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How to make a sliding partitions with their hands: the different methods and structures

How to make a sliding partitions with their hands

Modern technologies allow to make to thestandard apartment layout even some "flavor". In typical houses demolition of walls and partitions not only against the law, but also unsafe. But sometimes she wants instead of the small small rooms have a large spacious room. In this case, the ideal solution to the problem may be sliding partitions - the hands you their Pitch, or hire experts to do, it does not matter. The main thing that after the installation of the wall you can one-hand-create a small privacy zone, while the rest of the time your apartment will be a large bright room.

In the house, where a large family lives, each ofits members from time to time you need to retire. Unfortunately, the area is not always possible to allocate a separate room for each household. In this situation, sliding partitions not only transform the interior, but also will help to keep peace in the family. It is enough to push the partition, and create a complete illusion of privacy, even in a small space.


  • What is a sliding room dividers
  • Types of sliding partitions
  • Handwritten fabrication and installation
    • Method №1 for thrifty and hard-working
    • №2 method is simple, but expensive

What is a sliding room dividers

Interior walls - it is one or more webs which, when opened, simply shifted to the side.

Sliding interior doors

Standard door mounted on a sliding system

If the size of the door opening close to the standard, then the pulloutdesign, installed in it, more appropriate name-door coupe. If the aperture size is much larger than that of the standard door, it is called a sliding partition.

Even if there is no opening at all, and you just need to divide the room in half - sliding partition will be an excellent solution to the problem.

Partition separating the dining area

The partition dividing the room into two parts

Installation of sliding partitions justifiedany of the rooms - it can be a kitchen in which it is necessary to separate the dining area from the cooking zone, or a large living room, which serves both the dining room. These designs have been successfully applied in the bedrooms. With their help it is possible to separate the part of the room, equipped with so little boudoir.

Types of sliding partitions

Depending on the design distinguish 2 types of sliding room dividers - and threshold-rail.

Rail partitions operate on the same principle as all familiar closets. In this case, attached to the floor guide rail, and only to it - bulkhead.

Doorsteps partitions do not have the lower guide and operate thanks to a special upper suspension system.

If you are not a big dealsound insulating partitions ability, appropriately selected from one rail system, since in this case the floor of the opening remains free. Despite some inconvenience, connected with the presence in the doorway of the metal rail and bi-rail partitions are more suitable for those who need silence.

There are also folding room dividers, which are designed to save space as much as possible. Taking shape in the "accordion", so the door in the open position practically does not take place.

Folding room dividers

Folding room dividers allows maximum space saving

Handwritten fabrication and installation

Craft sliding interior walls with his own hands is simple enough, but this process has some nuances that must be considered.

First we need to properly remove the size of the opening and the place where the leaf will diverge. Web width should not exceed the width of the "pockets", otherwise the leaf opens.

In the process of partitioning is required to manufactureyou must take into account the weight of the fabric and foundation, to which will be mounted rails. Ideally, the partition should be easy, and the base - strong. The most appropriate basis can be considered as a concrete or brick ceiling. If the project sliding partition will be attached to a wooden or plasterboard wall, the gap needs to be strengthened.

Important! It is impossible to fix the sliding interior walls to the ceiling plasterboard. This will inevitably lead to the fact that the ceiling is cracked and skewed partition.

If gipsokaronny ceiling only in the plans, it is possible to attach to the ceiling metal beam and have it mounted rails.

Thus, all the conditions are met - Getting Started.

Independently make sliding interior doors can be in two ways.

Method №1 for thrifty and hard-working

In construction near the supermarket select guides the required length. As a rule, they are sold complete with the mechanism. Additionally, such kits include a mounting system.

Mechanisms for sliding doors system

Mechanisms for sliding doors system

Important! Choosing a connecting mechanism for the sliding system, remember that the rubber rollers or rubber-coated rollers wear out quickly enough. Within a few months of intensive use of the mechanism may require repair or replacement. Much stronger are steel rollers.

By their construction and recessed mountedmechanisms for sliding systems. Which one to choose them - decide for yourself. Just remember that hinged mechanisms are not very aesthetic - they can be seen in operation. Built as a mechanism of "hiding" in the door, but it requires the installation of grooving, and this requires a router. If you have some experience in carpentry work, you can do a chisel.

As the partition can be usedPanel laminated chipboard or MDF. More light barrier can be built with his own hands from the wooden slats, plywood and glazing beads. To do this, pick a frame made of slats, connecting them about the means of thorns and wood glue. Shtapikami then fix in the frame of plywood sheets. The design is ready. Now you need to decorate it. It all depends on your imagination. You can paste over the design of self-adhesive film, covered with fabric or paint. You can even order prints of your favorite photos in the correct format and stick it on the partition.

Sliding interior walls decorated with floral patterns

Sliding interior walls decorated with floral patterns

Important! Calculating the size of the sliding leaf, take it to 5-7 cm wider aperture and 10-15 cm higher (if the design is not limited by the ceiling). Otherwise, around the closed partitions occur fairly large gap.

№2 method is simple, but expensive

The second method is much simpler, but also significantlyexpensive. Remove sizes, make all necessary corrections and go to the nearest furniture shop. And then you ask them to do the door to the compartment of the cabinet. You will only need to attach rails and hang partition. As a rule, any furniture company offers a huge range of fronts for wardrobe - choose any. It will turn more expensive, but the quality of performance and design - apart from the competition.

You can choose any method of manufacture and assembly of interior sliding partitions, but after finishing the work, you will understand that it is worth the money, time and effort that you have spent.

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