The decor of the ceiling with his hands - 4 popular design options change

Ceiling Decor with their hands

There are many ways to ceiling arrangement,the use of this or that is largely due to external factors (height, size of the room, further operating conditions). But the technique - is only a means. A goal of any repairs - freshen up, decorate, transform, make your home special and cozy. Seek professional help or to implement their own ideas? - The answer depends on your fitness level and the desired effect. Consider options for decorating, going into detail on how to finish, available on most of the complexity of execution and do not require the use of expensive highly specialized equipment. Thus, the subject of careful consideration today - the decor of the ceiling with his hands.


  • Decorating the ceiling textured plaster
  • Decorating imitation stucco ceiling
  • Ceiling Decor polystyrene plates
  • Decorating the ceiling suspended structures
  • A few tips on registration

Let's look more closely at the ceiling. We are interested, first of all, its size, shape, arrangement of the possibility of additional lighting, and how the walls are connected to the ceiling (at an angle or rounded). Another important point - the presence of attachments, maloestetichnyh projections, offset plates in-line - if you want them, you can hide behind a hinged design of the drywall.

If the change in shape of the ceiling is not included in yourplans and the challenge remains giving special gloss horizontal plane, you can either paint the ceiling in a new way, or to paste it first wallpaper (texture) and then paint. There is another option, rather simple in design and fun, it is applied to the surface of the ceiling textured plaster.

Example ceiling decor textured plaster, followed by toning and applying the pattern using a stencil

Decorating the ceiling textured plaster

By applying decorative plaster can bemake an interesting texture of the ceiling. Distinguish structural plaster - available in various shades of tinting it supplied initially white master relief forms by means of various rollers, combs, brushes and various spatulas after applying a uniform layer of plaster, as well as textured. Textured plaster distinguishes the ability to form a relief after application without outside interference.

As part of the plaster, in addition tofiller (quartz, granite, marble chips) include various thickeners, preservatives, binders, water-based (more environmentally friendly) and solvent-based (wear). Ceiling better to use water-based plaster. You can get a variety of terrain and surface pattern, applying decorative plaster with different-sized fillers. The resulting surface is seamless (naturally). An important point: the restoration of the fragmentary coverage is possible, but most "patch" will be visible on the general background. The resulting textured surface can be painted. Plaster suitable dispersion paints, water-based.

Decoration of the ceiling moldings and rosettes made of polyurethane

Decorating imitation stucco ceiling

Plaster moldings adorned palaces before, if youdecided to build its nest in the palace or antique style, you can not do without imitation stucco. Light weight, easy to install and, importantly, water-resistant decorative elements from polyurethane durable, durable, do not turn yellow in the sun. Stucco products formed from foamed plastic, then "baked" in special furnaces. Among other elements of the cornices, rosettes, floral arrangements, a variety of decorative borders, pelyastry. Especially popular moldings - smooth or embossed trims, they are often used to decorate the walls and ceiling joints.

Even in the manufacturing process primed moldings,allowing further staining (except nitrokrasok), gilding. The contrast with the color of the walls visually make the ceiling molding below, painted in the color of the walls visually merge, but the contrast of shapes visually lift the ceiling. Polyurethane moldings can be flexible to allow the decoration of curved structures.

Mounted on a decor (the ceiling or wall)conventional universal glue. Another polyurethane miracle - the ceiling of the dome. Decorative items made of plastic and polyurethane thickened help decorate the ceiling in the ancient or Gothic style. The decor is set in drywall constructions. It is attached by means of nails or liquid special adhesive. The most massive structure are fixed with screws. Ceiling outlet used for the decoration of the space around the lamp. The style, ornament, shape - can be very different.

Example of decoration of ceiling tiles applique

Ceiling Decor polystyrene plates

Ceiling tiles made of polystyrene foam - smooth,relief imitating stucco or wood, marble (covered with a special film). They are glued to the main ceiling, forming a flat surface. They help hide cracks at the joints plates, but significant irregularities concrete slabs they hide not.

The size of such plates 500 × 500 mm, distinguishinjection (9-14 mm thick, with clear outlines formed by compression during sintering polystyrene), extruded (made of polystyrene blocks, the thickness of 5-8 mm) and extruded (thin, only 3 mm, but the most long-lasting due to the pressing of expanded polystyrene coated with a special film). Pressed tiles can subsequently be painted acrylic or latex paint. For rooms with high humidity is best not to apply.

Injection - more durable, more clearly visibledrawing, painting it can also be easy to achieve seamless ceiling effect (tile very clear edge). Extruded tiles attractive opportunity to use in rooms with high humidity. Glue the ceiling and can be recommended for small spaces - the height of the room is not reduced. The only caveat - the choice of the tile pattern. But more on that later. The main drawback of this type of decoration - the fragility, in addition, a low-melting material is polystyrene note when placing lamps.

Decorating the ceiling using a suspended structure

Decorating the ceiling suspended structures

It will help to hide the irregularities of the ceilingsuspension structure of metal profiles and drywall sheets and various modular elements (plates, rods, tapes, panels). The hollow space between the ceiling and the basic design of the suspension can be effectively used: for laying communications and various mounting fixtures.

Modular suspended ceilings quickly and easilyestablished, access to communications can both local and over the entire surface - depending on the structural layout and type of modular elements. But the arrangement of the ceiling plasterboard will require some effort and accuracy of calculations.

A few tips on registration

Whichever method of decoration you choose,try to follow the following recommendations: to the ceiling in a small room smooth texture is preferred, desirable luster or pearl, fine pattern preferably large. Bright and cool shades visually give volume, warm, rich, bright - on the contrary. When decorating the ceiling in the spacious room is appropriate moldings, various designs of gypsum board, the use of decorative plaster krupnofakturnoy.

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