Repair ceiling with his hands: surface preparation and removal of defects

Repair ceiling with his hands

The ceiling in some way can be called the "face"any room, so any repairs must be put in order as it would be desirable to avoid this very labor-intensive procedure. Can I repair the ceiling with his hands, or need to invite these professionals, it depends on your plans. If they contain a simple refreshment ceiling a new layer of whitewash, banal plywood wallpaper ceiling, ceiling painting in one color or correction of small defects, then of course you can cope on their own. Appeals in civil engineering firm can not be avoided in the case, if you're up to the global redesign of the ceiling, including installation of complex structures, as well as creating interesting light and color schemes. In this article we will talk about the features of the various repairs of ceilings, whitewashed from simple and ending with the stretch and suspended structures.


  • Ways to repair whitewashed ceiling
  • We eliminate staining defects
  • Stretch ceiling repair technology
  • Repair ceilings
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Ways to repair whitewashed ceiling

Whitewashed ceiling confident steps fading. All fewer people in preference, after all, modern technology allows to create more interesting designs. Before starting the repair whitewashed ceiling is necessary to carefully remove the old paint. remove lime from the ceiling in two ways:

  1. Dry, in this case it is possible faster and cleaner to remove all the coverage, but it will scatter in different directions.
  2. Moisten the surface of the ceiling. Weighted soaked lime water will fall straight down, but the complexity of the work will increase substantially. The fact that the wet whitewash lags small islands and, therefore, will have to make great efforts to remove all the coating evenly.

And that is not all. Even if you think that the ceiling is completely cleared, do not trust your eyes. Be sure to wash the entire surface with clean warm water and detergent. This solution must be replaced as often as possible - the less will remain the dust and dirty divorce, the longer you will not come back to the issue of repairing the ceiling.

Important: If the ceiling were whitewashed any stains, such as grease or rust, then it is necessary to remove them on the ceiling plates, otherwise they will again and again to act on the surface.

After the ceiling as thoroughly dried,as well as cleaned, you can proceed to the primer. This step is necessary in order to achieve better adhesion between the ceiling surface and whitewash. Again, wait until the complete drying of the primer.

Well, if the ceiling is already aligned. If not, then this should be done before applying a new layer of whitewash. If the difference in height not exceeding 50 mm can be dispensed by applying several layers of gypsum, the thickness of each should not exceed 20 mm. Particular attention should be paid to cracks. Fine, you can simply paint over thoroughly with a solution of gypsum, but large is necessary to pre-seal the mesh material. Good serpyanka, but instead you can use an ordinary medical gauze, folded in two or three layers.

I wonder: serpyanku - adhesive reinforcement tape is remarkably holding plaster or putty.

Sealing cracks in the ceiling

Align the ceiling: at large cracks necessary pasted serpyanku

We eliminate staining defects

By painting the ceiling should be prepared at leastcarefully than for whitewash. It just seems that the colored coating is much stronger, in fact, the slightest flaw can cause the paint to peel and crack.

There are three ways to remove old paint from the ceiling:

  1. Thermal ie through dryer construction. Heating to a very high temperature, the paint is easier behind the surface.
  2. Mechanical - a coarse sandingsandpaper, grinding with the help of special devices, ordinary scraping metal brushes. As a general rule, require the application of significant efforts.
  3. Chemical - dissolving paints using different solvents.

After removing the paint the process of preparing the surface of the ceiling to the new treatment is similar to the recommended contact for whitewash.

Methods for removing paint from the ceiling

Removing paint from the ceiling, mechanically

Sometimes, after the painting for somereasons coating cracks. If the cracks a bit and paint at their edges not showered, you can solve this problem by using a sealant. Carefully, using a gun, they fill cracks and remove the residues at the edges of the spatula dipped in cold water. Thereafter, the surface should be cleaned with sandpaper and cover layer of paint, which has been used previously.

Stretch ceiling repair technology

We will not talk here about how to properlyto do suspended ceiling, as its installation is quite complex and often performed by professionals, not by his own efforts. Consider only the main defects that may appear on such a surface, and how to resolve them.

The most frequent injury of suspended ceilingsconsidered cuts resulting from popping up an object having a sharp edge, or the installation of new cabinets. If the cut is not more than 200 mm, then you must immediately seal it with tape, so that during the preparatory work has not happened sprawling edges. Next, we need two small pieces of soft plastic. Very well suited for this disposable tableware items. Cut from these two segments 15-18 mm long and glue them to the ends of the cut.

Tip: to disguise the seam glued to the cut may be applied applique, trim grille for ventilation or install one ceiling light.

Very well, if the canvas stretched ceilingdamaged in the corners of the room. In this case, the damaged area is removed and the material is heated and then stretched in the corner of the room, leaving the ceiling acquires its original appearance.

Defects of suspended ceilings

This gap stretch ceiling are unlikely to be resolved. Out - Replacement of ceiling coverings

If the cut is longer than 200 mm, neither of which the repair of the ceiling with his hands can not be out of the question - only replacement coverage, as in the case of its burning.

When sagging ceiling only way - ishauling material. Most often in such trouble blame the master that set the coating, so feel free to contact the company to fake, of course, if you do not own stretched canvas.

Its a frequent nuisance - GulfCeiling neighbors above. Do not worry much and in such a situation, in most cases, after draining the water through a small opening and leaf heated to the required temperature, the coating returns its previous form.

How to eliminate the consequences of the Gulf of stretch ceiling

This ceiling defect occurring after the Gulf from the top, quite easily eliminated

Repair ceilings

Today, suspended ceilings are leaders inconstruction market. After they successfully mask all the flaws of the original ceiling can be easily installed and repaired if necessary. If damaged or deformed only one or several modules, then removed and replaced with new ones when they. In that case, if misalignment is small, it is possible to eliminate alignment and straightened install module into place. It is imperative to find out the cause of the damage. Maybe it's on top of the bay or the humidity in the room.

Repair ceiling

A significant advantage of suspended ceilings - is the fact that the manifestation of a defect of one of the modules can be replaced without disassembling the entire ceiling

If the entire ceiling sagged, then most likely, itin the guide frame, either the material from which they are made, too lenient, or improperly matched the distance between fasteners. Such repairs are much more difficult, it is necessary to remove all the modules, replace sagging rails or increase the number of fasteners.

Only the combination of factors such asproper preparation, installation with exact observance of technology and careful handling of the ceiling in the operation, can guarantee a long service life of any overhead cover and avoid repair.

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