How to make a two-level stretch ceiling: the secrets of designing, installation sequence

How to make a two-level stretch ceiling

What could be more effectively perfectly smooth surfacestretch ceiling? - Obviously, the issue of subsequent approval of the wondrous property of multi-level ceiling structures to transform the interior and otherwise decorate their unusual view of the lives of ordinary townsfolk, inexperienced in matters of design refinements. But, contrary to expectations, two-level ceilings crack up without any arguments, we will not consider only the design features, the appropriateness of everything and some performance options. Information on how to make the two-level stretch ceiling would certainly be helpful wishing to assess the potential scope of work.

All sorts of tutorials only give generalan idea of ​​how to make split-level ceilings - video editing involves the processing and restructuring of the footage. But the addition printed explanations, most likely, will clarify the situation and to help establish in your own mind. It will help to get acquainted with the way may be realized in the interior two-level ceilings photo collection - examples of interesting color combinations and textures of the game, perhaps inspired by the feat of creating the ceiling structure in the incredible beauty of your own home. Let's get started ...


  • Sequence of installation
    • Installation of a reliable framework
    • Installation of a stretch ceiling

  • Recommendations for the development of the project

Duplex suspended ceiling, in contrast to thesingle-level, representing a straight plane and realized stretched between the bolt profile ( "baguette") cloth (fabric or PVC), is a more complex construction of a combination of elements of a stretch ceiling and different frame members.

The principle of securing a harpoon in baguette

The principle of securing a harpoon in baguette

You can combine different options for the version with ceiling plasterboard structures, which allows to realize a variety of design ideas.

Consider the most common way to a two-tier arrangement of the ceiling when the plane represented by the upper stretch ceiling, the bottom - plasterboard.

Sequence of installation

First of all, you need to become extinct roomdraw a desired configuration on paper. When calculating the height of the structure is important to consider the height of the recessed luminaires and their subsequent disposition. On the drawing you want to transfer the desired shape on the ceiling, and only then proceed to the installation.

Installation of a reliable framework

First, make a frame made of metal profilesfor plasterboard structures. The plane built by construction should be strictly horizontal marking required accuracy. Using water or laser level should be marked labels in each corner of the room. From these labels using otbivochnogo cords continuous line around the perimeter of the room.

At allotted line attached U-shaped profilewith dowels and punch. The same profile is installed on the ceiling at a pre-laid markings. Form boxes can be curved and straight. Profile for fixing it in a curve should be notched metal scissors with an interval of 3-4 cm so as to be able to bend to the required curvature. To profile, fixed to the ceiling fasten omitting sections of the profile desired height. The lower edge of the drop symbology must be at the same horizontal level as the wall profile. Together they will form the lower plane of the structure. Spacing of fasteners - 25-30 cm.

Of the two U-shaped profiles and profile sectionscollecting box, twisting the screws on the metal so as to obtain a similar design with a rectangular pipe. This structure must be attached to the previously installed standpipe. All work on fixing screws perform profile-type "ê" using the screwdriver.

Wide carrier profile is fixed mountedbox to the wall profile. Strict compliance with verticals and horizontals necessarily, the angles can be checked using the level. Thus the entire frame and is going around the room. For duct subsequently baguette for tension ceiling it will be screwed. Film stretch ceiling during cooling greatly stretched, the box design should be durable, designed for the load, and can withstand the tension of PVC film.

The next stage - laying of electrical wiringfor illumination. Next - frame cladding with plasterboard. Cut the right size sheets and to assemble the box, fastening screws Drywall. After installing all the elements necessary to strengthen the drywall angles using perforated corner, which is attached to the plaster putty.

All seams and deepening of the screws should also beputty. After solidification of filler sand box grater special grinding. Mark up the location of the built-in lamps and drill holes using the appropriate nozzle ( "crown"), then the surface is primed and painted boxes (or Wallpapers). Thus, the ceiling of the lower level is performed. Installation of a stretch ceiling is much easier to perform.

Installation of a stretch ceiling

By the first set duct plasterboard should attach the mounting bracket ( "baguette") for mounting tension ceiling.

Install the mounting bracket (baguette)

If the provided installation pointlamps or chandeliers, it requires an appropriate preparation for installation (described in detail in one of the sections of the site). Installation of a stretch ceiling design requires certain skills and use appropriate equipment, to make a two-tier suspended ceiling with your hands, you can, in theory, but it is better to entrust its installation experienced performers.

Yet consider the process in more detail: PVC film is produced and to take your measurements by the manufacturer. By the edges of fabric attached special screw-type harpoon. Packaged fabric enters a cut to the customer's standards, respectively. Before installation, unpack and secure the cloth on the corners on special mounting extensions. Then the indoor air is heated with a heat gun to 60 ° C.

The heat gun is heated premises

At this temperature, the canvas becomes an elastic PVC, which allows you to attach it to the baguette. After cooling of the ceiling plane is aligned.

Preheat the PVC film is mounted in a baguette

The next phase - installation of fixtures.

Recommendations for the development of the project

When developing the project should take into account severalimportant points: the functional feasibility and the desired aesthetic effect. With the help of a two-level ceiling structure can hide the irregularities of the ceiling and effectively arrange additional lighting. The possibility of zoning space with ceiling structures are also not be discounted. A few words about the aesthetic component: choosing shapes and color combinations in the regeneration of multi-level ceilings should be driven by the overall concept of interior design. So, in a room with a laconic in layout and color scheme of the interior arrangement of the ceiling structure forms whimsical curl, much brighter than the other interior elements for color combinations will be overkill.

Finally, a few tips for choosing the color,pattern and texture. Undoubtedly, the two-level stretch ceilings with photo printing showy and unusual in its essence. But focusing on the ceiling (the unusual shape and pattern attract the eye) can only be justified in a spacious room with high ceilings. Choosing a pattern and texture, consider property gloss "blikovat" and the reflective surface. Selected colors catalog color is slightly darker than the ceiling desired.

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