On the dangers of suspended ceilings for health and other ceiling myths: debunk rumors and gossip

On the dangers of suspended ceilings for health

Harm suspended ceilings - fact or myth? For many of our compatriots have become ceilings traditionally associate with danger and potential harm. And these associative fears spread with lightning speed on the basis of corrupt phone. But let us take a sober look at the situation from this popular decoration material. Dispel myths, give facts. After reading this, you will be able to determine and decide you use the ceiling finishing materials or not.


  • Myths about Stretch ceilings
    • Stretch ceilings are extremely expensive
    • Burst without the likelihood of repair
    • Stretch ceilings are harmful to health
    • Harmful toxic odor
    • On the dangers of fabric webs
    • Danger PVC stretch ceilings
    • The illusion of space increase
    • "Hold" to 3 buckets of water
    • Over time, the suspended ceiling may sag

Myths about Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are extremely expensive

In fact, their price range is sufficientwide. It is both exclusive expensive ceilings, as well as models of available and cheap. The price of these decorative materials, such as the price of any particular product is dependent on the manufacturer and type of web material, and the shape and construction. Also, the cost impact area of ​​the premises in which the suspended ceiling is mounted. So just need to decide on the proposed amount that you can spend, and look for a suitable alternative. It is not necessarily expensive.

Burst without the likelihood of repair

There are allegations that the webable to burst itself, without outside interference. Others are convinced that in order to make it burst, enough to poke it with a sharp object. Then the ceiling cover smashed in all directions like a balloon.

However, the false and the first and second approval. The web may not burst. The formation of a hole, but no more. However, this defect can be easily eliminated by specialists. They are quickly and easily able to disguise it.

Stretch ceilings are harmful to health

If products are made according to the standards, ACCOMPANIED BY A special certificate confirming its environmental safety, that such fears are unfounded.

Whether harmful ceilings

Past many times tested ceiling designs meet the strictest European safety requirements

Harmful toxic odor

This is true only in part. Fabric webs are odorless, and ceilings PVC films exude a scent in the first hours after installation. If the smell coming from the ceiling for a long time, it is likely that you are dealing with defective products, from which you want to get rid of as quickly as possible. Smell is usually harmful phenol evaporation.

On the dangers of fabric webs

All just the opposite. They are harmless. This eco-friendly fabric. All of them should have European quality certificates IVF. When ordering ceiling of woven material you get a non-polluting, high-quality product. Moreover - like dense put doctors recommend. However, in today's market of finishing materials in recent years began to appear "dealers" who sell counterfeit textile products. And what there the fabric used, and whether the fabric - is unknown. It is therefore not advisable to book them in questionable companies and private masters. The consequences of such orders - frequent complaints about the pungent smell and feel not very good after the installation of ceiling coverings. The victims will have to pay for dismantling and re-ordered ceiling covering.

Danger PVC stretch ceilings

About this walk true legend. The tabloid press is actively being discussed information that PVC ceilings cause cancer. People are afraid to buy this product. And it must be said - is unfounded. After all, high-quality PVC ceiling coverings do not have a negative impact on the human body. I must say that they do contain chemicals toluene and phenol. But in extremely small quantities. The rate is even less than in Europe. It should be understood that because of such chemicals is almost everything - car, paint, clothing, and even whitewashing the ceiling.

We live in a modern world, where applicableartificial materials containing a sometimes entire periodic table. The only way to not be in contact with them - is to live in a tent and dressed in animal skins. In other cases, harmful substances can only minimize, but not eliminate them completely. You must buy quality materials.

harm suspended ceilings

For the manufacture of suspended ceilings are not used banned substances, the content of artificial ingredients slightly

However, things are not so optimistic about counterfeiting. They are much more than the tissue stretch ceiling market. For example, if the seller is trying to interest you, "Belgian" paintings, this is 100% cheating. Belgian ceiling in principle does not exist, because they do not produce in Belgium.

Usually instead shoved RussianPVC ceiling film is made of low-quality raw materials. Can get Chinese fakes. Although it is worth noting that such products are produced in China and large reputable companies. It is distinguished by quality, set up by European licenses. Harmful if ceilings of this level? Of course not. Thus, the "China", "China" strife.

PVC is harmful to installers if the installation period is not complied with safety regulations, is not suitable for the arrangement of saunas, baths, do not install it near the heating pipes.

The illusion of space increase

It is true only in part. Glossy surfaces can visually expand the size of the apartment. But this is not their main advantage. Finish work on the principles of the mirror. However, to achieve this effect it is necessary to choose the right lighting. Otherwise, this effect will hardly achieve.

"Hold" to 3 buckets of water

This is a very approximate figure. Indeed, the tension ceiling coverings can withstand a fairly large volume of water to prevent the room bay. But it is necessary to take into account the ceiling area, the ratio of width and length, and where to install it is made. Most true figure for professionally installed quality stretch ceiling - not more than 100 liters of water falling on the square. meter area.

Over time, the suspended ceiling may sag

Installation of a tension ceiling there is a little slack. Also, it may sag due bay above. But as soon as the water will be able to merge, suspended ceiling will get its original shape.

harm suspended ceilings

After the "flood" and sagging suspended ceiling perfectly restored without causing any impact

As you can see, ceilings harmful to healthwhich completely obvious, hardly deserve the hype around them, which they have acquired in recent years 10. It is necessary to possess reliable information, to study the question, and then it becomes clear that most of the fears of this finishing material are without any basis.

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