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How to choose metal doors: useful tips

How to choose metal doors

How to choose metal doors? The issue is complex, but at the same time very interesting and requires careful analysis, because the correct choice depends on the door, first of all, your safety and your peace of mind. It would seem, come into the store, visiting the shown assortment of flowers, choose your favorite model, pay and be done with it. But not so easy as you might think. It needs a different approach, because you buy, first and foremost, their safety.


  • One, two, three, four, five, begin to choose
    • What doors better - cheap or expensive
  • What makes metal doors
  • Castle - choose wisely Rigel - needed or not
  • Additional plugins

One, two, three, four, five, begin to choose

First of all, the choice of the metal door to start with answering a few questions:

  1. Why do you need a door?
  2. What features do you it rests?
  3. How much are you willing to spend?
  4. What accessories will buy? (Although you will find out it is already in the process).

So, thank you for all figured out and purposefullyYou go to the store to choose the best, highest quality and most reliable door. In any normal shop always has a showroom where you can see the products, touch it and touch, to assess the characteristics, as they say, live.

Smiling and helpful advisor with joyarrange for you a tour and show the best models from major manufacturers. Already at this stage should be on guard, because the sellers are just waiting for your arrival, to impose on you is that, in principle, no one needs. Therefore it is necessary to know in advance about their tricks and tactics.

Packaging metal door

Packaging metal door

  1. If the consultant enthusiastically tells you aboutdoors, interior space which is filled with lead shavings combined with buckwheat husks and swan's down, do not hesitate to him to clarify why there is all this necessary. Modern reliable door should be protected from the street or driveway cold, not be too heavy, and it is desirable that it was made of high quality metal. As an internal filler is ideal insulation Isover, and everything else is already redundant.
  2. door-frame - Another element of the front door. There are two types of door frame - closed and open. The closed design is welded to each other formed sections. This box is very robust and reliable. No closure of the door frame structure consists of a curved profile, which significantly reduces the cost of the entire package. This box does not have sufficient rigidity, however it is filled during the installation of concrete mix (for more stability and strength). Some sellers, using the fact that the buyer in this matter a little aware, wishful thinking - begin to convince you that this measure is an advantage of this door, forgetting to mention that without the strengthening of concrete box door will not work.
  3. Another favorite legend majorityConsultants - supposedly filled with concrete door frame improves the thermal insulation characteristics of the door. Complete nonsense, concrete - is not the best insulation, because even the foundation of "wrapped" warm polystyrene.

    Device metal doors

    The circuit device of a metal door

What doors better - cheap or expensive

To find out which doors better, you need to figure out the maximum information about those and others.

1. Cheap doors worth up to $ 150.

The relatively low price may be a conventionalpublicity stunt, which can get caught on you. For the money you will be offered the most primitive door consisting of two aluminum, or even steel, sheets, plates fastened together, or so-called ribs. This package will be complemented by two locks «made in Russia», «elegant" giant-sized keys, a conventional door handle and peephole. Yes, and again, the door weight is about 100 kg.

If you have a desire to strengthen orseal the door, you have to pay extra. Each additional element, not included in the basic package will be installed on the door of your click - only manage to open the wallet.

For example, a layer of batting on average costs about $ 2-3, with mineral wool - $ 4-5, Foam - 6, and from makrofleksa - about $ 7-8. So consider!

Next costly part - a castle. If you are not satisfied with the standard version, which comes (and it is likely you are not satisfied), you can prepare your wallet again. Castle with a more complex configuration, with clasps and pins will cost you a decent amount, and yet it is still necessary to establish, as soon as you put in popularity.

Come on. You have decided to expand the doorway, then you have to pay again. This procedure will cost you about 30-40% of the original cost of the door. To what extend the opening? Everything is simple and trite. Often the size of furniture or household appliances outperform the size of the door opening and to make such purchases in the apartment or house is extremely difficult. Much easier if a standard door width of 80 cm will have a completely different parameters, for example, 90 or even 100 cm.

