Varieties of false ceilings in the bathroom and their benefits

Varieties of false ceilings in the bathroom

False ceiling in the bathroom - one of the bestModern solutions, because thanks to the attractive appearance and excellent characteristics, it is considered to be very popular. Moreover, its stylistic and design execution is not limited to the established canons and traditions, that is, with the help of the ceiling, you can create original premise.


  • The undeniable advantages of suspended ceilings
  • Varieties ceilings for bathroom
  • Rack ceiling - practical beauty
  • Mirrored ceiling ... What is it?
  • The ceiling of plasterboard - unique modeling space
  • Frosted glass ceiling: chic and unusual

The undeniable advantages of suspended ceilings

In this regard, all the obvious and clear, in particular, it refers to such basic issues:

  • behind the beautiful surface of the ceiling hidden disadvantages irregularities, defects;
  • Communications disguise: electrical wiring, ventilation systems;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • Optionally, you can arrange the heat and sound insulation;
  • the ability to design various lighting;
  • easy removal - if you want to build or repair utilities ventilation cover removed, and going back is not deformed in the process.

Furthermore, after water-resistant ceiling finishing materials, you can forget about the repair, because the bathroom will not develop mold, fungi and bacteria.

Important: The only drawback, which, incidentally, pales against the background of the above-mentioned advantages, is to reduce the height of the room.

Varieties ceilings for bathroom

Considering the structural features of ceilings, it is necessary to say that they are different:

  • Pinion - room bathroom is changing dramatically, it becomes a comfortable, rich, comfortable;
  • SLR - it is impossible to express all their unusualness of ordinary words, because it's original form, and stunning reflections of light;
  • of moisture-resistant drywall - the creation of various forms of interest;
  • frosted glass - the bathroom is becoming a soothing environment inviting to relax.

Also suspended ceilings in the bathroom may be modular, perforated, combined, here it is all depends on the personal preferences of the owner housing.

Important: The most interesting is considered to be a combined ceiling, because it harmoniously combines different materials and ideas.

Rack ceiling - practical beauty

This type of ceiling is a structuresuspension with a set of panels that are made of steel or aluminum. The system is attached to the surface of the ceiling with the help of parts, needles and clamps. In the end, after all the work, between the rack and the actual ceiling forms a kind of layer. There are often placed electrical wiring, water communication, the climate system. At the junction of wall and ceiling mounted specific profiles, while retaining design and decorating corner.

Suspended rack ceilings

Rack ceiling gives even ordinary bathroom nice view

Regarding the slats, they are classified into three types and different fastening. Let us consider this point in more detail:

  • open rack - a gap of 1.5 cm closeddecorative profile. This form of the most uncomfortable in rooms with small size, because gaps in the open suspended ceilings can be seen and it will look too impressive;
  • closed rack - dense attachment to each other. The bottom line is that if slats come one after the other, thus providing a beautiful view;
  • padded rail - on a design surfaceIt resembles an open ceiling, but there are significant differences: in between the slats inserted strips of aluminum. The principle itself is fully justified, since the ceiling turns out perfectly flat, without any cavities.

Important: suspended ceilings are preferred when the home owner wishes to create an elegant interior, not forgetting the good performance properties.

Mirrored ceiling ... What is it?

First of all, I must say that is madeit is made of glass, which has high moisture repellent characteristics. It is for this reason that such a ceiling set in the bathroom. But that's not all the benefits, so we list the most important:

  • increase the visual space;
  • a significant increase in the level of aesthetic premises;
  • a huge variety of models: many shades, colors (bronze, malachite, turquoise), sizes, textures;
  • high performance functionality and the ability to combine with the metal and glass;
  • thanks to the excellent Fluorescence bathroom is illuminated correctly;
  • quick installation;
  • excluded dusty work to rid the surface of the ceiling;
  • simple care: wet or dry cleaning with household chemicals.

Agree, a lot of advantages, so the mirrored ceiling in the bathroom is increasingly being used.

Mirror suspended ceiling

Oh, these mirrors! Feast for the eyes, and only ...

By the way, in addition to various shades possiblesetting somewhat different ceilings: mirrors with beveled and patterned. If we consider the first option, you must specify that a facet mirror can be colored and curved, and are considered to be the most relevant in the mirror as brand names, logos. And here is a mirror with a picture is extremely interesting in that they are carried out with a slight bevel edge. This means that the light rays are refracted, form the original rainbow and gently illuminate the room shades and highlights.

Important: rainbow pattern can be carried out on the order and its execution depends on the wishes of the client.

The ceiling of plasterboard - unique modeling space

Immediately it should be noted that ordinary plasterboard is not suitable for the bathroom, because the best option is moisture-resistant material green.

Important: this drywall has a hard surface, through which moisture does not pass.

Suspended plasterboard fits well in bathrooms, because with the help of high-tech level, you can create building elements of various forms.

Spectacular plasterboard

The ceiling of plasterboard looks immaculately

Care for such ceiling is not specialLabour: this process does not need to spend a lot of time, and the use of cleaning agents is not the case. To maintain normal surface sufficiently cleaned ceiling sponge with detergent.

About the installation also need to say a few words:

  • before starting work sheets are treated with a solution which increases water repellency;
  • the remaining holes are sealed with silicone sealant;
  • seams glued sealing tape, and then shpaklyuyut;
  • the ground surface at the final stage of the paint is applied.

Frosted glass ceiling: chic and unusual

Suspended ceiling is a mattemetal frame with glass tiles. It is perfectly suited for installation in the bathroom, but is also often used to create attractive interiors in night clubs, in the concert hall.

Suspended ceiling of frosted glass

Frosted glass can not be called a traditional material, because it is true modernity

Naturally, it is impossible not to mention the main advantages of this type of ceiling:

  • environmental friendliness - acrylic glass does not emit toxic substances, that is, it is safe;
  • Lighting - frosted glass diffuses light excellently;
  • aesthetics - excellent reflective abilities bring to the room harmony of color and light;
  • quick to install - the installation time depends on the configuration of your particular room: the higher projections, recesses and complicated decorative elements, the longer the work.

In general, false ceilings, created by professional artists, hit the consciousness, therefore deserve the attention of connoisseurs of true beauty!

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