Recessed ceiling lights

Today it is fashionable when you make interior designuse a mix of different design styles. But no matter what the orientation of your interior design in general, the perception of it will depend on how correctly and competently carried out the lighting. It is very popular to use a plurality of artificial lighting elements, where a very large role given Recessed Downlights.

Lighting and design of the apartment

If you are in the design of lighting facilitiesWe decided to give priority to a single lighting element, then it is important to take into account the orientation of your interior designer and his style. If you can properly and correctly installed, and choose lights, then that way you will be able to emphasize the dignity of both the space and your repair. But here at the wrong location and selection of fixtures all your design ideas and chic repair can be undone.

In the selection and design of lighting is necessaryunderstanding of functional accessories of a premise, namely that it is - a living room, bedroom, meeting room, or others from that directly depends on the style and lighting.. Lamps will help to fulfill the proper redistribution of light flow inside the building. Typically, they are used to illuminate the surfaces and objects located within walking distance of fixtures.

The term - "recessed luminaire"mean lights, which are mounted in the floor, walls, protolki, soils stage. As we can see the scope of their application, and therefore the operating conditions are very broad. Therefore, they are classified as light sources with shields (such normally designed to be mounted in the ceiling) and the light sources are light direction. It is very popular type of ceiling lights tunable. They are mounted in a cellular-type ceilings "Grilyato" is used as a lighting element for installation false "Armstrong" ceiling, and part is used in plasterboard suspended ceiling constructions.

Recessed ceiling lights and their features

If the works on installation of embeddedlamps, their visible part of the buildings, we can say no, because of that these lamps become a harmonious part of any interior. They provide very good light distribution throughout the room. As these lights are still very important advantage is their energy-saving performance and high-light performance.

The visible surface of the body in such lampsalmost completely absent or minimal, they have a low cost. Just use the interior lamps built-in type enables selection of the type of electronic control of various power devices.

To equip and supply efficiencylamps can use any lights. But the most popular today are small fluorescent or tubular fluorescent lamps (16 mm or 26 mm), halogen lamps.

Types of lamps and their features

Fluorescent Downlights typeprovide optimum energy-saving performance and color reproduction performance in dealing with issues related to general lighting. The use of the interior space of embedded fluorescent lamps help to easily organize and zoned space. These lights have high light transmission efficiency and durability, which ensures their high efficiency.

Halogen recessed lighting along the spectrumradiation as close to the sun. The main part of the energy consumed by halogen lamps in the form of thermal energy is released into the environment. Therefore, this type of lighting devices is effective as a local illumination. This type of lamp has a low price and small size, and long service life.

As Lamas for downlights can beto use all the above mentioned types of lamps. After all, they are quite economical, have low power consumption and long service life, which results in lower costs for the purchase of new of failed lamps.

Today, even in the design of buildings andpayment facilities to see the fact that there will be mounted suspended ceilings, and therefore, it is planned to the most popular and effective lighting in the form of recessed luminaires. And if you are qualified, then you are able to own their own hands to perform installation of fixtures or replace light bulbs in them.

Recessed ceiling lights
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