If you add up all the costs, we get an entirely different figure than was stated in the beginning. Instead of $ 150 steel door will cost you at all 200 or even more.

Paneled doors of metal

Paneled doors of metal "economy" category

2. Golden middle - door cost from $ 200 to $ 400

These doors are not only theirand a complete set of specifications, but also have a more impressive and attractive appearance. They are made of stainless steel and is already in the base has heat and sound insulation, the anti end pins, the door frame of profile pipes, peephole with a viewing angle up to 200 degrees, and the choice of upholstery, including laminate, wood, leather and other materials. Of course, if you want to complement this door any bells and whistles, they are not included, as well as work on expansion or narrowing of the opening.

3. Elite Door - door cost from 450 to 2000 dollars

These doors are distinguished primarily by its price andhigh quality not only of the metal itself, but also all accessories included in the package. They are made in the factory of quality stainless steel. The sheets bonded to each other ribs, and welding is carried out by a point. As a heater used rockwool, polyurethane or penopropilena, and to the maximum to protect you from the noise, according to Kant doors pave the sealing gasket.

The basic package itself "heaped" imported doors include:

  • telescopic peephole
  • high security safe lock
  • special frame design, forming a wall equal in strength monolith
  • internal filler, providing protection against the penetration of cold and noise
  • decorative covering to your taste
  • end valve
  • insert - a design that increases the height of the door by 10-12 cm.
  • antisemnye pins

luxury door installation technology enoughvery different from our methods. Import box door includes a wall on both sides - from the outside and the inside, thereby forming a cavity which is filled with grout to form a solid monolith. Knock a door unit is not possible, unless someone did not climb up in a head to break the wall. If opening a few more or less the size of the door you choose, the master or his lay bricks or to expand your options. This service costs about $ 15-20.

Castle doors have imported super reliable, becauseeach key is produced in a single copy, but the lock has more than 3 million key combinations. To manufacture a duplicate is impossible without special computer card that comes with the kit. You can order a special set consisting of three keys, different from each other, but suitable for a single lock. For example, you have lost one of the keys, and order a new one in no time. Then you just take a second key and open the door for them. Now lost key not open your door, even if it exists.

What makes metal doors

To understand what should be the front door. it is necessary to deal with the fact of what and how it is made, because you are interested in any of the meat made sausage lying on a shelf in a store. Same thing with the doors.

Robust steel

Elite entrance metal doors with insulation, construction

All doors, quietly and peacefully standing on the trading floor,It can be divided into two categories - the doors, manufactured in a small firm, which occupies the basement in the short nine-and the doors, producing a large company, so to speak, "shark door business."

A small company mainly operatesindividual orders, because she has no reason to make tens or hundreds of doors in a month - where to get as many clients? Yes, and buy expensive equipment is no hurry - why? It is because of poor technical equipment of the door, so now produced, can hardly be called the acme of perfection.

Welding is done by hand, and because seamsobtained is not always smooth and perfect, and it can only mean one thing - in 3-4 years can deform the door, locks jam, broken thermal and sound insulation, and even your apartment becomes unsafe.

Large corporations as well watch not only fortheir image and reputation, but also the quality of the products they produce, because it is this parameter could not be better characterize the reliability and honesty of the seller. The most important difference of a large firm by the small producer - level process and equipment because the reliability and durability of the metal door is directly dependent on the quality of steel, dimensional accuracy of steel sheets and advanced assembly technology.

In large plants try to preventdeformation of metal sheets used for these purposes listosgibochnye special tools, with which to produce almost any profile. Agree, a solid piece of metal is much stronger that was welded from pieces.

Prepared sheets reinforced ribs spot welding, to achieve a perfect geometric shape of the box and the door. This door will serve you for decades.

Do not save here and insulation - internalthe space is filled with doors in different materials - mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, foam, etc. Manually inserted eyes, locks, latches, installed decorative panel. Incidentally, the latter is set and does not stick, as is often done craftsmen.

This door turns reliable, durable, strong, just be what you need.

