Ceilings of plasterboard (175 photos)

Selection of top 175 photos of plasterboard ceilings, choose the best design. What do the ceiling in the living room, kitchen and bedroom

What first catches the eye upon entering the room?

Without a doubt, this is the ceiling.

Direct white ceiling has long been irrelevant, and, frankly, brings boredom. Multilevel ceiling plasterboard - the perfect solution.

We have prepared for you everything you need to decide on the design of such an arrangement. And also choose the location of the built-in light.

175 photos of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard for the bedroom, living room and kitchen. Detailed help in the selection of a ceiling for the small size of the room. Concise and easy to use infographics for choosing design style.

Ceilings of plasterboard (175 photos)


Plasterboard ceilings are of various shapes,colors, designs, and easily fit into any style of room, whether classic or modern. Supporters can restrict a simple single-level interior composition, and for those who want to create something unique and creative, the market offers several designs for ceilings made of plasterboard.

Making the ceiling Description
Duplex Is the most popular. They have a lot of design options and design of ceiling lighting.
Three-level It's hard for the design, but in the interior look luxurious
Columns Very nice volume element, inexpensive and easy to manufacture. Transform any room, conveniently fit into any style room
Arches In the design of complex, cost a lot of money, but this room will be a real masterpiece
Photos of plasterboard ceilings

Duplex plasterboard ceilings

Two-level ceilings give the roomadditional volume and allow you to change the shape of the room is literally beyond recognition, making the interior a rich and refined. The complexity and quirkiness ceiling structure depends only on your imagination! Such ceilings are especially eye-catching and riveting the attention of visitors!

Sudden changes in the height or the flowing flexibleline, built-in lights or unusual colors in finishing - all these features of the decor can be implemented with the help of drywall. The geometry of the ceiling allows you to create any forms, angles, curves, bent and broken lines. Depending on the interior ceiling of the room can also be painted or decorate with stucco.

Photos of plasterboard ceilings
Photos of plasterboard ceilings

With Elevations and smart lightingthey can be used as an additional reception room for zoning space. And it is possible to emphasize only a few decorative items, for which you want to pay particular attention to: a bed, the barTable.

Duplex ceilings will look great in nursery. Drywall gives you the opportunity to build on the ceiling of any figure: flower, sun, alien ship, a football ...

lighting design on the ceiling plasterboard

The main function of lighting design rathernot even light, as in the creation of a special mood room and a pleasant atmosphere. Variants of its design a great many, but the most popular are the LEDs and LED strip. They give a soft uniform light, visually increasing the depth of the ceiling and creating a so-called effect of "floating". Combining models of different colors glow and shapes, you can come up with your own unique design.

Types of lighting design:

Standard illumination for plasterboard ceilings

Standard. This light is easy to design: it is sufficient for simple ceiling lamps and tires for standard hanging lamps.

Targeted lighting on the ceiling plasterboard

Target. Suitable for zoning space, visually separating the different parts of the room from each other. For example, in place of active pastime light can be made more vivid, and relaxation zone - muted tones and soft light.

Decorative lighting on the ceiling plasterboard

Decorative. Bright contrasting colors or with gentle light tints: well-thought-out lighting, in harmony with the room furnishings and decor elements help to create the desired atmosphere and festive mood in the interior.

Ceilings of plasterboard for the kitchen: a design choice

The design of the ceiling in the kitchen most often usedcorrect geometrical figures. The circular layout is good to highlight the center of the room, and the ceilings are perfectly rectangular shape will adjust the room. For example, for narrow kitchen recommended square shape, which visuallyexpanding walls. For the kitchen, you can select and wavy shapes of unusual and bizarre configurations ranging from conventional ovals and finishing with unimaginable zigzags.

Design ceiling plasterboard Kitchen
Design ceiling plasterboard Kitchen

Attention! In the kitchen, with a low ceiling can not be placed sophisticated design, select one or two simple pieces! When designing the shape of the ceiling, Always adjust the dimensions of the decor elements, all harmoniously looked premise height.

Design ceilings made of plasterboard, not only dramatically transform kitchen interierBut good and from a practical point of view. Plasterboard has a high moisture resistance, excellent sound insulation and fire protection, which will provide you with beauty and a successful food operation for years to come.

ceiling design in a small kitchen

Ceilings of plasterboard is recommended to placeOnly the kitchen has high ceilings or a level higher than the average, as they take the height of the room and do not reflect light. For a small kitchen with a low ceiling, you can make a two-tier structure, or simply place a little ledge on the perimeter: it will help visually above the "raise" the ceiling and make the space more airy and free. You can experiment with color and consider different colors for each level.

