Installation rack ceiling with his hands: instructions and technological nuances

Rack suspended ceiling ofteninstalled in bathrooms or kitchens. This is due to moisture resistance, durability and environmental friendliness of the material, as well as easy care coverage, but in any case does not mean that it can not be used in other areas. Huge selection of materials, the type of coating and wide range of colors allows you to use them in almost any room. Especially good are the ceilings in long corridors or loggias. In addition, rack ceiling with your hands can be installed in just a few hours.


  • Types of suspended ceilings
  • Attractive quality and cons
    • The long list of benefits
    • Disadvantages: short, but objectively

  • Calculation rack ceiling
  • What tool is needed for installation
  • How to prepare for installation
  • Installation rack ceiling
  • Holes for light sources

Types of suspended ceilings

Rack and pinion design ceilings are divided into:

  • open;
  • gated.
Open suspended ceilings

Pinion ceilings open type

The device rack an open ceilingIt provides for gaps between the panels 16 mm. They can be left for better ventilation and can decorate using different inserts. closed-type ceilings, too, can look as if between their slats have gaps, but in fact it is a deepening or decoration material of a different color or texture. Most often, the closed panel structures are stacked close to each other.

Closed type of suspended ceilings

Pinion ceilings gated

Attractive quality and cons

Before you finally choose what willmounted ceiling with his hands: rack or tension, you need to know about the main advantages and disadvantages of each type. Since our paper is devoted rack designs, we will talk specifically about them.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom

Highly resistant to moisture, microclimate change and the impact of different kinds of suspended ceilings make indispensable for bathrooms and kitchens

The long list of benefits

  • The versatility of the design. Installing rack ceiling permitted in the premises any size, regardless of the temperature and humidity in them: in the commercial and industrial halls, residential and non-residential facilities. Huge selection allows you to choose coverage under the most refined style.
Rack and pinion ceiling in the ambience

Of course, like any other suspended ceilings, Pinion slightly reduce the height of the room, but, you see, the result is worth it ...

  • Durability. Typically, slats made of steel of the highest quality and are covered with a special coating that is highly resistant to mechanical stress, chemicals and microclimate changes.
  • Installation of suspended ceiling rack is differentsimple and does not require specialized skills, precision tools and special training ceiling surface. All necessary fasteners can be purchased at any hardware store.
  • Environmentally friendly. The materials used in the manufacture of strip ceilings, different environmental cleanliness. On the cover is formed of mold and other microorganisms do not multiply.
  • Availability podpotolochnye coating allows conceal wiring and other communications.
  • You can create multi-level structures with a variety of lighting options.
  • The high level of moisture and fire resistance allows their use in areas with high requirements for fire safety and excessive humidity.

Disadvantages: short, but objectively

If we talk about the shortcomings, then the rackceilings they are almost there. The only thing you may encounter - it's a minor inconvenience in the event of a repair is needed, a slight decrease of the ceiling height and high enough price.

What sort of inconvenience threatens repair? The fact that the installation rack ceiling with his hands is carried out in strict sequence, and at the failure of the panel somewhere in the center of the ceiling does not turn out so simply pick up and remove it. To replace the damaged rails have to parse the entire coating to the end.

If the ceiling is not planned gasketany communication, its height will decrease to the minimum, a small-size, it is only necessary to place support rails, so this "deficiency" may not be noticed.

As for the high price, taking into accountcoating durability - this fact becomes moot. It is easy to see this, considering how much time is necessary at this time to change the cheaper coverage and how much it will cost in the end such savings.

So, the decision is made. But do not immediately run to the store for the rails and fasteners, to do something else.

Calculation rack ceiling

Before going for the material,you need to measure the dimensions of the room, and finally decide what coverage is in the room. Based on these parameters, we will calculate the ceiling rack.

Design rack ceiling

The device rack suspended ceiling

If you plan to install multiple pointfixtures, you must first decide on their type, so you know exactly how high will need to lower the ceiling with his hands - or any other rack. Moreover, this value must be at least 20 mm longer than the height of the selected light source.

rack ceiling calculation is not verycomplexity. The main thing is to choose the most suitable for the length of the rail. Typically, manufacturers offer long panel 3 or 4 meters. If the width of the room is, for example, 1.5 meters, it is better to acquire three-meter rails, which are divided in half, we easily obtain the required width and material waste will be minimal in this case. Typically, consultants building shops have enough experience to not only correctly identify the number of the material, but also to pick up all the necessary accessories and fixings, but if you decide to do it yourself, keep in mind that buying a ceiling rail, better calculated amount of increase per cent 10 , just in case.

