What are the chandeliers? Features selection of crystal chandeliers

Today, there is such a huge selection of lighting fixtures that choose the best is not always so simple. To achieve this goal, first of all, you need to consider what are the chandeliers. If you want to buy a crystal chandelier, remember that they are the ceilings and classic.

Differences between classical and ceiling chandeliers

Classic Crystal Chandeliers are greatsize, they are extremely beautiful and just suspended from the ceiling. Most often, they are installed in the large living rooms and halls, which have high ceilings. In such areas, they look really great. In those cases where the ceiling height your standard sizes and the ceiling is at a distance of two meters from the floor, chandeliers better not to use. In this case, you can not help create the feeling that your room is quite small and there is not enough lighting. Therefore, high large chandeliers of crystal it is better not to use - they only will make a disproportion. But the ceiling crystal chandeliers It is the ideal solution for areas with lowceiling. In appearance, these lights are much like a plate or bowl. They look pressed against the ceiling. These chandeliers can harmoniously fit into small spaces.

In addition to these important parameterschoose a chandelier so that it is suited not only to the design of one room, but the entire apartment. In this matter, there are no strict guidelines. The determining factor is the tastes and preferences of the prospective buyer. In some cases, the lighting designer selects which draws room. By the way, if there is a better choice to entrust the matter crystal chandelier knowledgeable.

What is important to consider when choosing a chandelier

It is important to remember that the lighting unit power should be given the necessary attention. Not always odnolampovaya Crystal Chandelier can properly illuminate the room. It is best to apply the following rule: for each square meter of the room must be 15 watts. Therefore, if the floor area of ​​8 square meters, the one lamp will be enough, but for the 15 square meters is best to use lamps with a large number of bulbs. In some cases, you can consider the option of purchase crystal chandeliers with five or six lamps, which can be arranged in several tiers. Pay attention and do not value the chuck.

Some cartridges large chandeliers, andSome - very tiny. The size of the cartridge affects the lighting devices themselves. Remember that different lamps require different cartridges. You can see that selection of crystal chandeliers It is not so easy as it mightIt seems at first glance. That is why in specialized stores employ qualified consultants who are always ready to come to the rescue. In a conversation with them, try to ask all the questions you discuss every detail. Using these guidelines, you will be able to buy products that not only harmoniously fit into the design of the room, but will be quite functional.

What are the chandeliers? Features selection of crystal chandeliers
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