Ceiling Design a small kitchen

Interesting design method - the so-called"Floating" ceiling. The effect of soaring ceiling is achieved by mounting the second level in the middle with no visible side walls. LEDs are placed within the structure so that they are imperceptible, but only their visible light.

Remember that built-in ceiling lights should be placed evenly on the entire kitchen area so that all functional areas were covered.

Interesting solutions for the kitchen 10 sq m

Ceilings Kitchen 10 sq m
Ceilings of plasterboard in kitchen

The ceiling in the kitchen-living room: competent zoning

What points should be taken into account when choosing ceiling design for such an unusual place as a combined kitchen-living room?

As we already mentioned, it is important to providefunctional division into zones: working (kitchen) and resting place (a dining room-living room). The boundaries between the rooms can be created using an unusual ceiling architecture, building various geometric shapes or lines of demarcation. Enhance the effect of help mood lighting and the use of different materials for finishing the ceiling in the kitchen and in the living room.

Ceilings for the kitchen-living room
Ceilings for the kitchen-living room

Divide into zones not only the ceiling but also a wall, a floor. Play with the design, duplicate various elements, emphasizing the overall style! This design will make your kitchen an unusual, trendy and will look much more interesting than the standard color of the ceiling white.

How to make the ceiling in the bedroom?

The interiors of the bedrooms most popularamong designer ceiling structures are wavy lines and irregular shapes: there are no restrictions! Any of your decorating ideas, whether asymmetric finish, stacked friezes, medallions, arches, columns and domes - it will all be true and perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom!

Multilevel ceilings make out, as a rule,directly above the bed. Avoid bright colors and eye-catching: the design must relax! The ceilings are warm, bright and muted colors are best to cope with this task.

Design ceiling bedroom
The design of the ceiling in the bedroom

Designed for small bedroom

Selection of the correct color scheme can help to enrich the interior of the small room and make it more spacious. Traditionally, ceilings in the bedroom painted in white color. But you can think of and something more interesting: for example, pale blue ceiling will look like the open sky. Another unusual choice for a bedroom - to paint the ceiling of the middle of a deep warm color (for example, in purple), and perform with lines from the center of a smooth transition to the colors of the walls.

Expand small rooms is very goodUse glossy surfaces ... but this is not the case! The bedroom has a bright shine is only distracting, so it is better to prefer a matte ceilings.

Avoid complex shapes and multilevelstructures: heap of different elements to visually narrow the space. This finish is only permitted when necessary to differentiate the functional areas of the room or creating accent on any design element.

Design ceiling small bedroom

Adjust the narrow bedroom

Unfortunately, square or narrow bedroomapartment not far from a rarity! The main feature of this bedroom - high ceilings, but the height can be easily adjusted using the color. To increase the visual height suited pale shades and dark colors will help top "drop." If you paint the walls two shades darker than the ceiling - it will also make it below. Remember that the color of the ceiling and the floor must always be different!

Design ceiling in a narrow bedroom
Design ceiling in a narrow bedroom

Do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to use for narrow ceiling bedrooms are the original colors like bright colors of pink, purple, orange, coffee color.

The ceiling structure is required to embed a lot of spotlights. A large amount of light in the room will create the illusion of a spacious room available.

The original design for the bedroom 12-14 sq m

Design ceiling drywall in the bedroom
Design ceiling drywall in the bedroom
Design ceiling drywall in the bedroom

Creativity in children's bedroom

The ceiling of plasterboard - the perfect opportunity to realize all their original creative ideas in the children's room.

In addition to the incredible design of the ceiling, which is also easily possible to build your own, it has also other visible benefits:

  • Single- and multi-level ceilings can combineMe and chandeliers and lamps, and built-in lighting, which will provide a sufficient amount of light in the room and will help to divide it into zones. Besides the central lighting in the nursery necessarily the entire room must be additional lights with different intensities of light. Area of ​​study should be best covered, sleeping zone is better to make darker, and in the center of the room, where at any time of the day a lot of light, leave room for games.
  • With drywall, you can create interesting ceilings and fixtures in the form of various shapes such as a butterfly, flower, airplane, birds that you can think of, depending on the child's interests.

Individual design of the ceiling, you can also createwith the help of hand-painted. This method is little known and is not common, but it allows you to realize any wish of your child and make the room really special and dear to him.

  • By the choice of the arsenal for repairs in the children's bedroomalways must be approached very responsibly. Plasterboard same applies to natural and environmentally friendly materials, so that for the health of the child do not worry.
The design of the ceiling plasterboard in the children's bedroom
The design of the ceiling plasterboard in the children's bedroom
The design of the ceiling plasterboard in the children's bedroom

Tips for design ceiling in the living room

For registration ceiling in the living room designersare advised to use the structure of geometrically correct forms: it will be all sorts of a circle or figure, emphasizing the basic frame of the ceiling of the room.

