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Correct installation of entrance metal doors with his hands - guaranteed reliability

Correct installation of entrance metal doors with their hands

Planned capital repair of apartment orprivate home, each of us could not help wondering where to begin. Typically, any repair starts with the replacement of the front door. In recent years, the most popular was the installation of metal doors - with your hands to make it simple enough. In addition, there are a number of reasons that force us to give preference to such a door.


  • The advantages of metal doors
  • Selecting robust design
  • Terms installation recommendations
    • You will need tools and supplies
  • Removing the old door
  • Methods of installation of entrance doors with their hands
    • Method №1 - mounting on metal plates
    • Method №2 - mounting screws with anchors

The advantages of metal doors

  • The strength of the metal door will allow you to be confident in the safety of their property.
  • A variety of finishing options allows you to select the door in strict accordance with your wishes.
  • Wide price range is designed for users with any level of income.
  • Durability - a metal door is not afraid of pests, fungus and mold, and special anti-corrosion treatment reliably protect it from rust.
  • The use of modern insulating materials guarantees excellent heat and sound insulation.
  • Multi-level locking mechanisms and additional protection will not allow hackers or pick a lock or remove the door from its hinges.

Selecting robust design

Before installing the door ofmetal, check with friends and acquaintances. Maybe some of them in recent months by replacing the doors and you will be able to advise a reliable manufacturer or retailer. Before buying, ask to show you all regulations to ensure product quality. Be sure to inspect the proposed door and note the following points:

  • The thickness of the metal in the casing of the door should be at least 2 mm
  • In a closed door on the hinge side must besmall gaps, covered with a sealant. If there are no gaps, a few months of use, you will inevitably have problems with closing doors.
  • The castle must have locking pins on all four sides of the door. It will not allow to cut the loop and press it.

Important! Sometimes cheaper models instead of steel doors are equipped with pins plastic imitations. Be sure to check.

  • Ask which uses corrosion-resistant coating manufacturer.

Important! The most susceptible to corrosion of the metal part of the door is a threshold. Therefore, it is desirable that it is made of stainless steel.

Terms installation recommendations

Verifying the installation of the door by means of level

The door should be established strictly on the level

Even if you have chosen a high-quality entrance door, it is not yet a guarantee of security.

Equally important is how to install metal door.

Interesting! According to law enforcement agencies, the cases when the robbers, unable to open the steel door, equipped with quality locks, simply remove it from the wall with the outer duct. This is possible due to improper installation of the door.

A way out could be installation of entrance doors with their hands. If you have little experience with a drill and a hammer, this process will not be too difficult for you.

Important! Some vendors do not support the warranty on the door, installed by the buyer on their own. In this case it is better to pay the installation services or seek other outlets.

The only and the main condition for achieving the best results is the attention to detail - it is better one time to show patience and thoroughness than redo the work several times.

Important! Before choosing the doors need to properly measure the doorway. Remember that the gap between the casing and the wall around the perimeter should be at least 25mm.

You will need tools and supplies

  • A small crowbar or a crowbar
  • Bulgarian
  • drill
  • plummet
  • Level
  • Big hammer
  • Roulette
  • nog
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Anchoring

Removing the old door

A method of removing the door hinges on the collapsible

Dismantle the door hinges on the collapsible

Before you install outside the metal door, it is necessary to release the doorway of your old age your door. Let's get started.

  • The first step is to remove the old doorloops. If collapsible hinges, open the door widely and using the crowbar to lift it up to the point until removed. If the one-piece hinges, it is necessary to unscrew the screws, they were attached to Lutkov.
  • Now dismantle doorframe. If it is wood, it is necessary to extend orUnscrew all the nails and anchors, which smew fastened to the wall. Then, using a hacksaw to saw the side racks in half and squeeze them from the walls of a crowbar. Now, just take out the pieces of the door frame. If you remove all fasteners, smew ejects easily enough.
  • Metal door frame can give youa bit more of a hassle. For it is necessary to dismantle grinder to cut the mounting rods and then remove the entire structure. This process usually results in extensive destruction of the plaster around the door, but it is impossible to do without it.
  • When the old door is removed, be sure to clean the opening of the remnants of the old insulation and excess grout.

Methods of installation of entrance doors with their hands

Important! With the process of installing metal doors rather difficult to handle alone. This is due to considerable weight construction and its dimensions. So, before starting work podyschu assistant.

Installation of entrance metal doors can becarried out in two ways. One of them is used, when the door is placed flush with the wall, and the second approach in the case where there are slopes around the door from the apartment.

Method №1 - mounting on metal plates

Fixing the door on metallic plates

Door Mounting Method №1

The most common installation methoda steel door is mount it to the wall by means of metal plates. Typically, such plates are at the side profiles of the door frame, securing three on each side.

Using this technique is only possible when the side door is placed flush with the flat wall.

  • The pre-cleaned doorway insert the door and align it on a level and plumb. The correct position of the door fix with wooden wedges and check the level again.
  • Hand-punch or drill to make holes in the wall at the attachment points.
  • In the prepared holes hammered steel rods 10-15 cm long, the ends of which clench. Instead of twigs, you can use anchors.
  • be sure to check At this stage,as the door closes freely, and how tightly it is adjacent to the box. Furthermore, improper position of the door can cause jamming of the lock mechanism. Therefore, before using foam should check if the latch is triggered easily and if the locks are closed.
  • Now Moisturizing opening and fill the cavities with foam.

Important! Dirt-component foam, the visible part of the door is quite difficult to clean. Therefore, it is desirable to protect the work before them with masking tape.

After installation, the door must be dry foam, at this time it is advisable not to open the door.

Method №2 - mounting screws with anchors

Installation of the door the second method

Installing the door the second method

As a rule, this method is only applicable if the door need to "drown" in the thickness of the wall, which makes it impossible to use the mounting plates.

In order to understand how to set ironthe door in this case, you should consider a door box. In most cases, the manufacturer provides special mounting holes in the box, and complete with door sold anchor bolts and plastic plugs one color with it. If anything like this in your door, you do not find to install it, you will need welding machine.

  • Install the door on the spacer as described above, the drill in the side uprights of the door frame on the 3 holes on each side.
  • Through the hole in the wall type in steel rod pieces not less than 12cm in length.
  • Weld the ends of the rod to the door frame. The welding should be implemented through the hole in the side of the box. This is necessary in order to avoid sagging, which can obstruct the closing of the door.

Where anchors are provideddoor design, rather through the fixing groove to drill a hole in the wall and attach the door anchor. It remains only to blow out the gap between the wall and the door with foam and wait until it dries.

Now that you know how to properly installthe front door. Important in this process is not to neglect the tips and do not rush. Better to spend the whole day on the installation of the door than to call the locksmith to aid for cutting the lock jammed.

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