Recessed ceiling lights

Modern interior design of apartmentsIt implies the use of different design styles. But what would be the style you would not have preferred, its appearance depends entirely on the implementation of lighting. Today, using a wide variety of artificial light sources, among which an important place occupied by recessed ceiling lights.

The role of lighting in the design of apartments

Giving preference to a particularlighting, it is important to consider the overall style of the room, the direction of interior design. Properly selected and installed, they can highlight the benefits of the apartment, but the failure of their placement can minimize all the work on the design of the room. In addition, it is important to understand that the functional purpose of the room, be it bedroom, room for negotiation or living room, will depend on the lighting style.

Thanks to the lamp can be achieved properlylight distribution inside the room. Most often, they illuminate objects or surfaces that are on them at a relatively short distance.

Downlights are thoselighting devices, which are embedded in the walls, floors, stairs, ground and, of course, the ceiling. Therefore, all the light sources belonging to this group can be classified into those which have a degree of protection can be built into the ceiling and down light.

Won great popularity recessed ceiling lights. They are designed for installation in ceilings cellular "Grilyato" ceilings "Armstrong", in addition, they are often used for drywall suspended ceiling equipment.

Features recessed downlights

When installing recessed luminairesalmost no visible part of the body, so that they fit harmoniously into the overall interior room. Moreover, their use is characterized by superb light distribution inside the room. Still other advantages recessed ceiling lights It is their energy-saving performance and to achieve a high level of illumination.

Due to the fact that the visible body oflighting objects is minimized, costs very little. In addition, with the use of recessed luminaires from the owners an opportunity to make a choice of power and the type of ballasts.

Lamps, which are equipped with built-inlamps, can be very different. Widespread compact fluorescent, fluorescent tube (16 mm or 26 mm), as well as halogen incandescent lamps.

The main features of each type of lamps

Recessed fluorescent fixturescharacterized by optimal power saving options, plus they have excellent color rendering characteristics for general lighting. Such devices are characterized by long service life and high efficiency light output. A high efficiency fluorescent lamps is not in doubt. Recessed fluorescent luminaires to help intelligently organize space.

The spectrum of embedded halogen lightlamps very close to the sun. Most of the energy that is consumed halogen lamps, released into the environment as heat. That is why this kind of lighting equipment is mainly used for local lighting. Their main advantages are a small price, compact dimensions and a long service life.

Each of these three types of light canequipped with recessed ceiling lights. In addition, they are all efficient: they consume relatively little electricity, also have an increased service life (which is why you need to purchase to replace them far less often).

A feature of modern construction isthat most of the buildings from the beginning be designed with the expectation assembly false ceilings. And the most popular means of lighting is recessed. With a sufficient level of skill, you can make them repair their own hands, and you can also use the help of professionals.

Recessed ceiling lights
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