What equipment is needed for the installation of suspended ceilings: carefully prepare for the installation

What equipment is needed for the installation of suspended ceilings

Among other ways the ceiling arrangementTension allocated special aesthetic smooth surface, shiny, matte, one-color or patterned high-definition printing. The effect of a perfectly flat surface of the ceiling, especially in combination with a complex multilevel structure, striking elegance. Possible repetition of the one seen in the splendor of your own apartment? The person concerned will not be difficult to find a video with rapid coordinated work of professional teams, installed suspended ceiling. Produced manipulation striking simplicity, which suggests the idea of ​​the feasibility of ideas on their own. Consider the necessary materials and equipment for the installation of suspended ceilings, to establish themselves in the decision or give up the idea.


  • List of Consumables
  • All tools for mounting
  • The cloth for the stretch ceiling
  • Mounting profile ( "baguette")
  • The reinforcement ring - the right choice
  • We need a heat gun

List of Consumables

  • PVC film;
  • Scotch;
  • fixing profile;
  • dowel diameter 6 mm, length 30 mm;
  • screws;
  • reinforcement ring for lighting;
  • glue (cyanoacrylate group).

Tools and supplies for ceiling mounting

All tools for mounting

  • heat gun;
  • water level or laser level;
  • otbivochnogo cord;
  • ganiometr (folding protractor);
  • roulette;
  • Pendulum saws;
  • perforator with drill bits;
  • spring clamp ( "Crocodile");
  • angular and flat blade;
  • screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • ladder;
  • miter box;
  • stationery knife.

The cloth for the stretch ceiling

Depending on the type of cloth distinguish ceilingsfabric (no seams), and manufactured from welded polyvinyl chloride film (PVC). PVC film is prepared properly and cut out on the basis of measurements made, taking into account the configuration of the room. Cutting and preparation of film webs produced on special equipment, processed flexible plate edges of the film ( "spear").

After cutting out fabric is rinsed withthe use of special funds and is packed in a heat insulating film, because PVC fabric is very sensitive to temperature change. Harvesting less real size (stretched after heating), while cooling the film will be stretched strongly, forming a flat surface of the ceiling surface. Furthermore glossy texture of fabric (hereinafter referred to as "mirror") is widely used film matte and satin surface, rarely used translucent ceiling (for arrangement of internal illumination).

Variety of mounting profiles

Fixing to the walls of the webs is carried outa special aluminum or plastic profile, which is mounted at a distance of at least 3 cm from the ceiling for pre-marking that is produced by level. In order not to accidentally touch the electric wires pre-inspect the area fastening profile metal detector. It is important to secure mounting profile to the wall, because he had to withstand a considerable load tension of the film web. For fastening profile applied dowels and screws, their number is determined by the room size and wall material. Holes have to drill a lot, it is better not to save on quality and punch drills. Profile rail length of 3-4 m, if the wall is shorter, the rail must be cut off pendulum saw at an angle equal to half the measured adjacent to the side. If the length of the wall, the rail will have to dock with a piece of the desired length (washed down with interfacing should be at a right angle), with the obligatory sizing joints when connecting.

Mounting profile ( "baguette")

Securing wall and is able to distinguishceiling moldings, there are universal - suitable for mounting on the ceiling and on the wall. There are several varieties of wall moldings, different weight, alloy, way of fastening. The separation profile ( "separator") is used when installing the ceiling in large rooms, for connecting multiple blades together.

Aluminum mounting profile for stretch ceiling

Let us consider an aluminum baguette. As mentioned above, it is attached around the perimeter of the room dowels, in increments of 10 cm (the distance between the anchors). The film after heating room (2) becomes particularly elasticity using "harpoon" (3) film profile is fastened, a mounting slot formed between the wall and the profile is closed trim strip (4).

Harpoon mounting system makes it easydismantle the ceiling and if necessary restored again fasteners. Plastic molding elastic and easier to aluminum, it does not break when bent, it is advisable to apply in the case of curvilinear structures installation.

The reinforcement ring - the right choice

Choosing a reinforcement ring for chandeliers, pleaseattention to the material for the main requirements: it should be durable and easy to process. The outer diameter of the ring must match the cup chandeliers (will be hidden under the cup afterwards), the inner diameter must not interfere with the free passage of the hook chandeliers. The ring should be firmly adhered to the film (preliminary layout).

Heat gun

We need a heat gun

The most important equipment for ceiling mountinga heat gun, the liquefied gas. For operation of the gun requires a gas cylinder, which is connected to the hose gun. It is necessary that the balloon was at a distance from the gun, it is desirable in the next room, because when mounting tension ceiling temperature rises to 70 ° C, so the hose length should be more than 10m.

As you can see, the false ceiling installation with visible simplicity is not so elementary in execution. It requires expensive equipment and highly specialized skills required.

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