Secrets of the correct installation of suspended ceilings: nuances valuable recommendations

Secrets of the correct installation of suspended ceilings

Installation of suspended ceilings - a good decisionfor urban apartments (especially with low ceilings). They will help to create a sense of airiness, volume space, and the hide flaws and defects in the previous ceiling will protect it from leakage and noise from the upper floors. And all this - without the debris and dust. In addition, the design is very impressive look. You can choose from more than 300 of their colors - a mirror effect, cloth, wood, marble, velvet, Venetian plaster, with simple flat matte surface.


  • Review of materials and methods of attachment
  • What else should I know about PVC
  • Stretch ceiling installation technology
  • Tips, tricks,

Review of materials and methods of attachment

Stretch ceilings vary in material manufacturing and method of fastening.

If we talk about the web material, the release:

  • polyester fabric that is specially impregnated polyurethane. This type includes all CLIPSO ceilings;
  • ceilings of PVC, which does not contain cadmium and soft enough (all other ceilings).
kinds of PVC film

A variety of PVC film for stretch ceiling

Depending on how the mount frame takes place, is isolated:

1. Harpoon ceilings

On all sides of the ceiling and stretchedwelded edging sufficiently rigid PVC. If you look at it in a cross-section, it resembles a harpoon-shaped hook. Hence the name of this method of fixing. This type includes the ceiling for a long time well-known brands, such as, EXTENZO, BARRISOL, NEWMAT, CARRE NOIR, NOVELUM. Recently this list was supplemented by several names, appear on the market in Russia, such as DPS, DECKENFEST, DECOMAT.

Installation of suspended ceilings

The scheme of installation of suspended ceilings and fixtures

2. Bezgarpunnye ceilings

They are divided into several categories, sub-classes. For example, MONDEA ceilings of the Netherlands attached wedge method. In this case the blade edges is heated and straightened, then clamped by means of special spacer profile. This method is somewhat similar to the process of embroidering hoop. When PVC film attached on the two surfaces having the shape of a semicircle. These fixing "cams" are included in the fixing profile, so this method is called the method of cam. When the film is pushed with a spatula, the "jaws" differ, and when trying to stretch her back, they are automatically compressed. This method mounted ceiling and PRESTIGE brands SKOL DESIGN.

Fixing profile, which is used in this method, there is a real opportunity to reduce the height of the ceiling in the loss of 8 mm. French ceilings CLIPSO polyester attached with a flexible cord.

Installation of suspended ceilings

The scheme of fastening and hinge design on the ceiling bezgarpunnoy technology

What else should I know about PVC

To stretch ceilings presented a fairly large number of customers. Which include:

  • its strength, odorless, safe for the environment and ease;
  • It is also very important that the material used can seamlessly be painted in any color. PVC film and fabric of polyester meet all these requirements perfectly.

It is also necessary to know (about PVC) that

  • PVC film has a weight of from 180 to 320 g / m, and the thickness is typically less than 0.35 mm.;
  • weighted sound absorption - no more than 0.4;
  • pressure that can withstand film reaches 1000 Pa;
  • tensile strength reaches the limit of 30 N equally in the longitudinal and transverse directions;
  • elongation at break reaches 220%;
  • The absorption coefficient is dependent on the type of ceiling. If ceiling "lac", the ratio is 30%, and if the "velvety", then 95%;
  • this film is waterproof and nonflammable;
  • depending on the temperature, it may changeits physical properties. For example, if you lower the temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, it becomes brittle and stiff. However, if raising the temperature again, it is still flexible and elastic. If you keep the film at a temperature less than 40 degrees Celsius, it begins to break down;
  • PVC film is fairly resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures while maintaining their properties, up to 90 degrees Celsius;
  • This material is remarkably stained, and color scale has up to 100 colors;
  • surface of the film may also be practicedall from a shallow matte embossing and without it, the effect of the skin, marble, wood, metal with holes, with the effect of satin fabric or glossy surface. In general, the presence of a variety of colors depending on the brand web;
  • the film is a width of 1.3 meters to 2.2 meters, depending on the nature and characteristics of production;
  • due to the fact that it is easy toweldable, very easy to make the web width of up to 6 or even 8 m. In this case, the seams practically invisible. More than 8 m fabric is not recommended. Otherwise slack web in the middle part is not possible to avoid.
Installation of suspended ceilings

The advantage of polyester fabric ceiling - stability, no warping or sagging

On polyester fabric need to know what it is:

  • PVC thinner and lighter. It weighs less than 200g / m, and thickness - no more than 0.25 mm;
  • advantage of this material is that it is impregnated with a special compound, whereby the dimensions of the fabric web more stable than the film;
  • elasticity of the tissue remains even at minus 30 degrees Celsius;
  • usually make the web width of 4 m, but on request can be manufactured five-meter canvas. Even in this case, the ceiling will not be seam;
  • Polyurethane is not exposed to the welding process,however if there is a need to make a web wider than the standard, it is usually sewn or joined pieces of material with a special profile;
  • The main disadvantage of polyester fabric isthat before the installation can not be painted. Typically, such a ceiling is left white frosted or stained after completion of all work on the installation, for example, is applied to drawing or the entire surface of a tinted;
  • also there is the possibility to choose the texture of the surface of the ceiling.

Stretch ceiling installation technology

Stretch ceilings of different types have their own peculiarities and subtleties of installation technology.

