How to make the ceiling panels with their own hands: to arrange their own housing quality

How to make the ceiling panels with their own hands

Suspended ceiling panels made of plastic - itone of the easiest and cheapest options for ceiling decoration. Usually it is installed in bathrooms and toilets, corridors, sometimes in a residential area. In particular - if you want to save money on building materials. For the installation of this design does not need to have a special building skills, be able to do without experience in the repair area. The ceiling panels with their own hands is able to make even a teenager. The main thing - correctly chosen instruction and must be careful.


  • The main advantages of plastic
  • The range of panels for finishing ceilings
  • How to determine the quality of PVC panels?
  • The number of required parts: the calculation
  • Installation of ceilings of plastic panels
  • Errors panel installation on the ceiling

The main advantages of plastic

  1. Excellent moisture resistance. This is the main advantage of this type of material, making it the PVC panels are mounted on the ceilings of bathrooms and toilets.
  2. Easy care. Suffice it to occasionally wipe with a damp or dry cloth. All the dirt is very simply removed.
  3. Versatility. The panels will look good in the hallway, and bedrooms (especially exclusive series from leading manufacturers), and in the kitchen. They veneer loggias and balconies.
  4. Plastic ceiling structure capablehide any defects in the ceiling (even the most significant and large-scale), utilities (electrical wiring, pipes, cables). PVC panels allow them to mount spot lighting elements - a variety of lamps.

    plastic ceiling panels

    Choose plastic panels can be for any interior composition

The range of panels for finishing ceilings

Panels of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are shown inmarkets and shops in a large assortment. There are wall (rigid and heavy), ceiling (light, but quite fragile). Ceiling - more fragile, even a small hand press or assembly tool is able to leave the recess, and spoil the appearance. Working with them requires special care and accuracy.

It is also worth knowing that the plastic ceilingthe panel can vary greatly in width, texture and color. Sometimes their surface imitates wood, marble or other popular finishing materials. Some of these panels are tailor-made so as to create the illusion of a ceiling cladding with wooden boards. Other ceiling give a holistic view of a monolithic, especially when viewed superficially.

PVC panels can be:

  1. Glossy, coated with a special varnish
  2. Matte. This PVC neat uncoated and the cheapest
  3. Colored or patterned. In this case, the manufacturing technology will be the following materials:

• Transfer images from the imaging film on a plastic plate the most economical and popular option;

• special equipment made direct printing with high resolution; thus, mimic the structure and designs with a variety of shades and colors (marble, wood).

It is important not to make a mistake and buy quality stuff, no matter what the structure and color palette he may possess.

plastic ceiling panels

Plastic panels for the ceiling represented different in texture, relief and colorful palette of options

How to determine the quality of PVC panels?

  1. The first thing to do - carefullyinspect the entire surface of the panel, pay special attention to was observed its correct geometry and quality of the exterior - patterning uniformity, evenness. In high-quality PVC panels must be perfectly smooth and level surface, unacceptable transverse or longitudinal distortion, bumps and lines.
  2. The stiffeners which are in the interior of the plastic panels, must not be viewed from the front.
  3. Also count the number of internal ribs, compare them with several kinds of PVC panels of equal width. After all, the more, the stronger will be the future design of the ceiling.
  4. Of particular importance is the thickness of the ribs and outer wall panels, the main thing - the front (it must be the most thick and strong).
  5. Then take two (or more) and the paneltry to connect them tightly into a monolith by the parties concerned. Note joining quality and its lightness, the presence or absence of the gap between the panels. All high-quality panels are easy to fit together and do not leave visible traces of the assembly.
  6. It is also important to determine their constructivethe strength and toughness of the material. To do this with the power of squeeze PVC panels and inspect the results of their experiment. Any high-quality panel will retain its integrity, not deformed and do not crack. Although barely noticeable deformation is quite acceptable, as long as it does not interfere with other docking panels.
  7. Then believe this plastic bending. Several times bend-straighten any corner of the panel. If 3-5 of these bends plastic survived - well, then the panel will last a long time. And when he began to crack or broken - the quality of the material is very low, the manufacturer has saved, exceeded the content of PVC chalk. Defective panel may break during installation, and later "afraid" of any impacts.

    plastic ceiling panels

    Option plastic ceiling panel - rack construction with alternating matte and chrome highlights

The number of required parts: the calculation

If you decide to make the plastic ceiling with his hands, the most important thing, why should begin - it is to calculate the exact number of fasteners and plastic panels themselves.