Castle - choose wisely

In order to choose the front door, we were defined, and how to be a lock, because this design element is not less important than the thickness and quality of metal from which made the door leaf.

Steel entrance door with lever locks

Lever lock - the most common protection system, is equipped with a metal door

Typically, metal doors are equipped with two types of locks - cylinder and lever.

  • lever locks

Lever locks are very reliable and strong, theymassive enough and perform a power function. Thanks to these characteristics it is difficult to dislodge the lock difficult to open. basic element lever locks - a code plate or levers. The minimum number of plates inside the housing must be at least 6. The more, the more secure the lock.

Important: if you want to know the level of secrecy lever locks, then count the number of barbs key steps, because the number of levers corresponds to the number of steps.

  • cylinder locks

The cylinder lock is also called auxiliary,probably because it is slightly smaller. The second type of locks most commonly used when you need somewhere to go for a short time (to run to a neighbor for salt or to the store for bread). Break the lock cylinder is not difficult, but it is very difficult to pick up for him a suitable key or master key to open it.

Cylinder locks have an internal mechanism,its appearance resembles a cylinder or circle. The key for this lock is flat, and on its edges and in the middle point has recesses and notches equal to the number of pins in the cylinder. Accordingly, the more cuts on the key, the more secure the lock. If there are more than five, then a lock to open virtually impossible, and forge a key, too, will not work, because they are made by special technology based on the use of punch cards, or laser.

This technology will not let thieves makeduplicate on the first corner, because to get it right, or they need to go to the factory, where they will be sent immediately to hell, or company representative. But even there, they do not shine, as they will need to present a special card, on which the encrypted code. If you bought a cylinder lock, and complete this card is not found, it means that you have made in laser technology. Having lost the key, you need to change the cylinder completely, so be prepared for additional spending.

Cylinder lock

Cylinder lock for metal door

In conjunction with each other both locks can reliably protect your home from unwanted visitors, so always when leaving the house, close the door on both locks.

Rigel - needed or not

The question, of course, almost rhetorically, because no one will refuse additional protection. Rigel - this is such protection.

Generally bolt or, if you would be so easy, metal pin, provides a secure fit doors inside the box. There may be three, maybe more, it all depends on the size of your wallet.

Located directly inside the boltleaf, and if you open the door, they will not be visible. But by turning the key in the lock (or a special pen, located next door with a keyhole), beams come into action and go out of their nests, firmly closing the door. Typically, these pins are located on the lock side, top and bottom of the door leaf.

Apart from steel crossbars can beanchor antitheft system, consisting of metal pins which are an end. At the time of closing the door they enter the holes located in the box and the door is blocked securely. Now it is precisely nobody will be able to take off or open loops.

Additional plugins

In order to attract the customer's attention to their productsand even, to some extent, to surprise him, many manufacturers use a syllogism. They set its doors on a variety of mechanisms that protect them from tampering.

Given the presence (or absence) of these degrees of protection, all metal doors can be divided into four classes:

Class 1. The door can not be opened by using simple tools and the use of physical force.

Class 2. The door can not be opened using any tools, except electric.

Class 3. The door can not be opened by any instruments, including electric capacity not greater than 500 watts.

Class 4. All the above advantages, combined with bulletproof.

But before you assign your product a particular proficiency, the manufacturer is obliged to pass the certification system in the State Standard, where the doors are screened for resistance to burglary and bullet resistance.

The door, which took a similar certification, of course, will cost more than the usual, and the difference in price can be quite noticeable.

So, let's sum up.

  1. High-quality steel must be perfectly smooth door leaf, no distortions, deformations, dents and irregularities should not be.
  2. For extra safety, the door must be equipped with two locks, anchor system, bolts, valves and other systems of protection against penetration.
  3. Inside, the door must be heat and zvukouplotnitel and along its perimeter is desirable to stretch the rubber seal.
  4. Installation of metal doors should be carried out by experts, because of the quality of this process depends on the degree of protection of your apartment or house.

Well, now you know what is better to put the door. The choice is yours!

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