All the repair of stretch ceilings: details on the elimination of all types of faults

All the repair of stretch ceilings

With tension ceilings we metrelatively recently, but they have managed to win our sympathy, and become one of the most popular options for interior design. This is not surprising, given their undeniable advantages: moisture resistant, easy and quick to install, and their decorative potential generally unlimited. But not free graceful French ceilings and from shortcomings: they are too sensitive to sharp objects and changes in temperature and can suddenly sag due to various reasons. In this article we will look at the cases in which the repair of stretch ceilings is possible, as and when they are fully or partially to be replaced.


  • Causes and types of damage
  • Types and methods of repair activities
    • Repair cut stretch ceiling
    • Removing traces of melting and burning
    • Repair of suspended ceilings in case of flooding
    • What if the blade sagged
    • The gap in the seam and installation marriage

  • Rules of operation of suspended ceilings

Causes and types of damage

Structurally, the suspended ceiling - itkind of false ceiling, which is fixed to the metal frame polyvinylchloride film or fabric. Since enough between the thin film and intermediate floor there is a gap of a few centimeters, the surface is vulnerable to mechanical stress and the outside and inside. In some cases, defects are minor and you can even make repairs stretch ceiling with his hands, but sometimes only a specialist can assess the true scale of the disaster and offer a repair, the optimal financial and aesthetic points of view.

The most common reasons that a tension ceiling needs repair:

  • puncture, tear, cut with a sharp object;
  • ingress of water due to flooding;
  • melting ceiling negligently or in places where lamps;
  • sagging ceiling;
  • manufacturing defects;

Types and methods of repair activities

Let us consider in detail each of these cases, damages and solutions to the problem.

Repair cut stretch ceiling

Puncture, tear or cut the tension clothCeiling most commonly occurs in the first few days after installation, when it is still too tight, and the owners are not accustomed to carefully handle the new element of its interior. The cause of the defect can be thrown by the children toy with sharp details and zadevshy ceiling mounted corner cabinet, and careless handling of tools during installation of fixtures.

If as a result of a sharp object to punctureceiling formed hole diameter of less than 1 mm, it is possible to treat even their own glue and fabric will not unravel, and the point of puncture will be virtually unnoticeable.

Uncomplicated and repair cut stretch ceiling ifit is made of seamless fabric cloth, and the damage is not more than 5-10 cm. In this case, you need to immediately fix the edges of the slit formed a painting or two-sided tape to keep it from creeping away.

The cut, the edges of which can be fixed with adhesive tape construction

The cut, the edges of which can be fixed with adhesive tape construction

If damaged the ceiling of PVCthe film must also be very quickly to fix the place of rupture or cut tape, but to further his recovery is better to invite experts. Depending on the magnitude of the defect can be eliminated, or at least to disguise the following ways:

Perform on-site cut a thin seam kapronthread. Despite the fact that the technology allows for very thin and neat stitching on the cuts, they are almost imperceptible only on matte ceilings, and glossy they still need to mask any functional or decorative elements.

If the blade is damaged at a distance of 10-15 cm from the ceiling edge, neatly trimmed spoiled part, the film is adhered harpoon blade is heated, pull and re-loaded into the user's profile.

A small gap canvas stretch ceiling near the wall, which can be cut

A small gap canvas stretch ceiling near the wall, which can be cut

Traces of this method does not leave, but if the damage is greater than 5 cm in length, it is likely that you will need to install an additional lamp or other simulating element.

If the defect is small in size, but isaway from the edge, it camouflages the additional lamp, false grille, fire alarm sensor or any decorative element.

Removing traces of melting and burning

Another frequent cause ofholes on the canvas stretched ceiling - it's burning through or melt. This important property of suspended ceilings as fire safety, means that the material does not burn, but when exposed to high temperatures when properly installed fixtures or sparks or open flames from fireworks or sparklers, it melts and can burst.

In the field of installation of fixtures ceiling clothoplavitsya can, if used for lighting lamps of 40W or above powerful lamps chandeliers located at a distance closer than 10 cm from the fabric. This is contrary to the terms of operation of suspended ceilings, declared by manufacturers. If the hole is too stretched, then oplavivshiesya around the edge of the lamp set ring of larger diameter of the heat-resistant plastic.

Preparation of heat-resistant plastic ring to be installed on the fused edges in the lamp

Preparation of heat-resistant plastic ring to be installed on the fused edges in the lamp

In all other cases, as in the cuts andbreaks longer than 15-20 cm of damage can not be recovered and the canvas covering the ceiling need to be replaced by pulling it to the existing attachment.

