Rope products

What is the Rope? This method of decoration of buildings and constructions of light sources, both inside and outside, has a relatively low cost. This method is quite efficient and effective. The basis of lighting material is a plastic tube that is flexible enough so that it can be bent in different directions to lay out any light drawing. In addition to a single color, there is also the so-called "chameleon" - transparent rope light with LED lamps four primary colors.

The good products Rope at registration,for example, the internal space of the cafe? However, they leave room for the imagination of the designer, allowing you to create a composition of different light patterns - a sprig of a tree, snowflake, glowing diamond, or even a whole panel.

Like other LED lights, Ropepowered low voltage of 12 volts. Since it is used in set-down transformer, so it is as safe to use. Modes duralight depends on the use of the controller. They may be implemented effects such as flashing, blinking, running at different speeds and other lights.

Rope produced several species,particularly two-wire with fixed light: yellow, red, blue, green or glow-type "chameleon". If a three-wire rope light, with it realized the effects of flicker and the running lights when connected to the appropriate controller. Five-wire cord, Rope with reliable protection from moisture is used, usually outdoors.

To decorate the room, you can also buylight curtain. This kind of LED garlands, gives a special charm to the room. This is sometimes called a light curtain rain, because the effect of the rain coming pronounced.

Clip Light - this garland to decorate employeetrees and shrubs. Standard its length is one hundred meters, and it can be cut into pieces of any length. Power is also through the step-down transformer, which gives the output 12 or 24 volts, which is a safe voltage. Light color - standard, permanent.

All these varieties of garlandsproduced by LED emitters having high performance. Beautify the city with their help, you will make a holiday spectacular and bright as the lights!

Rope products
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