Practical guidelines for choosing the chandelier

Chandeliers ceiling lamps referred to inutilizing at least two lamps. Especially popular are the products for 4-6 lamps, allowing to perform the lighting of premises with an area up to 20 sq.m. Today you can buy a chandelier in a huge variety of products. However, to choose the most suitable not always easy. Let's get acquainted with the advice of experts.

What to consider when buying a chandelier

Appearance. From lighting equipment is expected that itI would like owners quartile or at home, and go well with the interior. Experts advise to consider at the same time the features of each room.

Power lighting device. It should be enough to get comfortable and the required light output. At this rate, affect the size of the room and its purpose.

Type of lamps installed.Today, more and more rarely use traditionalincandescent lamps. They become very hot and spend a lot of electricity. Instead, most fluorescent products are used, their power consumption is less than 5 times. A LED-lamp 10 times more energy efficient, however, and their cost is much higher.

The method of fixing the ceiling. To this end, the hook can be used eithermounting plate. For example, if a suspended ceiling, out of it can go with the power cable hook. If you buy a chandelier with fastening at the mounting bracket, it simply can not be fixed. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to meet mounting capabilities.

Type chandeliers. All lights can be classifiedon the ceiling and classic. The latter option is particularly stylish. Such lamps usually have a flexible suspension (for example, a chain), or manufactured in a rigid structure. Classic products quite big and bulky. Therefore, they are placed in rooms with high ceilings. In khrushchovkas such products will look ridiculous. In this case it is better to give preference to compact ceiling lighting equipment. They are made in such form, as if pressed against the surface of the ceiling. Examples of such chandeliers can be plates, diffusers, pelestki and more.

cartridge type or cap. This is the part in which the bulb is screwed. Some recommend the use of standard products, thus avoiding the problem of searching for light in the future. But the purchase of chandeliers with very few cartridges are best avoided. If the base is different from the standard, before purchasing to find out whether you can buy a lamp for him. When using incandescent lamps is important to take into account the maximum possible for her power. So, if the figure is 60 watts, in any case you can not use 75-watt and 100-watt light bulb. They just oplavyat cover or cartridge.

As you can see, the modern market offers chandeliersa huge variety of performances. We have reviewed the most important parameters that should look for when choosing them. Hopefully this article will help you buy the perfect lighting fixture for your purposes.

Practical guidelines for choosing the chandelier
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