1. First of all, experts of the company producing the installation of the ceiling, make measurements.

2. Then the web is brought to the object (this usually occurs within 1 to 30 days).

3. In this case on the object by the time necessary:

  • in those places where there are mounting ceilings, walls should be strong, be in the same plane, straight and intact;
  • . All the finishing materials such as plasterboard, tiles, etc., must be very securely fastened;
  • if you intend to install ceiling moldings, the ceiling itself must be in the same plane.
  • finish all the construction work, all garbage must be removed, summed up the cable lines to the installation of fixtures, which provide voltage on and off;
  • room must compulsorilyheated during operation of the ceiling and to maintain a certain temperature conditions at the time of installation; When all these conditions begins installation of the ceiling.


  1. First gidrourovnya and coloring cord scheduled at a basic ceiling and walls of the attachment points.
  2. Next, the web which is in the package, heated with a heat gun and gradually straighten.
  3. Then, using special clips, the clips are attached to the fabric prints.
  4. With special spatula first - the so-called "red" corner of the canvas is charged with a harpoon in a baguette.
  5. Then diagonal web is heated to 70 degrees Celsius and has a soft stretch film.
  6. Next, give birth to a harpoon into the groove ceiling profile in the opposite corner.
  7. This whole procedure should be followed with every inch on all sides and edging.
  8. After the film has cooled down, it is already firmly connected to the fasteners around the perimeter.
Installation of suspended ceilings

Installation of suspended ceilings: a standard sequence of process steps

Installing wedge method

  1. If ceiling mounting is made wedgeway, there is the exact dimensions and calculations are not so important. You need to know the width and length of the room, because the very fabric should be wider distance between the walls of about 10 - 15 cm.
  2. Make always rectangular canvas and snapping directly carried out already in the room.
  3. In a special profile, which can be mounted on the walls and on the ceiling, pre-hung cloth secured with a special plastic wedges.
  4. Excess fabric that can act out offixing profile, cropped, and jamming places close special decorative strap resembling an elegant plinth. It has a flexible seal part, which is snapped into the profile, whereby the web adheres to the wall.

If strictly observe the entire sequence of the ceiling in the installation, there will be provided no folds and seams straightness.

This method of ceiling installation is much more difficult than the harpoon, and dismantle it too complicated. But he also has a number of advantages.

  1. For example, if you want to make the ceiling a single blade, and the area with more than 100 square meters, it is the only option, since it is possible to adjust the degree of tension.
  2. Also, if you are having difficulty with accuracydetermining the size of the room, or suggested changes to the size of the ceiling, which also prevents specify certain parameters, this method is perfect.
  3. When there is a cam mount wayor by using a flexible cord, the whole process is quite similar to the wedge method. The difference lies only in the fasteners themselves. A fabric also makes a reserve, and during installation customize the size.
Installation of suspended ceilings

Classification of constructions of suspended ceilings according to the methods of fastening materials and fabrics

Tips, tricks,

  1. Depending on the material and mounting technologyceiling may sag, which forces the limit value of the ceiling, and the magnitude of permissible sagging itself does not exceed 1% of the diagonal length of the web. In other words, if the web has dimensions 5 * 6 m, the edge may be above the center of only 4cm. But if the spot lamps installed mounting additional support, the center sags less.
  2. Multiple webs are made in the caseif the ceiling is assumed to make a multi-level, in the area of ​​the cam and harpoon ceilings more than 50 m2, while the V of more than 120 m2. It is intermediate support to which to attach a special profile of the individual webs.
  3. But the most difficult for the complexity isthree-dimensional or 3D ceiling. First, the frame design. Then he bought from separate pieces of aluminum profile. Then a frame is installed in the lower part of the walls and ceilings. Initially, this design is a bit like an openwork bridge. Process and manufacturing technology of individual webs in this case is much more complicated and takes longer than the installation of a flat ceiling.
  4. To prevent the accumulation of moisture and condensatebetween the old ceiling and the web, the profile make holes for ventilation. Ideally, you need to install the ventilation grilles canvas. This will always be forced hood. And if the floor area greater than 35 square meters. m., such a measure is absolutely necessary.
  5. Installation of a stretch ceiling is possibleuse halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps or conventional bulb. When installing fixtures in the ceiling painting, you need to limit their power. For example, for a typical fluorescent lamp power and should not be higher than 60 watts for halogen no more than 20 - 35 watts.
  6. You also need to comply with certain requirements inInstallation of fixtures on 12 W. There is a need to use a special transformers, or ceiling may sag due to the increased softness of the PVC film.
  7. There are various options for mounting large lampspower that is used in the process. To limit heat transfer, it is necessary to ensure a distance between the lamp and a ceiling at least 1 mm. If transformers are used, they are secured in the lower plane design, and then it is necessary to lower fastening profile 5 - 7 cm.
  8. The company carrying out the installation of the ceiling, usuallyIt gives a guarantee on their work for 10 years on the condition of maintaining temperature in the range of 0 - 50 degrees Celsius. The warranty applies to the preservation of color, cracks, wrinkles and sagging of the web. Even if the ceiling was filled with water on top or accidentally punctured.
Installation of suspended ceilings

Mounting tension ceiling paintings begins with a corner of the room

If you fulfill all the technology of theinstructions, then you have every chance to install the suspended ceiling properly, without defects. Pay special attention to the selection of high-quality certified material.

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