Recommendations regarding the selection of luminaires

Lighting is an essential element of anyhouse or apartment. This is not surprising, because the organs of sight allows us to get an average of 80% of what surrounds us. In organizing the lighting, you can use a variety of instruments. Buy them can be in the favorable conditions on the site. We look at what to look for when choosing lighting fixtures.

Types of lighting

When choosing fixtures should take into account the kind of light that they will receive. Consider the most basic options:

• Direct - exceptional light is directed in one direction.

• Mainly the direct - a significant proportion of the flow of light is directed downward, some of the little scattered at the top, decorative light is formed by this.

Recommendations regarding the selection of luminaires Recommendations regarding the selection of luminaires

• Uniform - light in all directions evenly. An example is the clear light. This forms a uniform background lighting, but do not have any accents.

• Chance of scattered - high-power lighting lamp is used to direct light on the ceiling and walls of the base. A small proportion of indirect light allows accents.

• Diffuse - light is directed only reflective base. The use of lighting devices with a different distribution of light provides a balanced light.

What should be taken into consideration when choosing the power of light

The brightness of the light determines the perception in many waysspace that allows you to change its size visually. For example, dark ceilings may appear lower, and in their light are above the surface.

Recommendations regarding the selection of luminaires Recommendations regarding the selection of luminaires

But if the floor is too bright, itwill lead to a reduction in the visual height of the room. And if at the end of a narrow corridor to establish a powerful light source, it will make the space wider.

Lighting warm colors "brings" the surface(For example, yellow) and cold colors - "removed" (blue). If the room is small, it is not to increase the visual and improve saturation, is necessary to increase the illumination of walls and use of finishing materials with excellent reflective properties. The spacious rooms are the same tips can be used to illuminate the ceiling and flooring.

Properly choosing lighting for the premises, you will be able to get the desired effect.

Recommendations regarding the selection of luminaires
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