How to remove the suspended ceiling and not to damage it: subtle tricks and basic rules

How to remove the suspended ceiling and not damage it

Reasons for removal of a stretch ceiling can bea lot of. This banal fabric damage, and the need of laying additional communications zapotolochnoe space, wiring and repair, and a host of reasons, entailing the removal structure. As at the event really there is nothing wrong and difficult, but if you do not know how to remove the suspended ceiling and do not want to know, then take yourself for this type of work is better not worth it, especially if you care to maintain the integrity of the web. But the brave will venture to carry out themselves, and it will not take long.


  • It is important to know the type of profile
  • The technology of removing stretch ceiling
  • A little secret of a great connoisseur

It is important to know the type of profile

During the installation of suspended ceilings Wizarduse a special profile, which is fastened to the wall and is in fact a support for cloth or vinyl. Such profiles, or as they are called mortgage, there are two types: the first allows you to remove the panel without any problems, and then carry out the necessary work in zapotolochnoe space to return it in its original form, and the second experts gave saying nickname - a one-time, in principle, it is clear because remove the suspended ceiling with such a profile without damage impossible.

Profile for fixing of suspended ceilings

High-quality aluminum profile for fixing of suspended ceilings - the key to the successful dismantling

Why all this? And the fact that at the time of installation of a stretch ceiling ask the master what kind of profile they use, so that later you will not be excruciatingly painful for their own improvidence. You may even be asked to choose the type of mortgage on their own - feel free to take the one that is more expensive, certainly not lose.

The technology of removing stretch ceiling

To better understand how to remove the suspended ceiling - video, which can be found on the internet on this topic to help you, as well, a more detailed description of the technology now.

To begin the process of removing the web need to whatWizard finished its installation, namely with the "withdrawal" of decorative rubber insert, which lies exactly between the wall and the ceiling. Remove it is not difficult, the main thing - to find the place where the interconnected two adjacent halves. The place is usually securely hidden from view. If the ceiling has a rectilinear configuration, look for seams in the corners of the room, and if the design of the ceiling generously "littered with" niches and other architectural elements, the joints you have to look, however, at close range will make it very simple.

Inlays between netting and ceiling

The first step: carefully remove the decorative insert

By getting rid of the decorative insert and cleaned itfor the time being, proceed to the room heating and linens gas gun. This step is required to perform! It is not necessary to remove the suspended ceiling without warming up - it just breaks and becomes unusable.

Warming the stretch ceiling gas gun

The cloth on the area to be removed, warm up the gas gun: it is a mandatory step

Choose for yourself a certain portion of the ceiling, withyou begin to dismantle and thoroughly warm it. Rectangular ceiling structures better to shoot from an angle, and curved no matter where, but still will be more convenient to start with the place where you can easily catch the edge of the film. To determine this point, take the ladder and examine the structure perimeter for sticking edging, for which you can "grab" pliers If those sites are not available, all start from the same angle.

Dismantling straight stretch construction

Dismantling rectilinear design is better to start from the corner

The next step will require you to jeweleryprecisely because have so carefully remove the blade from the profile to it nor any left "scratch." Do not make any sudden movements and do not remove the suspended ceiling in the places where it has not yet warmed up. As we move towards the ultimate goal, and move the gas gun, or even better, if it will make your assistant.

Fabric stretch ceilings are slightly differentfastening system than vinyl. To the profile they are joined by means of glazing beads, which are difficult to remove after "drowning", but if you do not hurry and will not pull fabric in different directions hoping to finish dismantling the ceiling quickly, then you will succeed. The main thing - not to damage any painting or glazing beads - they will still come in handy.

Removing stretch ceiling

Dismantling of a stretch ceiling is necessary to spend together

A little secret of a great connoisseur

To remove the stretch ceiling youuse a pair of pliers, but because of its "sharp-angled" they can easily damage the blade. Skilled craftsmen have come up with a trick that allows them to use pliers, completely without fear of scratches or break a film.

The outer corners of pliers need to regrind the ideal smoothness, and that sharp edges are not done "problems", and round off their carefully polish.

Those who carefully removed the canvas and fasteners, certainly expected to use ceiling structure again. They should remember the mounting technology.

The question of whether to remove the suspended ceiling can be,Now for you it is not relevant, because you know that it is possible and even know how to do it. And if hands grow from the right place, the dismantling of the web will take place smoothly and without problems.

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