Which is better to use a false ceiling in the kitchen

Kitchen - one of the most favorite places in theflat, so its improvement is important in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the building. Special attention deserves the kitchen finishing the ceiling. Today used a lot of different types of finishing the ceiling - from the whitewash and cover up tiles. But in recent years more and more common for new ways ceiling device. One of them - a false ceiling in the kitchen is a great alternative to the outdated methods of repair. Why more and more owners are choosing modern it was his kitchen? Let's face it.


  • Pros false ceiling in the kitchen
  • Top kitchen ceilings
  • The range of suspended ceilings for kitchen

Pros false ceiling in the kitchen

The feasibility of using a false ceiling in the kitchen is caused by a number of advantages:

  • It looks neat and beautiful, helps to hideAll defects and shortcomings of the old ceiling. There is no need to prepare the surface for its installation (no need to remove the existing ceiling on the main cracks, bumps, rough and uneven) and this makes the installation of the ceiling less labor-intensive.
False ceiling in the kitchen

Modern kitchen design with a beautiful ceiling: design elegantly hidden communication

  • It allows you to hide a lot of passing in the kitchencommunication systems - wires, pipes, fire and ventilation systems. The design of the ceiling is that allows you to position the decorative elements so as to leave enough room for the necessary communications.
  • The space between the ceiling and the new designthe same ceiling is convenient to place in it the elements of lighting devices. Since the kitchen is divided into 2 main zones - a dining and cooking, it is advisable to provide in each individual luminaire system. For example, over the surface countertops typically have a chain of halogen lights and hang a cozy lamp on the total surface of the table.
    False ceiling in the kitchen

    Above the surface of the tabletop chain placed halogen lights, and hang over the table lamp cozy

    In addition, the play of light creates an atmosphere of comfort, allowing to arrange the kitchen right on the romantic dinners at least every day.

False ceiling in the kitchen

Placed in a suspended ceiling lighting elements create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the kitchen

  • As a result occurring in the kitchencooking process produces a lot of steam, to the ceiling panels are increased requirements for water resistance. Suspended ceilings can withstand humidity well.
  • A relatively simple installation compared toother types of ceiling coverings. Even in the case when the apartment is a non-standard layout and on the walls there are various ledges and niches, ceiling installation is not difficult.
    False ceiling in the kitchen

    The existence of different projections, niches, arches in the kitchen is not difficult to install a suspended ceiling

    Suspended ceilings can be disassembled and moved to another room, if necessary, to mount it again.

  • In case of damage of any parts of the ceiling, it is easy to replace with a new and do not need to dismantle the entire ceiling for this. Due to the special design of the ceiling is sufficient to remove only the damaged item.

Top kitchen ceilings

As is known, in the kitchen during cookingformed soot, fine particles are sprayed fat, which eventually adheres dust. This means that the ceiling surface will be washed from time to time by various degreasing solvent. Therefore, ceilings mineral wool and plasterboard, perfectly suitable for living rooms and corridors, the kitchen use is unreasonable. Besides the fact that their conduct wet cleaning is very difficult, under the influence of a pair of plates may also be deformed, gradually losing its attractive appearance.

The most suitable options for the kitchen - it isPinion and cassette suspended ceilings. The main elements of the suspended ceiling installed in the kitchen are usually cassette. This is a rectangular or square panels. But today no less popular and ceilings rack type. They are made of aluminum or steel. And rack and cassettes have a resistant coating, and can last from 10 to 25 years, while remaining attractive and not losing relevance.

False ceiling in the kitchen

False ceiling in the kitchen - it's stylish, practical, comfortable, durable

As for the design, the surface of the suspendedthe ceiling can be issued in one color or painted in several colors - it all depends on the owner's wishes. It can be solid or perforated. With its special resistance, the surface of suspended ceilings do not fade in the sun, so there is no need to regularly update the decorative coating. It is this and due to the popularity and demand for aluminum and steel suspended ceilings with the kitchen decoration.

False ceiling in the kitchen

Latex paint cartridge is extremely durable and perfectly maintained high humidity and aggressive environment.

Put simply, the suspension designIt represents ceiling frame on which are fixed panel. The frame can be opened and closed. In an open ceiling frame is visible. Closed the frame is completely hidden behind the decorative elements. But each of these types of ceilings has its advantages.

False ceiling in the kitchen

Aluminum cassette ceiling with a concealed grid

The surface latent type hanging systemsmooth, almost monolithic, and visible grid system allows further decorate decorative ceiling. Support grid may be different in color from the panel, and it gives the opportunity to create an original design, emphasize the individuality of the kitchen. The visible elements of the ceiling, with cover chrome, for example, look spectacular in combination with the same handles suite of furniture in the kitchen, appliances and electrical appliances.

You can also fantasize with the color of the ceiling,'m not sure that it was monotonous. Its surface will become more attractive, bright and cozy, if, for example, two-color plates are staggered or alternate colored band in the suspended ceilings.

False ceiling in the kitchen

Cassette ceiling with photo printing - elegant spectacle

The ceiling rack-type elements are mounted onbus (metal strips with the projections), the holder operating function. In the high-ceilinged kitchen most often used open slats that are mounted close to each other. By combining them with colored inserts, you can create different designs.

Rack suspended ceiling in the kitchen

Combining rail with color inserts, you can create an original design ensemble

The illusion of a smooth ceiling help create railwith inserts made of aluminum tape. Their thickness is just 0.5 mm, but they can withstand all loads. The special arrangement of rails ensures the safety and reliability of the design, which is very important for building apartments. The length of the rods is 3-4m, and the width of 90-150 mm.

The range of suspended ceilings for kitchen

False ceilings in the kitchen, where a photopresented in this article, and the Internet can be found in large numbers, without a doubt are a great solution. It is important that the kitchen area was not only beautiful, but also functional. Large range of elements and panels of suspended ceilings allows you to stick to the desired style and design.

False ceiling in the kitchen

Multilevel ceiling in the kitchen allows you to conveniently separate the work area from the dining

Very popular todaymultilevel ceilings. It saves space (because like it or not, suspended ceiling "steal" a few centimeters in height) and, in addition, it can be divided into zones kitchen. And the installation of illumination of any color on the multi-level ceiling further emphasize the individuality of the kitchen and create a positive atmosphere during the meal.

False ceiling in the kitchen

Split Level ceiling provides an opportunity to organize interesting lighting

The range offered today suspendedceiling, including the kitchen, is huge. Many manufacturers produce a variety of designs, materials, types of scaffolds. You can choose ready-made version of the author, and you can use the services of a designer.

Undoubtedly, the ceiling in the kitchen - it isthe original choice for the modern repair. Its durability and ease of use will save, and a huge range of colors allows you to choose any one you like the ceiling design. The decisive factors when choosing a ceiling for finishing dishes are characteristics such as functionality, safety and high quality.

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