Recessed and their features

Often, recessed lighting can be foundin retail and office spaces. They are more often equipped with hanging threads, which are built in lighting. Downlights are manufactured in a variety of forms. They come in the rack, panel, yacheisnymi, latticed, tiled, and others. A suspended ceiling can hide the wiring and various communications, not making special requirements to the ceiling surface. Let's take a closer look at features of recessed luminaires.

Classification of recessed luminaires

LED downlight fixture is an outstanding representative of this group of lighting fixtures. By the way, all of their diversity can be divided into three groups:

• raster lights;

• Spotlights;

• luminaires equipped with a degree of protection.

The raster Downlightsprovided grate, which carries out a structural transformation of the directional beam. It can be used either linear parabolic reflective grating. Lamps in this group are often made of a square shape, they have gained immense popularity and are used for lighting of office and retail space.

Dimensions spotlights quite small. Due to their small size illuminated surface. Spot recessed luminaires are manufactured in various colors and shapes, they can work with incandescent and metal halide light sources.

Downlights equipped with degreeprotection, set up in areas that distinguish the specific operating conditions. Due to the degree of protection devices perfectly cope with different environmental conditions.

Metal halide and fluorescent sourcesallow light recessed luminaire to be very economical to use. Since the device has no visible body, the price is low. Another advantage of recessed luminaires lies in the simplicity of installation and the possibility of obtaining a full and proper lighting facilities. Install recessed luminaire is not difficult, even a layman, and his replacement will not cause additional complications.

Thus, we examined the characteristics of embeddedfixtures, as well as get acquainted with their main advantages. If you think some prefer light sources, take a look closer to the recessed luminaire.

Recessed and their features
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