What ceilings are suitable for the bathroom: councils wishing to choose the right

What ceilings are suitable for bathrooms

Bathroom - a special room,characterized by high humidity rates. For this reason, far from all sorts of materials suitable for its finish, that is, people have to wrestle with how to solve this problem. Moreover, the owners of apartments fear of flooding, which means that the web should not only maintain contact with steam, but also with an open water. An excellent option can safely be called ceilings - photos in a bathroom provided in the publication show that it is an excellent material: beautiful and functional.


  • Benefits in the bathroom installation
  • Unusual options Ceiling design
  • Tips and tricks choosing

Benefits in the bathroom installation

If the indoor flooring and walls fortradition of choosing a ceramic tile that is much more in terms of ceiling solutions. But, despite this, it is the suspended ceiling in the bathroom has a number of advantages, of which we should mention:

  • on these ceilings does not accumulate condensation does not form mold, stains, fine material brings damp conditions;
  • ceilings do not fade, remain bright for at least 10 years;
  • Bathroom does not suffer from flooding from the top, because the canvas is stretched during an emergency, it retains water, not allowing it to pour out;

Important: after water pumping fabric is gradually returning to normal, this fact is very pleased with the people who have given preference to this ceiling.

  • installation does not take much time. A team of experienced professionals in one day sets the suspended ceiling in the bathroom, transforming the room beyond recognition;
  • After the installation is still a lot of waste, so there is no need to conduct general cleaning;
  • due to the presence of an air layer between the ground and the ceiling tension, there is a kind of anti-theft, which has thermal insulation and noise-suppressing properties;
  • the ceiling hides the flaws in the bathroom: various irregularities, crumbling, cracking plaster, the appearance of seizures;
  • antistatic - static electricity does not accumulate, so on the surface of the ceiling does not accumulate dust.
Unusual suspended ceiling in the bathroom

The original suspended ceiling

The only drawback may be called highthe price you want to pay for the purchase and installation of a stretch ceiling, but it is better one time to give money for the quality than a few years back to spend on cheap materials.

Unusual options Ceiling design

The advantages will undoubtedly also appliesthe fact that today, manufacturers offer consumers a huge range of textures, for example, marble cloth, fabric, ceilings with decorative painting. There are also antibacterial, flavoring ceiling, but they, of course, are more expensive than usual.

Important: visual appeal, durability, ease of care - thanks to these characteristics ceilings acquire new fans every day.

The main problem of many apartments aresmall size of most rooms, including bathrooms. Plus, the small bathrooms are found in suburban homes. For this reason, it is difficult to come up with something original, because at the present time, traditional materials is no surprise, that's for sure. But the ceilings in the bathroom, as if specially designed for this purpose, because they radically alter the interior of the premises, making it modern and unusual.

If we talk more about the merits, it may be notedOne important indicator, because the ceilings may be flat, smooth and even, as well as multi-stage, multilevel, arched. The bottom line is that the specific installation technology enables the installation of ceilings in rooms with any configuration. This is an additional plus.

Irresistible suspended ceiling

Exclusive suspended ceiling

Yes, a variety of design solutions can be carried out with tension ceilings:

  • an arch - creates a smooth transition from the wall to the ceiling;
  • ceiling "Dune" - the space acquires original appearance. This effect is achieved through a three-dimensional, volumetric forms that visually resembles the mountains;
  • with the transition to the next level - this type of design the most rich design options;
  • ceiling "wave" - ​​is one the most beautiful ceilings.

As you can see, the design is very diverse, for example, the ceilings in the bathroom can be issued in the form of the composition, then the room will be individual and unique.

In addition, the ceiling can be installed anylighting, providing the necessary bathroom lighting level. In addition, the suspended ceiling is not an obstacle for the installation of ventilation systems, but its maintenance is very simple and not burdensome: with a damp cloth and a means for washing windows.

Tips and tricks choosing

Actually, the suspended ceiling in the bathroom has reviewspositive, because the advantages of this type of finish good. Only here there are some difficulties, because the producers, as already mentioned, offer a lot of options. Therefore it is necessary to know the basic principles of selection and subtlety to the ceiling is not only carried out direct functions, but also create a cozy atmosphere in which to relax.

Several competent advice from experts:

  • As a rule, a bathroom - a roomsmall, so it is better to give preference bright ceilings. This is an important point, because matte canvas looks dull and does not expand the space visually;

Important: a great option - a tension ceiling with a glossy reflectivity.

  • most harmoniously in this room look shades of sea color - ultramarine, emerald, turquoise. And if we build the contour illumination, the effect is stunning;
Beautiful suspended ceiling

Stretch ceiling "starry sky"

  • Today is especially popular ceilings "starrysky". Such imitation is possible thanks to the fact that the back of the ceiling mounted optikovoloknistye thread. They become visible after dark;

Important: as to create the effect of a starry sky can be used LEDs that are configured for different flicker mode.

  • interesting combination looks a stretch ceilingfinished floor, walls with natural stone, mosaics. Then the bathroom becomes luxurious look - noble natural materials set off the elegance and perfection of the tension fabric;
  • structural ceilings out of competition - an imitation of wood, leather, suede like many. It's a great choice, because a bathroom is not just the original, but also exclusive.

It is also necessary to say a few words about colors:

  • black and light shades - the harmony of thought gives the room a modern and rich appearance;
  • pastel colors - pistachio, olive, pale pink color fills the room nobility, serenity;
Stretch ceiling in pink

Stretch ceiling in pastel colors - the beauty and comfort

  • bright colors - look original, when the total finishing a bathroom done in neutral colors.

In conclusion we can make a clear conclusion: ceilings are perfect for decoration and typical small bathrooms, and a large space. In the latter case, the designers imagination has no boundaries, it literally gushes, because in the course are the most diverse, sophisticated, unexpected ideas: artful lighting, illumination color, a combination of textures and colors. If you want to create an unusual bathroom, you can easily opt for suspended ceilings, because it's cutting-edge solutions.

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