Yes, there is another important point! If the room where you plan to install the rack ceiling with their hands, increasing the number of corners (5 or more), be sure to purchase an additional mounting rail.

What tool is needed for installation

No specialized equipment and tools will not be needed. Installing rack ceiling is done with the help of tools that can be found in the arsenal of almost every owner:

  • knife;
  • a hammer;
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • pencil or marker;
  • building level;
  • dowels and screws;
  • Metal scissors.

How to prepare for installation

If you can not even imagine howperformed installation rack ceiling - video located below will help you navigate. Masters having any experience in working with suspended ceilings, can immediately proceed to markup a profile.

Marking socket profile is performed using a spirit level and a pencil. The walls held flat horizontal line around the perimeter at a certain level before.

How to mark a carrier profile

Marking under the support section is performed strictly according to the level

Installation rack ceiling

After the counting is finished, go toInstallation Profile. Again, we measure the length of the wall, but this time on the designated line and cut the profile of the same size. Some producers immediately release profile with holes. If this is not your case, you need to drill their own.

Important: The first opening should be at a distance of 50 mm from the wall, all the other at a distance of 40-60 mm from each other.

With a profile to a line marker to mark theher profile holes and drilled holes in the wall required for the wall plugs. Performing this procedure on all four walls "sadim" screws on the profile, wherein at inside corners it is fixed back to back, and on the outside at an angle of 45 °.

Again, we go to the markup. Now you need to mark the location of the support rails. The first to be located at a distance of 35-40 mm from the wall, and the rest a meter apart.

How to install the support rails for rack ceiling

Mounting carrier strip ceilings tires: mount to the ceiling

Is cut with scissors and metal bus,applying them to the ceiling, mark the points (or crosses as anyone) the place where the need to drill holes for fixing them. They must be at a distance of 30-40 mm from the ends of the tire. The remaining hole must be positioned so that the distance was about 1-1.5 m between them, and they were equidistant as possible from each other. There are two variants of tires ceiling mounting:

  1. Directly to the ceiling to the bottom screws.
  2. On adjustable suspensions with a special bracket.

The tires must not lie on the angular profile, it is intended to hold the ceiling panels should therefore be firmly attached to the base of the ceiling.

Now comes the most interesting stage, begin to mount the rack. First, they need to be cut to size. It is better if it is 5 mm less than the width of the room.

Tip: do not just chop all the rails in size: very rare premises with perfectly smooth walls. Therefore it is better to do it gradually, each time measuring the required length.

Please install the rail on the corner profileslightly tilted, and then gently straighten it up to the desired position and stop by means of special clamps, which are provided with support rails. The second panel is installed next to the first, but the third in the second series of clips from the opposite side, because maybe the first row will be a little shorter than others and require an adjustment panel width. Between each pair of panels installed intermediate profile.

Installation of ceiling rails

Installing rack ceiling panels: the second panel is installed next to the first, but the third in the second series of clips from the opposite side

Tip: If the last rail will need to be cut along the length, it is best to do this as follows: hold the line on the line with a sharp knife and bend / unbend the panel on it until it breaks.

To make the most densely fasten finalrail, between it and the wall must be placed several small wooden pegs. Do not worry, they will hide under a decorative plinth, which will give all the work finished and perfect look at it, the more noticeable unevenness of the walls, the greater the plinth should be chosen.

Holes for light sources

Thus, the ceiling is ready, when you look at it rejoicessoul and here and there comes a time, able to get worried, not only the novice builder and an experienced master. How accurately perform hole fixtures? It is very a pity to spoil his hands only to create beauty.

How to cut a hole in the ceiling fixtures suspended ceilings

Marking holes for ceiling lights

You can, of course, mark circles on the ceiling withcalipers, each time meticulously measuring the diameter, but it is better to do the same template and simply applying it to the desired location. In order to carefully cut the hole with scissors, you first need to drill a hole in the center of the indicated range, otherwise you can deform the ceiling rail with her piercing. Then the whole circle should be cut thin slices and simply break off every part of the circle, swinging it from side to side. The result is a perfectly smooth hole under the lamp.

That's all. It now remains only to clean up the room, and can be for many years to forget about repairing the ceiling.

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