Table lamps: comfort and health of your eyes

Practical recommendations on the selection boardbulbs are found not only on the designers and store managers, but also from ophthalmologists. After all, this luminaire is designed to create a comfortable and safe environment for the hard work of the eye during the reading, writing, crafts, board games and other activities. The problems associated with deterioration of vision, rejuvenated each year. And this not only guilty overreliance on computers and TVs, but also failure to comply with hygiene standards of lighting.

Suffer from this, not only the children who do notable to control this aspect, but also adults, often ignore the rules. light day length does not correspond to the period of activity of modern man, so correctly selected table lamps can arrange the optimum space for life.

Types and characteristics of table lamps

Note that the table lamps are divided into two main types - decorative and performance. The first of them have the following features:

• designed to decorate the interior,selected in the same style with other lighting fixtures. Many manufacturers just offer table lamps that are part of a single design line with floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces and other lamps;

• perform rather decorative thanpractical function, so the choice of light sources is determined only by the preferences of the owners. It can be either traditional incandescent bulbs (they are cheap) or more practical LED or halogen ones;

• for the most part, decorative lamps are made in the form of a lampshade on a stand of different heights, fill the space with soft diffused light;

• differ in rich decor, variety of materials, shapes, colors used, which determines their price.

Working table lamps:

• designed to illuminate the training area, so the technical requirements are more stringent;

• equipped with movable shades and legs, with which you can adjust the angle and height of the direction of light;

• table lamps for work have a rather concise design and are offered in colors of restrained tones;

• It is preferable to use LED or fluorescent lamps, giving a more comfortable light for the eyes.

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Table lamps: comfort and health of your eyes
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