Rules stylish design of suspended ceilings in the apartment: to equip every room wisely

At the word "repair" of many, so that there is many,all shudder. Wallpaper, paint, tile, cement, drywall and even a hundred of decoration and building materials, without which no cost, no transformation of the old into the new apartment. But if the walls and the floor is necessary to tinker, then the ceiling everything can be solved in one day. To do this you only need a couple of experienced craftsmen and the suspended ceiling. Thanks to this invention of mankind can instantly transform your home, make it more comfortable and a little lighter. About what the design of suspended ceilings - photos the most original option, you can see below - is now in vogue and will be discussed in this article.


  • Stretch ceilings in the living room interior
  • Example of a ceiling in the hall
  • Stretch ceilings in the interior of the kitchen
  • Ceiling solutions for bedrooms
  • Children and decor of suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings in the living room interior

Living Room - center of the house. This premise, first, must be spacious, secondly, light, third, cozy. Of course, finishing the walls and floor, as well as decorative elements and furniture play a huge role in creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. But the ceiling on this "celebration of life" given to least important.

Design of stretch ceilings in the living room should be into some extent be a continuation of the interior, not positioned to its own element. You can choose a glossy or matte material, as the traditional white color, and any other, as long as it is in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Elegant look sophisticated multileveldesign, but on the condition that your living room has walls of sufficient height and area. Otherwise, the room will turn into a kind of rustic cabin. As the saying goes: "In close quarters, but not mad."

Here are a few design options ceiling living room with the help of suspended ceilings.

Option two-level stretch ceiling

Option two-level stretch ceiling made of vinyl

Two-level stretch ceiling

Trey ceilings of unusual shape

Stretch ceiling oval

Oval inset of glossy vinyl. Fresh and stylish

Stretch ceiling with print

Stretch ceiling for the living room with a bright print

Example of a ceiling in the hall

The room is pleasant to spend time with family. Quiet evenings sitting near the TV and enjoy the coziness and comfort. This room should have to rest and relax, so here ceilings must comply with this task.

Excellent will look ceilingsblue with white clouds. Not bad, and the option of using a traditional white matte satin material, or material pale green. These colors are relaxing and have a beneficial effect on the mental state of a person.

In addition, the design of suspended ceilings in the hall may not be quite normal. Arrange the starry sky above his head, and at night, even in the cloudy weather in your apartment will be bright and warm.

Stretch ceiling starry sky

Starry sky above - the best relaxation after a hard day

with "heavenly" Stretch ceiling print - perfect for nature lovers

with "heavenly" Stretch ceiling print - perfect for nature lovers

Stretch ceiling of green vinyl

Glossy green vinyl - a source of good mood

Stretch ceilings in the interior of the kitchen

But in the kitchen ceiling importantly - practicality. Although the color is also important. Fabric stretch ceilings are unlikely to be appropriate, but vinyl is perfectly complement the interior.

Fans of high-tech style can create gorgeousdining area, consisting of a glass or metal tables, chairs on straight legs, and the design of the ceiling plasterboard ceilings metallic colors.

And if you want to design ceiling in the kitchen awakened the appetite, then install the ceiling with a pattern in the form of fruits, vegetables, pies, and other treats.

Stretch ceiling for the kitchen in a modern style

Stretch ceiling for the kitchen in a modern style

Stretch ceiling for the kitchen in classical style

Stretch ceiling for the kitchen in classical style

Stretch ceiling for the kitchen

Orange - the color that awakens the appetite

Ceiling solutions for bedrooms

In the bedroom, the brain needs a rest, so: no aggressive colors, gloss and other distracting elements from sleep.

White, cream, light blue, light green huesideal for bedrooms, but some people prefer to relax in a bright environment. For such individuals may be advisable to use black and red colors in the decoration of the walls and ceiling bedrooms. This style is well-emphasize individuality and allow the landlord to give the room a unique atmosphere of passion and fire.

But in general Design of stretch ceilings in the bedroom It can be any, because everyone got used to rest on his.

Stretch ceiling in the bedroom

Red glossy ceiling in the bedroom is suitable only for very bright people

Stretch ceilings for bedroom

Cool white and burgundy calm - the perfect complement to each other

Black stretch ceiling bedroom

Black stretch ceiling bedroom - stylish and strictly

Design of stretch ceilings in the bedroom

Stretch ceiling cream color with discreet prints remarkably fit into the bright bedroom

Children and decor of suspended ceilings

Children's room - a room where you can puteven the most daring experiments. Children will be happy to see over his head a starry sky with the planets and comets, clouds and a rainbow, fun characters from the beloved cartoon, and even their own persons.

Bravely designed the suspended ceilings in the child and not be afraid to make a mistake, the brighter will be the canvas, the more impressions will have your baby and the happier will be his childhood.

Stretch ceilings for baby

Vivid characters on the ceiling and walls - the perfect children's room decoration

Stretch ceilings in the nursery

Starry sky with galaxies and comets - a luxurious addition to the interior of child

Stretch ceiling in the children's room

Lovely clouds - the best option for a newborn

Due to stretch ceilings can be quickly and easilychange the interior in the apartment, because the procedure of assembling the entire structure will take on the strength of a couple of days. And now remember how many times it was necessary to align the ceilings putty and whitewash it. Week, or even two! Not less! But even in terms of business, and that the design of suspended ceilings allows you to create your own style, unique and individual. It is this which you want.

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