not be afraid of prominent joints - high plasticity formulation allows you to connect parts together.

Important: When screed mixture on the floor surface can move only in the so-called kraskostupah (special shoes with spikes on the bottom).

Application of a 3d image

Next, plot the image with ink oruse the finished drawing on a vinyl film or web banner. The second method is much more economical as patterning using dyes requires large expenditures for expensive materials (necessary that they were resistant to ultraviolet rays), and a work of the artist. Therefore, a closer look at the process of applying the substrate-image.

Gluing pattern on floor

On the base layer is glued with 3d effect Image

  1. You must select a picture, process it ingraphic editor and order prints in a printing house. It should be noted that the size of the picture to be slightly larger than the size of the future coverage.
  2. The next step - priming of the base layer.
  3. One day later, after complete drying of the primer,glue pattern on the substrate. If the image is applied to the film, then the label must be monitored closely to the base between it and leave no air bubbles. The figure applied to the banner sheet, can be stuck on a thin layer of topcoat.

Fill topcoat

As you can use any transparent resin floors as topcoat. The technology of its application is simple:

  1. Mix all the ingredients of the mixture using a special attachment for a drill.
  2. Pour the mixture on the floor.
  3. Flatten the composition over the entire surface by a rule.
  4. Remove the air bubbles from the mixture with solid roller studs.
  5. Close the entire surface of polyethylene or foil for two days. This is to ensure that the floor has gained maximum strength.

Further work can be continued only after the final hardening topcoat. This time depends on many factors, such as coating thickness, temperature and humidity in the room.

Application of a protective layer

As the protective layer of self-leveling floor 3dcommonly used lacquer. This gives the polymer coating additional protective properties against any damage and thus prolongs the service floor. In today's construction market a huge range of different varnishes, and some even give the anti-slip properties of the coating.

To care for lacquered flooringYou can use any detergent. If we talk specifically about self-leveling floors, then to clean them fairly damp cloth or sponge, and for the light - the periodic polishing surface.

So, the entire process of creating this masterpiece takesonly about a week. Three days later you can safely bring in the furniture room. That's it, you just have for many years to enjoy a delicious, does not change, the appearance of self-leveling floor with 3d image.

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