Non-standard types of lighting

first lighting lampsIt appeared in Rome in the I century BC. These ancestors of modern fixtures found in the cities of the Northern Black Sea. Then, of course, it was simply not special workshops and factories for the production of lamps. They came later, as, for example, a workshop for the manufacture of lighting devices on the peninsula Knidos in Asia Minor. Shields decorated with different images (which, incidentally, is not uncommon). Therefore, ancient lamps - a kind of encyclopedia of ancient life, extant.

The benefits custom lighting

Vdizayne premises lighting and is now widely used all sorts ofancient motifs and directions. It is therefore particularly interesting option for you may be just innovative solutions in your home lighting system. They are not only an indicator of good taste, but also carry a deeper meaning, as well as some historical background. Thus, the use of non-standard room lighting emphasize how much you intellectually developed person with good taste and design skills.

If your home has enough spacesimple shapes and a small area, and the difficulties in the arrangement of furniture and equipment is not there, but still want to get the interesting and stylish interior, you can use the service - innovative solutions for standard rooms. In this case, you can make a selection of ready-made examples liked the solution and adapt it for experts sizes and conditions of the room. Thus, even the most ordinary and familiar design can freshen up or even give it an unusual charm and style, thanks non-standard lighting systems.

Different kinds custom lighting

There are many different options custom lighting facilities. You can independently develop designlighting system that is right for your room. But you can also select from a ready-made examples of the lighting in any store. For example, if the room is made in the style of safari, it is possible to "play" with light bulbs, creating a unique warm light typical of this Africa, or on the contrary, to refresh "dryish climate" rooms with a more bright or colored light bulbs.


Try takoyvariantosvescheniya premises aschandelier, because none of the varieties of light bulbs can boast such a variety of types and forms. Chandeliers come in classic and modern, suitable for the living room and kitchen, made of various materials - from crystal and glass to wood and fabric. Among the hundreds of chandeliers options that offer modern shopping malls lighting, it is important to choose the one that is right for your room.

The major varieties of three chandeliers: chandeliers, chandeliers and pripotolochnye lyustry- suspensions. But in recent years, a host of subspecies of these fixtures. For example, modern chandeliers can be performed either as a suspension or in the form pripotolochnogo ceiling. Fantasy designers has created a number of intermediate varieties chandeliers.


If you do not like chandeliers, by definition,or they do not fit the design of your room, look at the huge selection of floor lamps and sconces. Use lamps as an additional source of light will not only improve the overall lightness of the room, but will create a unique interior. At the same time, you can use sconces and as the main source of illumination - a few sconces on the walls may well replace the central chandelier or other lamps. Without them, can not do for those who want to expand the space of the apartment, but does not like traditional solutions.

The variety of types of lamps slightly inferiorchandeliers, but they have many individual virtues, they take up little space and are able to visually divide the space. Wall lamp or lamps as indispensable in creating a local lighting, as the chandelier - when the overall organization. It is ideal for those rooms, where it is impossible to hang a large ceiling fixture, but is perfect for large areas - as beautiful and useful additions.


If you are not a fan of sconces and floor lamps, because they believed that premises lighting with the help of lighting is not enough original, then you are likely to enjoy the spots.

Downlights, or spots -the most convenient lighting. With their appearance, we were able to establish a comfortable lighting is not once and for all, and every time it is needed.

Spot - a metal structure of a singleor more light bulbs, are attached to a common base. For all the variety of lighting systems, they are united by one feature - spots can be rotated in all directions. It is because of this quality, they are essential where necessary spotlights. Lamps directed light may have from one to four light bulbs on one basis. Spot system is not limited by the number of light sources. Odnolampovye spots are mainly used for decorative lighting. lighting systems two or three lamps are used to illuminate a particular zone in the room. Four tubes are good to illuminate the mirrors and paintings.

Non-standard types of lighting
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