Plasterboard ceilings can help you solve the problemzoning room into several zones. Spotlights and various inlays create a special atmosphere and and will be the final touch to create a unique room design.

your ceiling project should organically fit into the styling of the hall. For example, in country style living room glossy ceiling will look at least weird, this option is more suitable for high-tech or modern.

The design of the ceiling in the living room
Design ceiling drywall in the living room
Design ceiling drywall in the living room

Making room in a small apartment

Hall in a small apartment - is, as a rule,a small square room with ceilings up to 2.5 meters high and almost zero soundproofing. Therefore, when planning facilities and ceilings should be chosen such design solutions that will help to correct these features in a better way.

Design ceiling plasterboard in the hall of a small apartment
Design ceiling plasterboard in the hall of a small apartment

Say "no" to a large chandelier, which willonly clutter the living room and make it visually below. Best option - a small false ceiling with built-in spot illumination: diffused lighting to visually enlarge the space. The suspension structure can pave the noise insulation, which will provide the necessary zvukozaschitu.

Another interesting design solution - combined gypsum and glossy ceilings, which will reflect light and visually "pripodnimut» ceiling surface.

Choose colors in warm light tones. And if you make the ceiling and walls the same color, the room seemed razmoyut border, and it will also create the illusion of more space.

Spacious living room of 20 square meters. m.

The area of ​​the room at first glance it may seembig, but its visual and the actual size is more dependent on the ceilings. If they are low, it is not necessary to construct a complex two- or multi-level designs that will visually reduce the living room: one level would be sufficient. For low ceiling choose colors that are lighter than the walls, or Poquelin Striped wallpaperTo be visually "lift" ceiling.

To illuminate a large room recommendeduse of plasterboard construction with the built-in spotlights, which have the function of the zone controlled lighting. Then you can adjust the amount of light in each of the room if necessary. For example, to include only two lights above the cabinet or three lamps above the bed.

Design ceiling plasterboard to a large living room
Design of ceilings in large living gipsokratona

Master of plasterboard with their hands

If there is even the slightest skill mastery,installation of drywall will not be for you challenging. It is only necessary to know some features of gypsum boards, and that to do with them, all the design and successfully hide from the ceiling all the drawbacks finish. All this we will now describe.

First of all you will need to spendinventory of your tools and the need to buy the missing tools and materials such as, for example, suspensions, screws, dowels and profile-nails. Profile select the size of not less than 4-meters, so as not to face the necessity of their interfacing.

  • The first frame rate is always installedequally. Before the drywall will turn into a full-fledged design will need to install a simple one-level ceiling. To do this, on the ceiling do layout using a laser level and at a distance of ten centimeters from the main place of the ceiling wall profile.
  • indentation size will depend on how you are located in the ceiling area lighting fixtures and engineering systems. To precisely set the frame, use a laser level again.
  • Secure the longitudinal profiles by placing them ona distance of about 500-600 mm. Size profiles typically fixed, so that when mounting a ceiling in a large room will need to splice them together by means of special tools.
  • Above the ceiling profile make suspension. Secure them with the help of an anchor or dowel-nails. Attach to the suspension rails and fix them with screws.

All these actions require from you atconcentration and accuracy in measurements. Now that the main ceiling frame is made in front of us the question arises again: how is it that the very construct brand ceiling?

  • First complete the electrical wiring, ventilation,communication, to hide all the wires to the ceiling before the sheets are placed. The holes for the installation of lighting can be done both before and after installation.
  • If your room is not quite smooth wall, thenwhen placing the sheets of plasterboard can be formed sloppy joints. So before you start tinkering ceiling and spread sheets, you will need to pre-cut the little space of these joints with the wall or the corner of the room to lay down your list nice and tidy. For starters, take and treat all the sheets a special primer to provide them with a good waterproofing.
  • Leave a distance of a few millimeters from the ceiling to the walls, to the drywall sheets were free to "breathe" and then deformed at high temperatures.
  • Begin to fix sheets along the load-bearing profiles, strictly observing the order of chess: the first sheet should be fastened to the wall, and the next - from the longitudinal profile going first.
  • Stage installation is finished! Now you need to make holes for securing fixtures, piping, and other communications.
  • ceiling plaster should be started only afterhow dirt initial trim is completed. Use the one which will penetrate deep into the joints: this will help to make drywall stronger and simultaneously process the sheets themselves, preventing the formation of mold, fungi and other microorganisms on the ceiling.
  • Installation of gypsum board is complete, it remains only to add to them various ornaments and decor elements.

To process more understandable, we also recommend to familiarize with video installation of plasterboard ceilings

Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard
Photos of the ceiling plasterboard

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