Installation of suspended ceiling Armstrong with his own hands: simple, accessible, beautifully

Installation of suspended ceiling Armstrong with his own hands

Despite its simplicity, brevity andthe inability to create some original, extravagant design with a lot of elements, suspended ceiling Armstrong is in great demand among consumers. And no matter how paradoxical it may sound, precisely because of these their weaknesses. With a simple device and the possibility of removing each tile separately, repair amounts to replacing only the damaged panels, rather than dismantling the whole structure, as is the case in the repair of other types of suspended ceilings, and it did not go unnoticed by customers. Laconic and rigor allow Armstrong ceilings harmoniously fit into any decor, from government agencies to the most sophisticated facilities. In addition, they are in a price range that is available for people even with very small budgets.


  • More information about Armstrong ceilings
  • Calculation of the false ceiling Armstrong
  • Basic installation steps
    • marking
    • Terms of installing hangers
    • Installation of wall profile
    • Installing the bearing rails
    • At the end of installation of panels

More information about Armstrong ceilings

To be honest, telling about the impossibility of creatingoriginal design in the first words we greatly exaggerated. In fact, Armstrong ceilings are available in different colors and texture of the most diverse: from simple matt to mirror. Therefore, to create a unique design not so big problem. Especially since the Armstrong ceiling tiles are completely independent from each other. They are at any time can be replaced by a new panel or a different color, for additional ventilation grilles or lamps, completely changing the appearance of the ceiling.

The original ceiling Armstrong

Example ceiling Armstrong

Armstrong ceilings are extremely light, but despitethis, they not only hold their own weight, but the weight of the embedded equipment. By the way, the unique design and the possibility of removing the tiles makes it possible accommodation in different podpotolochnye space communications, as in the construction phase and afterwards.

The uniqueness of the device isusing a special attachment, which is used only in those types of ceiling. It consists of two spokes with a spring mechanism, through which you can adjust the height of the ceiling surface of the location.

Forms ceiling Armstrong

The original design of the ceiling Armstrong

What is suspended on the needles? This is the simplest system profiles and bridges that make up the cellular system to the size of 600x600 mm cells. Cardboard panels are inserted directly into the cell and lay down on the edge of the profile.

Council: to subsequently suffer with a search bar, suitable texture and color, you can immediately put the tiles in several layers. When you need to replace it will be enough to remove the bottom, and it takes place immediately following.

Naturally, there is in these ceilings and lack. Made of mineral fiber panels are very sensitive to humidity, so in case of breakthrough heating or water pipes in podpotolochnye space, will inevitably have to change all wetted surface.

Calculation of the false ceiling Armstrong

Calculation of the false ceiling Armstrong of any kind is done in three schemes, differing location profiles. Consider one of these:

  1. Length 600 mm guide is calculated as follows: - 800 mm per square meter ceiling.
  2. Guides 1200 mm - 1600 mm per square meter.
  3. The length of the guides 3700 mm - 800 mm per square meter.
  4. Area - 500 mm per square meter of surface.
  5. Suspension 0.6 pieces per square meter.

The calculation of the ceiling Armstrong

installation of suspended ceilings Armstrong Schemes

In principle, we can not delve too much into these calculations,since all the stores that specialize in selling ceiling Armstrong, equipped with special computer programs that allow consultants to quickly and correctly calculate the optimum amount of material required. But if you want to perform all the steps of their own, the ratios presented above are the most profitable in economic plane.Vazhno: if a large area of ​​the room (more than 200 square meters), it is better to acquire profiles with some margin. Guess its value is quite difficult, so in this case it is better to trust these professionals.

Basic installation steps

Installation of suspended ceiling Armstrong performed inseveral steps. Before you get started, it is best to install all utilities (if scheduled), because even though you can do it later, but still this work will bring some inconvenience.

The construction of suspended ceilings Armstrong

The device of false ceilings Armstrong

Tip: The installation is best to start from the middle of the room to the plate were equally clipped from both sides.


First we need to determine the lowestpoint of the ceiling in the room. Stamped in all internal and external corners of the room marks on the walls, located at an equal distance from the floor. Now measure the distance from these dashes to ceiling and determine the least. Spacing bracket fixing points will, starting precisely from this point.

Important: bearing bracket is fastened to the wall at a distance of not less than 150 mm from the lowest point of the ceiling, or on such that after laying the panels resulting surface with at least a small margin covered all paved communications, as well as the height of the lamps and ventilation grills.

The first stamp exhibit, measuring out the requireddistance from the lowest point of the ceiling. Next, using a laser level, projecting it to the rest of the wall. All the data points are combined in one line.

Now we find the center of the ceiling. It is necessary that the location of the panels at the end of the work was symmetrical. To do this, hold the diagonal. The point of intersection is the required center. Through it, parallel to the walls, draw two lines, which will serve as the central guide.

It remains to mark the location of the seats of fastenerssuspensions. The first point we have found - this is our center of the surface. Now from it at a distance of 900 mm parallel to the central guiding lines mark the remaining points.

Terms of installing hangers

Attach to the ceiling at anchor or anchorthe main thrust of suspensions, which can recognize by the presence of the tab. To fix the carrier rail at it must be mounted hanger rod with a hook. For this purpose, all the rails are equipped with special holes. Between them the two rods are connected by a spring butterfly.

Securing wall-attached profile

Trim profile is secured with dowels

Tip: The hangers should be installed at a distance of not less than 900 mm apart and 600 mm from the wall.

Installation of wall profile

Corner profile fastened to the marked line with dowels, so that it forms a "shelf" on which are "stacked" slats rest.

How to install the bracket profile

Installation of wall and the carrier profile

Installing the bearing rails

Installation of bearing rails 3700 mm

Carrying strips have a T-shape. Their ends have special slots for fastening them in short sections. Such rails are typically installed in parallel or a pair of walls, at a distance of 1200 mm from each other. In some cases, the length of strips may not be sufficient, but they are easily and at the same time very reliably fixed to each other by special locks.

Mounting rails 1200 mm long

These slats set at a distance of 600 mm eachfrom each other and the walls perpendicular to the bearing profiles. Reiki for suspended ceiling Armstrong are equipped with special locks that allow easy and fast installation on their own.

Mounting rails 600 mm

The smallest rack mounted perpendicular to the rails of 1200 mm in such a way that each party cell becomes equal to 600 mm.

Mounting rails together

Compound rails with a carrier profile

At the end of installation of panels

This step is not particularly complicated. The only thing I want to emphasize - is the need to work with gloves as mineral fibers, which are made from the panel, can cause severe irritation. If applied on the plates a pattern, then lay their costs very carefully, choosing the direction of the image correctly.

Armstrong Ceilings are considered to be the easiest tomarket today. To collect such a ceiling in a small room can be a few hours, and for existing firms, have all the necessary tools and experience, and even less.

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