The main varieties of fixtures

Interior design is not possible withoutlighting devices, which today decided to put forward higher requirements that go beyond the direct purpose to provide the necessary lighting. Spot lights, sconces, chandeliers still play a leading role in interior design. After analyzing the main types of fixtures can define their distinctive features, making possible to achieve the desired results, developing the interior design.


Suspended Ceiling fixtures calledchandeliers, structurally they provide a large number of bulbs. This is the most frequently used lights when the light apartments. Chandelier, in fact, are household lamps, providing a uniform diffused light output. Most often chandeliers designed from three to six lamps. To ensure a comfortable and proper lighting for ten square meters need to have about one hundred and fifty watts.

In modern chandeliers assumed opportunityUse decorative incandescent lamps, allowing lighter construction with less weight chandeliers. When choosing a chandelier is necessary to pay attention to the location of lamps and canopy. Chandelier Model in which the direction of plinths incandescent bulbs made in the bottom, and the cover itself faces the ceiling opening perform the main direction of light streams up. And reflected from the ceiling light is scattered around the room.

Ceiling diffusers

It is easy enough to fix the ceiling lightceiling surface, in addition to these diffusers do not need a lot of space for installation. These lighting fixtures are ideal for high-quality lighting small spaces: bathrooms, loggias, kitchens, corridors. For more suited bathroom ceiling with geometric shape, protected against the ingress of moisture. If you pick up the bowl, which uses incandescent bulbs, consider that a lamp provides a large flow of light in comparison with several lamps with the same total capacity. The main disadvantages include the need for such lampshades dismantling construction that would change the bulb. From the rim of the glass lamp is put forward, replacing lamps, and the glass is placed back to its original location.

Odnolampovye fixtures

Lighting Elements of this type operate with lampserving incandescent light source. These lamps are used for small areas of scattered light. suspended type Odnolampovye lights are often set to the desired height of illumination, they are ideal for local lighting. Odnolampovye fixtures can be produced with shades that are open or the top or bottom. Sometimes pendant lamps resemble a lantern, in artistic style.

Panel recessed

This type of lighting fixtures designed forinstallation in suspended ceilings often are their lamps become a mandatory element. The main feature of these lamps installation versatility, they can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling, as a lighting element is required fluorescent lamp.

With these embedded panellights provide direct lighting, which sent streams of light from the ceiling down. Due to such features in order to create uniformity in matters of lighting is used not singly, but in a few pieces. The panel lights look like a box with a lid made of transparent durable plastic.

Devices for spot lighting

The name of these spotlights purchasedbecause of the small size and due to the fact that they create a direct local lighting. These light fixtures fill only small portions of the surface. They are widely used in the construction of suspended ceilings, they are mounted in niches in furniture, they can be constructively and turning unturning.

Turning point lighting elements arean internal moving part of the valve, with the angle of inclination of the lamp, it allows you to direct the light flow in the required direction. The light source used in such lamps halogen lamps or incandescent lamps, with a covering of reflective mirror layer. These lighting devices look good on the surface of dark and light and ceiling, providing the effect of the high ceiling with enhanced bulk of all premises.

By design spotlights canopen type with incandescent or may have a special protective cover. If their installation in wet areas you can use them if available IP protection.

Many administrative and accommodationsused chandelier as the main type of ceiling-type lighting fixtures. Design performance takes a very large variety. The simplest types are a simple form and rather modest design. They produce a constant flow of light. When the main light beam is directed downwards, the zone is located under the lamp, lit well, other areas of the room is not so bright. If the flow of light directed towards the ceiling, it reflects and scatters it around the room completely.

The main varieties of fixtures
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