  1. First you need to calculate the exact area of ​​the ceiling(Multiply the length of its sides). Then, the resulting number is divided by the area of ​​the first PVC panel (it is listed on the package). To this number add 20-15%, rounded up to a larger number. This amount should be allocated on the segment.
  2. Then calculate the right amount of assemblyprofile. Draw a diagram of the ceiling, keeping the scale of its size. Draw parallel lines along a first side thereof. These lines will be markup for fixing mounting profiles. It is believed that the optimal distance between the parallel spaced profiles equal to 50-61 cm. On this count the total number of profiles.
  3. To make a profile on the perimeter of the ceiling,UD purchase rigid structure. To mount the cross-bars (if they are, they are usually only used on large areas of more than 6m2), take a lighter - CD.
  4. Then calculate the flow of fasteners requiredfor the profile and PVC ceiling panels. To do this, consider themselves to a ceiling fixture mounting profiles (1 dowel Profile 0.5 m) and the fasteners used to hold the panels on profiles. It would take screws with a fairly wide hats. Buy them at the rate of 1 pc. 0.5 m lengths of PVC panels.
  5. Sometimes you need to calculate the number ofPlastic ceiling moldings. It closes the gap well. To purchase the right amount of all the perimeter of the ceiling divide by 3 (the length of a standard product). Then round up to a multiple of 3 m in a big way.
ceiling plastic panels

A method of mounting plastic panels

Installation of ceilings of plastic panels

  1. Using a builder's level, it is necessarymark a line profile attachment (UD) around the perimeter of the ceiling, while striving to achieve the ideal horizontal plane. It is necessary to depart from the ceiling from 5 to 10 cm, sometimes more. All depends on the curvature and the size of the lamps. In this paper, use a tape measure and a water level.
  2. Profile perimeter tightly attached to the wall. It is necessary to avoid voids and crevices. cross-section (CD) is mounted to the plate, secured around the perimeter of the ceiling, - mounting base, PVC panels.
  3. Then strips, which are fixed on the perimeter of the structure, to attach the plastic mounting L-shaped profile (with screws).
  4. Before you begin to fill the space PVC panels, it is necessary to pave all internal hidden communications (pipes, wiring), make holes in the panels under the spotlights.
  5. Direct mounting of PVC panels always starts from the wall. They are cut exactly along the entire length of the ceiling, using a small hacksaw (better - metal).
  6. The first panel is very tightly inserted intoprepared L-shaped profile is fixed with screws over the whole length, and subsequent panels are also tightly inserted into each other and are fastened to the profile rails.
  7. If you have plans to further decorate the ceiling of plastic moldings, do not forget to start the edge-mounted panels in the L-shaped strips of the end walls.
  8. Usually, the most difficult to install the last panel. It is often necessary to adjust the width of a distance which is left to the wall. Then it very carefully inserted into the L-shaped bar.

    vent of a light bulb in the plastic panels

    The sequence of installation of fixtures in the plastic ceiling

Errors panel installation on the ceiling

If plastic headlining came easily, then there may be some trouble. They need to be able to prevent.

  1. It may cause unpleasant odorsin the bathroom, closet or another room. Usually this is due to multiply fungus and mold under the panels. Therefore, the surface must be pre-treated with special solutions.
  2. Do not stick plastic liquid nail directly on the concrete - unacceptable lack of ventilation between the panel and the ceiling.
  3. Heed the quality of plastic. From this period of his life depends. Chasing cheap, you run the risk of the ceiling, quickly deform, discolor, with toxic effects. Cheap plastic transparent disappoint. If you turn on the light, just show up all internal communications.
  4. Do not forget the parallel conducting wires. Why do something about it often remember after the panel already mounted. Be sure to check the lights before installation.
  5. Sometimes, the installation of plastic panels insteadrequired metal profile used wooden planks and bars, instead of screws - do sighting staples panels. Many people believe that it's easier and cheaper. Subsequently, however, these devices do not pay off, their application turns into big problems (especially in areas where there is an increased level of humidity). Wet, dry wooden base inevitably warped, distorted, resulting in spoiled external appearance of the ceiling, and sometimes - the whole structure collapses.

    ceiling of plastic panels

    Hanging plastic ceiling - a great solution for everything loggia

All these simple recommendation listed inthe article will be a great tip for anyone who is going to sheathe the ceiling with plastic panels. Details are many, but the process is quite simple. Acquire the necessary quality materials, time and patience stocked and ready to do everything in accordance with the instructions. Believe me, the result will surpass your expectations.

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