The lighting in the hallway

The most common of the hall will perform twobasic functions: on the one hand, it is the first location of your apartment, in which you find yourself and guests, besides it is often bring myself up before leaving the house. competent onEnlightenment in the hallway It helps in achieving these goals. In addition, a well-lit room can demonstrate its inimitable interior design.

One of the main features of the hallway lightingIt is that it is completely absent in the daylight, so lighting is used at any time. In addition, the following guidelines: hallway lighting must match the illumination of adjacent rooms, no matter the time of day. As a rule, the hall hosts or guests are long, but despite this the sudden lighting changes during the transition to other rooms may be some discomfort.

The objectives that can be achieved with proper lighting

If the use of relatively smalllighting, then you can divert attention from some shortcomings finish. Yet hallway to make better quality coverage: even if you are in a gloomy room a relatively short time, it can not create a favorable impression of the apartment. But if you run a friendly and soft light to fill the space, then your visitors will be set on open communication.

However, in choosing the brightness should be avoidedextremes. It is also extremely bright light can create a bad impression, which is why experts recommend to perform lighting with the help of the scattered light. It can be done by using frosted lamps or fixtures aimed at the ceiling. In the latter case, the reflected light from the surface of the ceiling will fill the entire hall, due to it will not be well-defined shadows, and the height of the wall visually increase. But the best option would be to use several groups of fixtures: on the floor, on the ceiling, on the walls, the mirror - thanks to this solution, you can do depending on the mood and the need to adjust the level of lighting.

Use several light sources

It is quite effective equipment hallseveral complementary to each other, but at the same time independent types of lighting - general and functional. The latter is intended for a specific purpose, for example, by placing a lamp near the mirror, you can use it to restore marafeta.

In cases when not selected in the hallwaya separate room, and on it the movement is carried out not only to leave the apartment if necessary, but also to move between rooms, can be quite useful additional source of lighting for the permanent orientation. Some of these purposes use decorative lamps, and some even desktops.

When the hall is often used, additionalView coverage may become a secondary light that can enter through the glazed walls and glass doors adjacent rooms. You can use special glass blocks placed in the septum.

Lighting allows you to change the space visually

It is useful to note that a wellusing the features of light, it is possible to eliminate the disadvantages of the room. For example, if you want to visually edit an elongated and narrow hallway until you get intense illumination of the walls. This can be done on the premises distribute powerful sources from which light is directed to the wall: as a result of a lot of the light that is reflected from the ceiling and upper walls visually increase the space. Locate the lamps can be on the walls or on the ceiling, the main thing - to direct their beams in the desired point of the room.

If the room is too large on the contrary, whileYou can use the following advice: install ceiling lights, you can adjust the angle of rotation, the light should fall only on the wall, and remained in the shadow of the ceiling will seem lower.

If the shape of your hallway geometrically complexthen you can take advantage of the light zoning. If light with different angles nooks and corners, then they can be certain islands, located on the way to the accommodation. In this case, you can not particularly excel: easy lighting, small lamps near a small mirror or a narrow floor lamp with a compact armchair - all this will help to create an original hall.

Using the above tips, you can create a variety of levels lighting in the hallway. Remember that light can be used not onlyto hide flaws, but also highlight the advantages. If you want to deepen the perspective of long and narrow hallway, you can achieve this goal by using the same type of fixtures arranged in a straight row.

If you learn to control the laws of light and use them for their own purposes, you can achieve a competent lighting in the hallway, Lighting, which will allow your guests to make the best view of your flat.

The lighting in the hallway
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