Repair of suspended ceilings in case of flooding

Contact with large amounts of water onto the webstretch ceiling in case of flooding leads the list of the reasons leading to its repair. On one side of the suspended ceiling is able to retain about 100 liters of water and thus protected from the damaging effects of its expensive furniture and parquet flooring, but at the same time itself needs to be repaired, and in some cases to be replaced.

To be there after the flooding of the suspended ceilingrestoration and repair which will depend on the type of fabric and the water temperature. Linen cloth is particularly sensitive to moisture, and after drying it will probably have to replace it, as it may be stained. The ceilings are made of PVC film from the cold water is practically not be affected, but of boiling water can greatly stretched up to rupture.

Stretch ceiling to repair in case of flooding

Stretch ceiling in case of flooding to repair: textile fabric often have to change, PVC recovers after gun heating

In any case, the need to quickly flooded,but gently to drain accumulated between the film and the water lapped. First we need to take advantage of existing holes around embedded items - lamps, lights, range hoods. If such openings are not available or they are not sufficient to bring the total amount of water will have to own or with the help of a specialist to dismantle part of the ceiling structure in a corner or against a wall.

After the complete withdrawal of cold water and thorough drying using a heat gun or other heating device material again will take the former form, and does not lose its properties.

Stretch ceiling in case of flooding after repair

Stretch ceiling in case of flooding after repair

If the water temperature goes above 70 ° C,even film web ceiling coverings too can stretch out and is no longer subject to recovery. His need to be replaced, using the existing fastening system.

What if the blade sagged

Sagging fabric - enough common defect of suspended ceilings, which can be caused by many things:

  • Ceiling service life of over 10 years;
  • too high a temperature in a room for a long time;
  • uneven web tension if the installation is not very experienced craftsmen;
  • poor quality of fabric, if used very cheap material.
Padding sagging stretch ceiling

After flooding pulls only the canvas, frame repair, and no need to change

If the web is not damaged and does not requireadditional repairs, in any of these cases it is necessary to invite professionals who perform it constriction or replace if necessary.

The gap in the seam and installation marriage

The reason for breaking the web of stretch ceilings in the seam can be:

  • poor quality welding cloth;
  • the tension of the material above the norm;
  • use of cheap low-quality material.

If there was a gap in the seam fabric, it can bejust replace and best of all - on the seamless ceilings. Given that each of these causes of the defect relates to the installation of a marriage, the company that installed the ceiling, to replace it for free.

Due to technical errors mounting possible such defects suspended ceilings as a departure from the walls of baguettes and a partial detachment of the web from the edges of the walls.

Partial detachment of the edges of fabric stretched ceiling near the wall

Partial detachment of the edges of fabric stretched ceiling to the wall - the marriage settlement and installation, it should eliminate the organization is installing

Even when molding extends at floodingdue to exceeding the rate of the mass of water, to make installation of the ceiling the company is obliged to replace it as unprofessional calculations were made. Partially remove the walls around the edge of the web is easy to fix in the system and on their own, if warranty repairs has expired.

Detaching harpoons of the film refers to the equipment itself. This defect is easily corrected by yourself or with the help of specialists.

Rules of operation of suspended ceilings

  1. Stretch ceilings can not be installed in unheated rooms where the temperature can drop below 0 ° C: fabric loses elasticity and can burst at low temperatures.
  2. To stretch fabric ceiling system does not sag over time in the room it is desirable to maintain a constant temperature of 20-22 ° C.
  3. Power lamps in lighting fixtures, built-in tension ceiling system shall not exceed 40 the W, otherwise likely reflow leaf edges.
  4. Stretch ceiling can withstand high mechanical loads, it is not terrible, for example, blow champagne corks, but it is vulnerable to sharp objects and instruments.
  5. Stretch ceilings are antistatic and do not constitute a source of dust and dirt. The perfect way to keep them clean - vacuum cleaning once a month.
  6. To delete the canvas stretched ceiling spotsfat in the kitchen or in the bathroom soap flying, use only a soft sponge and neutral detergents that do not contain abrasive particles, solvents, acids and alkalis. Brushes, lint-free cloth may damage the appearance and even the integrity of the film web ceiling system.

Stretch ceilings are easy to install and operate,beautiful and elegant, they do not require special attention and care. On average, different manufacturers guarantee them lifetime of at least fifteen years, but the experience of Western European countries proves that a careful handling and careful care stretch ceiling system can last thirty years.

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