Types of lighting lamps

At present, the lighting lamp are presented in a large assortment. They may vary significantly specifications. In this article we will look at popular types of lighting lamps.

Features of LED lamps

LED lighting lamps are verypopularity. They are characterized by low power consumption, so many prefer them. LED lamps have a long service life and excellent luminous efficacy.

you can purchase a stand-alone, if desireddevices that work on solar batteries. At night, the lights are automatically turned in, they are recharged by solar energy during daylight hours. These energy saving lamps operate at temperatures in the range -30 .. + 50 ° C.

Characteristics of incandescent lamps

For a long time in the homes of our fellow citizensonly use these devices. Today, they are released in two forms: a coiled-coil and krypton. Products of the latter type include the noble gas krypton, which increases the light output of the lamp.

Coiled-coil lamps use complexarcuate thread of tungsten to produce light. They may have different types of surfaces, such as a mirror and matte. Frosted bulbs give less light output, but they give the scattered light. This lighting is pleasant to the eye, and therefore the products are popular.

Features fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps may have a capacity of 8-80 watts. In their work they use phosphors that glow under the influence of the gas discharge. The use of such lamps provides a diffused soft light.

If fluorescent lamps compared with lampsbulbs, they are more economical and allow light to get brighter 7 times with equal power. They are distinguished, and a greater lifespan. However, they have drawbacks: flickering light and temperature sensitivity.

Features halogen lamps

These lamps shine two times brighter than conventional incandescent lamps. They are made of different shapes. Some types allow them to receive the concentrated beam of light, the other - indirect lighting.

We have reviewed the main types of lighting lamps. Analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to select the most suitable lamp for your apartment or house.

Types of lighting lamps
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