Recommendations regarding the selection of crystal chandeliers

One of the most beautiful views of the lightingequipment are crystal chandeliers. They not only provide the desired level of light, but also create a special room in the comfort and warmth. Their small iridescent glass slides will certainly attract the admiring glances guests. The modern market offers a crystal chandelier in the broadest form of models. Learn what to look for when choosing a product.

Features selection of lighting fixtures for various premises

Even during the development phase of the design project must bethink about the places where lighting devices are installed. In some areas, along with the main light source using additional accessories. They may be required on the computer desk, or in the kitchen mirrors.

Recommendations regarding the selection of crystal chandeliers Recommendations regarding the selection of crystal chandeliers

Kitchen. Crystal chandeliers hang above preferablya table for receiving food. In this case, all will be able to enjoy its excellent views. For small kitchens will be an excellent choice for small crystal chandeliers. If the ceilings are low, and the light source should be a ceiling. It should be positioned high enough that the tenants did not touch his head when moving around the room.

Corridor. For this room will suit simple small chandelier. But chic huge source of light will look out of place. Near the mirror will be appropriate to place the sconces.

Canteen. If a home has a separate dining area, inwhich set a long table, you can consider the possibility to place on it a couple of small chandeliers. This will give the original interior and to achieve uniform illumination. There is another possibility - one fixture can be positioned over the table, and the other - over the bar.

Children's room. Some worried that the kids can smash a chandelier and hurt its fragments. However, small strong light sources will be able to transfer toys and strokes remain intact.

Recommendations regarding the selection of crystal chandeliers Recommendations regarding the selection of crystal chandeliers

Varieties chandeliers

All variety of crystal chandeliers can bedivided into two large groups - the classic suspended ceiling. Products of the first type is especially luxurious and refined will look in spacious rooms with high ceilings. But for the small spaces of their purchase should be abandoned.

If the room is small, an excellent solution for itwill be the ceiling chandeliers. The name they received because the tightly pressed to the vertical plane. In appearance, shelf light sources in many respects similar to the plates and ceiling. Their special design avoids the inefficient use of space.

Equally important when choosing a chandelierthe number of lamps. Typically, designers stick to the following rule - for every square meter of floor area shall be at 15 watts. In other words, for a large room 20 m? We need a chandelier with 300 watts. For this ideal light source for 5-6 lamps.

On page lists the luxury of crystal chandeliers. Some of them are offered at a discount. As a result, you can buy exquisite chandelier at very affordable price.

Recommendations regarding the selection of crystal chandeliers
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