Is it possible to patch up the hole in the tension ceiling: a topical solution and affordable ways

Is it possible to patch up the holes in the stretch ceilings

Probably no one would argue with the fact thatsuspended ceiling - this is a very nice and modern. Glossy or matte, black or white, plain or patterned - he is equally good in any design. But sometimes perfectly smooth, perfectly smooth and surprisingly luxurious surface becomes the subject of the experiences associated with the appearance of holes or cuts. It is difficult to imagine how the general can damage the suspended ceiling by mechanical means: no toys, toss rebyatney in different directions, or a stray champagne cork theoretically can not cause the appearance of defects, but nevertheless a hole in the stretch ceilings can occur at any time from ordinary accident. And if there's such a random chance, then there are ways to address them.


  • The hole in the seamless fabric ceilings
  • If you broke the tension PVC Ceiling
  • How to patch up the hole in the film

The hole in the seamless fabric ceilings

You are lucky if you have a seamless tensionceiling, and a small hole the size of a five-ruble coin. However, do not hurry to rejoice, because to fully correct the problem you will need to work hard.

The cut of a stretch ceiling

Great hole in the wall does not seal the patch. The only way out - to tighten the canvas

To get rid of the defect, mozolyaschego eyeneeds a piece of fabric in the color of the ceiling paintings (and can be a different color, you still need to later paint damage), or if anything was not at hand, a piece of tissue adhesive tape. Patch should be glued to the inside of the ceiling with a universal transparent glue (torque is fine, but the optimal use glue based on cyanoacrylate). Make sure that the edges of lesions were closely connected to the patch and did not depart from it. After opening "bricked" You can paint it in the color of the ceiling.

If the hole is very tiny, it is possible to accuratelysew it kapron thread, but it should be done with extreme caution, avoiding further discrepancies in the opening side. After the performed manipulation of the damage will have to paint over paint, but if everything is done on the conscience, then the consequences of a party or children's mischief will be over.

If you broke the tension PVC Ceiling

If you have a seamless stretch through the ceilingPVC film, the solution to the problem will not be so easy. For the "destruction" of the hated damage you will have to cut a piece of fabric with a hole and refill it again. To carry out such a "somersault" on their own can only be only in the case if there was a defect near the wall (10-15 cm). Otherwise the ceiling will have to change completely. Oh, and another thing: if you have decided to remove the section from damage and "tighten" the ceiling and the wall, then be prepared for the fact that if you have any other problems with your tension "treasure" firm-installer can refuse warranty repairs .

The hole in the tension ceiling

A small hole in the wall you can just "pull up"

Chance and the option with a large patch, butit can be applied in practice will be the case only if the ceiling in the apartment or house has sufficient height (higher than the ceiling, the defect is less evident).

In the case of seamless fabric or PVC ceilingIt can help one very popular way to eliminate the various defects, including holes. At the puncture site can just make any original appliqué fabric or color film, or install additional lighting or ventilation grille mount. This solution will not only help get rid of unpleasant eye damage, but also to complement the interior of a stylish new member.

Plugging the hole in the tension ceilings

Application - an interesting way out of the situation uninteresting

How to patch up the hole in the film

If there was a gap in the seam fabric, the"Write was gone" - eliminate the damage has not come out and have to call the wizards for the complete replacement of a stretch ceiling. Occur a similar incident can for the following reasons:

  • poorly carried out installation of the ceiling or the same low-quality materials;
  • excessive tension;
  • bad tissue welding.

And if the appearance of the hole is connected with these reasons, you are entitled to demand from the company full compensation for damage or replacement of the ceiling.

Well, if the appearance of unwanted holes in the ceiling you have to yourself or your family, then look in the negative, it would seem, the situation its advantages:

  • you had a chance to update its ceiling completely, or give it a piquancy using cute appliques;
  • replacement of cloth will be much cheaper, because you frame itself already have;
  • Work on the installation of the new ceiling will take much less time, and will not take you any health drops after pulling furniture, carpets and appliances will not have to.

Seal the hole in the ceiling to the tension or cause the master - you decide, however, note that in the first case, you risk losing a precious guarantee, while the second - the money.

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